Monday, August 21, 2017

A Good Holy Spirit Meeting

Sunday was a rest day, since I didn’t want my knee popping so I did just the first part of the knee exercises and didn’t ride my bike at all.  I did take a walk, very slowly so I didn’t bend my knee (there were a couple of pops but that’s all).  I did two sets of weights and the first part of my yoga so I didn’t have to bend my knee.  Had a nice long chat with Dave.  Also, I found my checkbook so I will take care of that tomorrow.  David Hamilton texted me that he was releasing my security deposit and I texted him back some tips on the hollow.  Then I went out to pray and sing at the gazebo. 

Monday turned out fine.  I called that bank and talked to Sherie and eventually everything was cleared up and I had access to all my money.  I took a short bike ride on the flat part of the bike trail and my knee didn’t pop but I called Gardner’s office and I have an appointment on Wednesday at 1.  I hope I haven’t damaged it enough to require more surgery.  I hope I can just rest it and do some therapy but we’ll see.  I did three sets of weights and three sets of partial yoga and the knee felt okay.  I also went over to the pool for the solar eclipse but they were out of glasses.  When I got back to my apartment two of my neighbors were out and Juan had a pair of eclipse glasses so I got to see some of the eclipse.  The Holy Spirit group went very well with a lot of singing and I felt good to be connected to all the good people there.  After it finished, I had to drive home in the driving rain but fortunately I now live just a few miles away so it wasn’t too bad at all.  I am still feeling very comfortable here and I am not far from having everything put away.  I really have too much stuff and I certainly needed the two bedroom apartment.  I am cutting up the boxes so I can recycle them and I still have the books to put on the shelves but I did one box already.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Settling In

Friday turned out to be a good day.  I did more putting things away and that was helpful.  I did my knee exercises and my weights and yoga, then drove out to give Dougie the battery powered chainsaw and he gave me a check for 250, as agreed.  Then I came back and rode my bike on the Tech campus then came home and ended up going out to the gazebo (about 150 yards away) and doing my prayers and songs (very low).  My left knee is hurting too much and popping some so I think I have to rest it more.  The biggest problem is that I can’t find my checkbook and I looked for it some and still can’t find it.

Saturday was another good day.  I slept okay (I have put a sheet over the window to cut down a lot of the light) and got up around 8:30 and did my knee exercises (and my knee popped a few times and hurt some) then I put together the light I bought for next to the sofa.  I was also able to get my new printer working but no luck on finding my checkbook so I called Union and they put an alert on the account.  I have to go to the bank on Monday even if I find the checkbook.  I still have no check from David Hamilton but I will wait a few more days to give him a chance to send it.  I went out to the Meadows and played very well but my knee popped quite a bit and my knee hurt a lot.  I am going to do my weights and then go do my prayers and songs later, using my portable chair, which is much more comfortable than the gazebo benches and the picnic tables.  Mass was very good and it was nice to Sandy Merrick.  I met a neighbor, Claude Steele and bought 3 raffle tickets from Joseph Mukuni for the Knights of Columbus.  Winner and second place get season tickets to the Tech games.  Overall, I am really comfortable here and amazingly I hardly miss the hollow.  I guess it was just too much for me for too long. 

Thursday, August 17, 2017

third day in Hethwood and things are going fine

Tuesday was moving day and the movers were a few minutes late.  What surprised me was the size of the truck, which was there biggest one, not the midsize one I expected.  It took some maneuvers, but we got it up to the back stairs and the three fellows moved very quickly.  They were done in less than two hours and we were at Hethwood around twelve.  Getting my keys was quick and the guys moved the stuff in very quickly.  By 1, everything was in and I had paid them the 365, plus 70 in tips so the final cost was much less than the 1000 I had budgeted for.  I took Claire out to lunch at Greens and we had some of their artisan sushi, which was very good.  We returned and Claire helped me set up some stuff and then I told her she could leave at around three.  I few very comfortable even though I got a message from David that he wanted to meet me at 2 out in the hollow and there was no way that was going to happen.  I texted him back and told him that if he had contacted me earlier I might have been able to adjust my schedule but since he never responded to my earlier text I had no idea what he was up to.  I asked him to send me my security deposit as soon as possible and reminded him that we had agreed that I didn’t have to clean the house because I was so sick (his exact words were that “you have done enough”).  After a nice nap I drove out to White Gate and caught three little red eyes from the bridge and then went for a bike ride at Tech.

Wednesday didn’t go that well.  I had to wait most of the day for Grand to call and tell me when they were going to deliver my couch and they didn’t call until late afternoon, telling me that the salesman had fouled up and that the couch was not going to be delivered today.  I told them they should give me a credit of some sort and they agreed.  My second concern was the installation of the cable and internet and that was supposed to happen between 1 and 3, but the technician didn’t get to my apartment until 4:30 (Comcast agreed to deduct 40 from my first bill), and the installation went okay but unfortunately the fellow at Best Buy had sold me a router instead of a modem so I had to use the Comcast modem temporarily.   However, the technician got things fixed up and I now have cable (with the ability to record) and internet for 118 a month.  After he finished I drove out to Best Buy to  return the router and as I was leaving the store with the modem, the fellow at the door told me I probably needed a modem/router so I called Comcast and they agreed so I had to return the modem and get the modem/router.  I drove to Tech and rode my bike on the road to the Smithfield Plantation and then up to the frat section for 45 minutes.  Then I was driving home when I ran into Mary Gorton and I ended up showing her my apartment and then going over and chatting with her till after 12.  I was really tired when I got back but I ate some chili she gave me and a cheese sandwich and went to bed around 1. 

