Wednesday, October 30, 2013

only four weeks left in the semester

It is the 30th of October, one day before my 62nd birthday, the date I could start collecting social security. It has been a busy two weeks and I have done a number of hikes, played golf a bit, traveled to Chincoteague last weekend, and had a number of evening hikes with Rob. The stain on the house is done although I am going to re-stain the back porch. The generator oil is changed and I charged the batteries to almost full (1250-1265). I have been eating lettuce and sugar snap peas from the greenhouse. My date with Susan was okay but I am not interested in seeing her again but I am willing to meet other women.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

sixth week done

My sixth week of classes is done and I am doing pretty well. I don’t have much free time (outside of my exercise time) but the courses are going well and that is all that really matters. I had David out today and he is almost done with his fall work. One more day should do it. He made it clear that this will help cut back on the ailanthus but it certainly won’t eliminate them all. I walked up with him to the big poplar at the boundary and it was pretty rough since there is no trail but I made it okay without hurting my knee. I also took a hike this morning and checked the oil in the generator, ate a fine salad from the greenhouse, trimmed around the yard with the electric trimmer, sprayed the posts with termite spray, and fixed the storage netting in the cab. Earlier in the week I trimmed the road and up by the cabin so I am ready to cut the grass whenever I need to. I also straightened out the tractor barn and checked the battery water, which was fine. Gabriel wants to extend his loan a bit and I have to really sit down and figure things before I agree. Cathy is feeling much better and that is of course very good news. I had a nice hour playing with Sarah Morris’ 14 month old daughter Emma. I took her to the bowling alley and to the playground by the Waldron building. She is very sweel.