Friday, August 22, 2014

classes almost starting

I am in Barnes and Noble, sipping coffee after finishing a chocolate cupcake. I has been a decent day, starting with a walk almost down to the gate before my knee hurt too much. My road got clobbered by the rain yesterday and it filled the next culvert. I did some leg raises and watered my greenhouse and saw that the first lettuce plants have come up (good news). I also charged the batteries to 87 percent since it was going to be a rainy day. At 11 David King came and checked out the septic (cleaning all the filters and racking the peat moss). He thought everything looked fine and I should be good for another year. Then it was time to head to RU for my volunteer work manning a table for the Move In. It was easy and Robert was very pleasant to work with. After that I napped and headed for dinner at Amelia’s and that was fine. I stopped at Walmart to get the shoe goo to fix my sneakers and then over to Barnes and Noble where I did a little work on my Lindsey Stirling essay (it was very hard to get going). I am not looking forward to starting teaching but I have no choice. I have 6 more semesters before I can quit so I had better make the best of it.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

ready to start the semester

It is Wednesday early afternoon and I am at the Starbucks in Salem, having contacted Claire and Susan about helping out on Move-In Day on Friday. I have everything set up except my RU e-mail on my phone and I should get that fixed within the next few days. My date with Cecelia went very well and we had a good dinner at the River Company and talked for two hours. She is smart and attractive and has quite a past but not one that I think would hurt any relationship between us. I will be going to Gyorgyi’s and meeting with Andrew and Sylvia and Laura at 3. I should be a fun afternoon and evening. Tomorrow are all the meetings and I will get through them even though I am not looking forward to them. My knee is better and I am scheduled for a cortisone shot on Tuesday morning but perhaps if my knee gets much better I can avoid the shot. I have done the exercises for two days and I played golf yesterday and took a short walk around the Tech campus last night.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

back from the west, with plenty of problems

I am back from my trip having returned today in the late morning. Sam met me at the gate and treated the house and the big yellowjacket nest. I unloaded some of the truck, did a laundry, put some stuff away and took a nap. I drove in to see Rob and he thinks my knee is really damaged but he thought the ear looked okay though he said I should continue to take the antibiotics. I called Dr. Buyer and he hasn’t returned my call yet but I will probably have to have a bridge put in and that should be pretty expensive. I drove in to show the Tech people my computer and they thought they could retrieve my files but they weren’t sure. That would be a mess if they can’t I did talk to Cecelia at Barnes and Noble and she was quite pleasant and I will call her to set up a dinner date. My trip overall was a good one, but hurting my knee in the Big Horns put a damper on the rest of the trip. I did have a good time with Gloria—and she will be here for two weeks in September—and seeing Dave and meeting his girlfriend were nice. I played some golf with my bad leg and played pretty well but I am overweight and I really need to do more exercise. I took a short and very slow walk on the Huckleberry trail and my knee didn’t hurt too much when I was finished.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

The Black Hills

It is Thursday morning and I am in a Best Western in Sundance. I took a room for the first time on the trip and though I didn’t watch all of Tiger’s round (at four AM I ran out of gas), I awoke to see that he had posted a 69, three under so that means I will try to watch tomorrow. He starts at 2 EST so that is noon my way. Yesterday was okay, with a decent round of golf in the Black Hills, fishing in Box Elder Creek (an absolutely lovely stretch but not a hit), riding my bike for an hour along the Michelson Rails to Trails route for an hour near Hill City and then riding for another half hour in Sundance. Today I should hit the Big Horns so that should be fun and I will probably camp near Sheridan to go to a movie. I have done very little writing so far on this trip and I haven’t touched the saxophone once but I will try to play some today and after this blog I hope to write a little.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

first two days of the western trip

The first day of my trip went very well. I couldn’t leave until 9 because I needed to get the bike worked on, so I was able to practice some, do weights and yoga, and catch a short nap. East Coasters replaced the canister quickly and by 10:15 I was on the way. I stopped first at Paint Creek to ride my bike for 40 minutes then drove past Morehead to play golf. Following that I ended up at a KOA just across the river from Louisville. I rode my bike along the river and through the Falls of the Ohio State Park. Interesting but not overly impressive. Dinner was at the Buckhead grill where I had veggie frajitas. I had a horrible night sleeping because it was too hot so I ended up heading out around 6. I stopped to have a small breakfast and write some and I made some progress on my short story but I’m not sure what to do with the essay. I drove a few miles and then took a long nap and then felt much better. I stopped to ride my bike out in corn and soybean country and that was fun. I got back driving and ended up in Bloomington to watch the World Cup Final.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

one week before my western trip

I am a week away from leaving on my trip and everything is in good shape. I fixed the road today dropping three loads of dirt over the patch I made out of 2 2x8. It worked perfectly. I also scraped the road but it was so dry and hard that the scraping didn’t do much. I have my outlines basically done and I have a good list of things I need to get done but that won’t happen until later in the week. My easement money should finally be available on the 10th and then I should be able to pay down the equity line to around 151K, a nice improvement that should last until Kelly buys her house. I had a nice time with Claire last night, meeting her for a walk along the Huckleberry Trail and then coffee and dessert at Starbucks. My golf game is going very well and I am playing every other day. I have been walking most mornings and the plants are enchanter’s nightshade, heal all, oxeye daisy, white avens. I have been eating blackberries and the wineberries are coming in and I should have a bunch for Kate. I am seeing Rhonda on Tuesday for dinner and then I will see Claire Gallo to celebrate her birthday on Wednesday and then dinner on Friday with Cathy. I worked on my short story about the Erie Barge Canal and I think it is getting a little better. I haven’t been doing too much writing lately but I should get back into it this week, and certainly after I head out on my trip. Gloria is going to be coming out for two weeks in September so that should be fun.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

back in virginia

The visit to Kelly on Saturday went well. I was able to get a lot of big stuff to the dump in three loads and I trimmed some trees also. I had fun with Lucia though she sometimes wanted to be left alone. They took me to dinner and then I went to bed around ten in my truck really tired. I got up around 6 and drove to the Potomac, where I got a good bike ride in while it was still pretty cool. I drove more, napped, and then played golf at Ingleside. I ended up watching the soccer match at 6 and then I rode my bike some more on the Roanoke College Campus. I stopped at Walmart for supplies and then headed home where the road was fine with no trees down. On Monday morning I cut the grass and trimmed around the house, went into town for a walk with Rob and then wrote some before heading back to the house to practice and get ready for dinner. On Tuesday morning, I took a long walk, pruning as I went and then I went in for a walk with Rob. I did some writing (my FAR is almost finished and I started a new poem) then took a nap, then played golf and rode my bike along the New River. Then back to my office for a little more work and my lumosity training which I have gotten back into.