Thursday was a good day.  I did my weights and yoga, reviewed Barron and read a little more of The Idiot.  I took a bike ride around the area and saw sheep, cows and horses so that was a treat and the views at points were pretty wide open.  My knee was a bit of a problem but I got my 45 minutes in and then I got home, rested a bit, then the couch guys came around 4 and I was able to drive out to go play golf (the par 5 got me again) and then make it to the Reading Group with time to spare.  It was last session on Barron and it was very lively.  Mike and Sue are going to do it again in the fall and I can’t wait.  I’m sure it will be very stimulating.  I also signed up for RCIA and I hope that will be interesting also.    

Monday, August 14, 2017

Last Day in the Hollow

Monday has been going well. I met Claire at the gate at 9 and by 11:30 we were pretty much done.  I had put a good bit of stuff in my truck and I transferred it to Claire’s car when I met her.  We taped and labeled boxes, filled some plastic bags, loaded some more boxes and then had a nice lunch of Macaroni and cheese, peas, Claire’s sweet potatoes and strawberries.  I drove her to the gate at a little after 12 and then switched some more stuff to her car.  When I got home I took a nice nap then slowly got up and did a little more packing and loaded the vacuum cleaner into my truck.  I have plenty of room in my truck.  I drove in and got rid of some garbage, then picked up 5 boxes at the ABC store, then drove over to East Coasters and Ian had time to fix the bike so I left if and went over to Our Daily Bread for a sandwich and coffee.  My bike should be fixed soon and then I will go pick it up, probably take a short nap and then it should almost be time to go to St. Mary’s.  Tomorrow is moving day and I think it will go well.  The movers confirmed that they will be there at 9, and I don’t think it will take more than 2 hours to clear the house.  But the unexpected can happen so I am not going to get upset if things go slowly.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Dinner with the Gallos

Sunday turned out well.  I slept okay, got up around 9 and then began working on getting everything ready for Claire tomorrow.  I made a lot of progress but I need 4 more boxes and Claire is going to bring them.  I did my weights and yoga, my piano playing, rested a couple of times, finished the Barron reading for Thursday, washed the dishes, and got ready to go about 1:45.    I drove over to Dougie’s and left him the trimmer and the logging helmet along with the Kevlar pants.  I will drop off the chainsaw after I leave the hollow on Tuesday.  Then I headed to Grand furniture and bought a new couch for 476 dollars, including removal of my very old love seat.  I was expecting to spend 600 so I saved over a hundred, which right now will help.  Then I took a quick nap, and headed over to Olive Garden to watch some of the PGA championship.  The Gallos got there at about 5:40 and we had a good time, lots of joking and they could tell I felt a lot better.  After dinner I drove to Perry parking garage and rode my bike for 45 minutes going up and down the ramps a number of times.  Then it was time for coffee and dessert at Starbucks and my blog.  Good day.   Still no word from the Hamiltons but I decided to leave all the manuals.  I did also warn them about cleaning the dryer vent to prevent a fire.   Tonight will be my next to last night in the hollow.  I am sure it is the right time to move.  I am really done with maintaining equipment, pruning the road, opening endless gates, and worrying about fallen trees. 

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Rob's visit

Saturday turned out very well.  I slept until 9, got up and did my knee exercises, and got everything ready for Rob.  I drove down around 11:45 and Rob got there about 20 after 12.  To my surprise, Noah was with him and it was great to see him.  I gave him some of the remaining field guides and he wanted the old TV and I told him it was his.  He thought he might be able to get it to work better.  I wished him good luck.  It only took about an hour to load Rob’s SUV so I was able to send him off and still get a nap before doing my weights and yoga and my piano playing.  I then drove to St. Mary’s for the 5 pm mass and it was comforting, although I am doing very well and not anxious at all.  After Mass I drove to Grand’s but they closed at 6 so I will have to buy my couch tomorrow.  I want to deliver the trimmer to Dougie tomorrow also.  After that I went to Merrimac and rode my bike for 45 minutes, then headed to Macado’s to have a Margie’s Cashew Chicken salad, which was just what I wanted.  I emailed Kate after she emailed and said she was too busy to go kayaking tomorrow, which means I will save 70 dollars, which is fine with me.  I will probably head home shortly but a movie is still a possibility. 

Friday, August 11, 2017

Friday, with only a few more days in the hollow

Friday was a good day, with a hike to the first stump, during which I realized that my hike would be one of my last in the hollow.  I returned and did my knee exercises, got a few things ready for Rob tomorrow, did 2 sets of weights and yoga, showered and shaved and headed off to meet Jen at 1:30.  We had a really good session, talking about Job and original sin.  After that I got a sandwich, then took a nap, and got to work on my blog, editing Lauren’s essay, and doing some email.  After I finish I will drive to tech to ride my bike in the Perry street garage since it is raining.