Friday, October 2, 2015

my river adventure

Well, this will be an interesting update. Classes are going well. My problem student has stopped coming so I am hoping she is going to drop. We have had rain for days and a lot more to come at least till Tuesday. My interesting story involves the New River. I went down to the 114 bridge on Wednesday after taking a bike ride along the river near the campus. The river was at 8 feet and it is usually at around 2.5. I was trying to take a picture to send to my kayaking friend but I couldn’t figure out the zoom on my new phone. Then I saw a kayaker upstream clinging to his upside down kayak. He was more than halfway across the river but my first instinct was to jump in and try to help, as I have done a number of times when I have been kayaking and someone gets in trouble. I took my shirt off, but now I had no kayak or life jacket, he was far off, and the currents were intense. I decided not to jump in and instead ran to my truck, got my rope and started to head down river to see if I could throw the rope out or jump in if necessary if he got close. First, however, I wisely called 911, quickly told them what was going on, and then started down river. With the river up there was no path, just a lot of vegetation which was tough to get through and which caused me to fall a couple of times. In fifty yards I had to give up and I worked back to the clearing and talked to the first policeman who arrived. I offered to try to head across the cornfield in my 4 wheel drive pickup but there was no clear path and more police and emergency vehicles were arriving. I told my story a few times and then left, very upset and worried about the kayaker. I starting crying as I drove and I knew that if he drown, I would feel incredibly guilty since I didn’t jump in. I called the police and they didn’t know his fate. Then I called again about a half hour later and they told me he had survived. Of course, I started crying again but for such a different reason. I went to sleep still questioning whether I should have jumped in, but after a decent night’s sleep I awoke knowing I had made the right choice. He was too far out and the currents were much too strong. However as I got out of bed, I realized that I had severely injured my left knee (my really bad one) and could hardly walk. I had to put on my knee brace and walk with my hiking stick, and I am still using it on Friday. I hope to be fine in a week or less.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

the fourth week is over

Another weekly catchup. It has been a good week, with my classes going well, things with my troubled friend are better, and I am getting plenty of exercise. I have done hikes regularly, played some good golf, weights and yoga daily, and two bike rides most days. The greenhouse it doing well and the two new trays have some sprouts while the first two have 4 inch lettuce. Within 10 days I will be eating lettuce. No kayaking with my kayak friend since the river should be flooding and I wouldn’t want to put her on it even if she wanted to. The house is in good shape and only a couple little things remain to be fixed. I have hiked with Rob the last two days and we had a good time chatting on a variety of topics. Claire Gallo is doing better so that is a relief.

Friday, September 18, 2015

third week done and I have survived

Another weekly catchup. My classes are going well and my problem student didn’t show up at the last class so I am hoping she has dropped the course. I doubt I will have such luck. Things in the hollow are doing fine except for the solar which is still giving me problems. Today, with a lot of sun and running the generator for three hours, I got the batteries the highest so far (1 1225 4 1240 7 7 1250). I have never gotten 1 above 1255 and 4 and 7 past 1270, which is full. I hope to charge them a little more tonight and there should be sun for part of tomorrow. My greenhouse garden is doing well and the new trays have very small seedlings. My troubled friend is doing much better and I think I can take a break from contacting her this weekend. I was very worried a couple of days during the week but I think things are really getting better. I will be going kayaking with one of my other friends tomorrow. Looking forward to that. I think we are getting a 2% raise in November so that would be good. I have been doing my weights and yoga, biking (often twice a day), playing golf very well, and a very little amount of piano practice. I bought a new phone today because Verizon had a good deal on an LG 4. I have phone and internet but I have to get my email and music on Monday at Radford. Claire Hall seems to be doing very well and I hope to see her for dinner on Friday. I wrote a very good response to Dr. Schnecker’s response to my BBB complaint and send it this evening.

Friday, September 11, 2015

second week of classes done

Another catch up entry. A lot has happened since the dinner disaster with Claire. She did apologize and I told her when she and Maddie want to try dinner again, to just give me a call. I have finished my second week of classes and everything is going fine. The student who cheated on the surprise quiz and slammed the door apologized for both things and was fine in Thursday’s class. My second Realism and Naturalism class on Washington Square was very good, and Jenna’s presentation was outstanding, hopefully a good model for the other students. Kelly seems to be doing much better and though I don’t think she is out of the woods yet, she is calmer and a little happier. I have been in touch with her through email, text and phone almost every day and I think my support is helping. Talking to her today was much easier, certainly not crisis mode. Alfredo doesn’t understand why she got in touch with me but I really don’t care. She got in touch and I have to be there for her as I have been for the past 25 years. When she is back to her old self, things will change I’m sure but for now I want to be available whenever she needs me. I went kayaking with my friend last weekend and we had a lovely time. We went from Dudley’s to the Arsenal bridge and paddled very slowly chatting a lot. I have been doing my morning hikes when I can, weights and yoga every day, 2 bike rides almost every day, and golf almost every other day. The hollow is in good shape and the lettuce is up (about 2 inches) in two of the trays and I am hoping the other two trays will sprout soon.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Ist day of classes

This will be a long catch up. It is Tuesday and I have now finished my first day of teaching. It was rough having 4 courses but I got through. I think it will be more interesting dealing with the literature. I slept poorly last night and tonight, though I got a nap between classes 2 and 3, I am tired. I did ride my bike along the new river for over 50 minutes and after I finish my blog, I will try to do another ride on the Tech campus. I did my Lumosity training so that’s good. I haven’t heard from Darya so I’m not sure what is going on with her. I have been in touch with Kelly and I will talk to her tomorrow. I hope I can help her with my support. My dinner with Maddie and Claire turned out fine, except that Claire wanted to return home so I drove her back (fortunately with Maddie in the truck) and then Maddie and I went for steaks at Bull and Bones. She is a wonderful young lady. I have the house in order and two trays in my greenhouse have come up so I should have lettuce in a few weeks. I trimmed around the house, took the tractor out, did some walks and checked out the generator. I went out to walker creek and caught 5 nice bass. I have been biking a lot and tomorrow I hope to play golf in the morning before I head to the dentist.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Thursday Meetings at RU

Thursday was the first day of my duties at Radford. I had to attend the College meeting, then the department meeting, then the personnel meeting. I was pretty tired since I didn’t sleep well last night and it was very hard to get up. I drove in around 8, got a Starbucks coffee and made it through the meetings. I packed up the stuff in the refrigerator and then got some ice and a sandwich at Jimmy John’s. I was going to go straight home for a nap but I felt better after the sandwich and decided to go for a bike ride on the Huckleberry. I rode for over 50 minutes then headed home and dropped off for a very deep nap. It was hard to wake up but I finally did, had a cup of coffee, practiced the piano, finished my weights and yoga, then took a hike down to the gate twice. I have planted my first three trays and I watered them twice today. At about 7 I drove into town and did my second bike ride around the tech campus. I wanted to go to a movie tonight but none interested me so I am just going to go home when I finish my blog. I did get a phone message from Kelly and e-mailed her back. I hope I don’t get hurt again but I do want her to know I am still there for her. I also responded to Darya’s e-mail and I will be sending her the Writing Poems book.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Fall lettuce is planted

Tuesday started out very well, with my first hike since I returned on Sunday. I pruned the road some and went up three times to the orchard. I still have some pruning to do but not much. I may have to cut down the infected fruit tree so it doesn’t get the others sick. When I got back from my hike I planted three containers with lettuce and set up the watering system again. I did another laundry, did my weights and yoga, practiced the piano, and washed the dishes. I also put the new sheet and pillowcases in the truck and organized the crates better. I drove into town around 2 and had a nice bike ride on the Huckleberry for over 50 minutes. Then I drove to East Coasters and left my bike to be worked on, the chain needing tightening. I had some food over at Our Daily Bread then took a nap. I had East Coasters order my bike seat since I was having problems with the website. I then decided to drive out to Walker to fish but Rob called and I decided to go back and walk with him again. We had a fine walk and then I went to VT to do my second long bike ride. Good day.