Thursday, June 30, 2016

setback in therapy

I had a good day yesterday, doing my exercises, playing piano, light weights, and then heading in to teach my third class, which went very well. I then went over to walk with Rob, went off to do some preps, then returned to help him set up his reservations at Cooke City. I also helped him with hikes and sites in Yellowstone and went over some of the hikes in Big Bend. Thursday was a long and pretty hard day. I got up early to go to therapy and my knee was at 9 degrees, much higher than last week, where after manipulation by Dan I hit 2 degrees. I think Dan got it down to 6 degrees but that was not what I wanted. I left a little concerned even though Dan wasn’t too concerned about my progress and said that I could keep working on my knee for months. I taught my class and that went pretty well and I treated the students to pizza, which they all appreciated. After that I drove home to do my exercise bike and a couple hard sets of straightening the knee and bending it. I felt better after that and took a quick nap. I drove into town to pick up ankle weights and caulk but Rob called so ended up going with him on a hike on the Tom’s creek trail, almost finishing the trail. Then it was time for a late dinner at O’Charleys, and my blog and lumosity.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Tomorrow my Summer II course begins

I didn’t sleep that well, worried a bit about the generator box, so at dawn I was out working on the box, and I ended up finishing it and painting it also. I was a little worried that I had hurt my knee too much, but with some rest and icing, I recovered pretty well and ended up playing 9 holes of golf (another 35) from about 80 yards out. It was a lot of fun. Then I went to my office and printed out my rules and outlines and did some other work and took a nap. Refreshed, I did some more work and then headed out to the Little, changed my mind and went all the way to the stream that goes through Rock Castle gorge. Unfortunately, the flooding must have done a lot of damage and the final part of the road was closed. I was able to walk in and fish a couple small pools and that was fun. I drove back to the little off 705 and fished at my spot again but with no luck again. It seems like a really good spot but no hits in two trips. After that I drove to the Huckleberry Trail near the mall and walked for twenty minutes before heading to O’Charley’s for dinner.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Finally, The Peaks of Otter

I didn’t sleep very well but I didn’t take an OTC sleeping pill. At about 5 I did the set of exercises I didn’t do before going to bed. I eventually got up for good at around 7:30 and decided to work on the generator box. It went very well and by 9:00 I had the frame completely done. Very fine job, using clamps and going carefully. After that it was time to nap and then I practiced piano, did a wash, washed the dishes, rode the exercise bike, did some very light weights, and did my second set of exercises. After a shower I decided that I should go up to the Peaks of Otter even though it was supposed to rain in the afternoon. I had to get off 81 because of traffic and rode 460 East for a number of miles. I got on 581 and headed south and got on the Blue Ridge Parkway just outside of Roanoke. I drove up Roanoke Mountain and walked around at an overlook and then on top and then napped some and then headed up toward the Peaks, stopping at the long overlook where I walked again for over 20 minutes. When I got to the lodge I had soup and salad and then fished the lake for perhaps 20 minutes with no luck before I drove back to a Lowe’s just after the turnoff for 81. I got the rest of the materials for the generator box and made it to Applebees at Exit 137 just before dark. I did my lumosity training and my blog so the day is ending well.

Friday, June 24, 2016

back to golf and biking

I had a good day doing my exercises, practicing piano, and doing my bike riding. I did get to see Gyorgyi for lunch at The Next Door Bakery, then headed to my office to finish filing things and then taking a nap and a nice walk. I headed off to explore the Little River and found a good spot to fish and perhaps put in kayaks on the Little along Indian Valley Road. Friday turned out to be a very good day, an early lunch with Claire at Red Lobster and then a visit to Matt at Dr. Gardner’s. The x-rays were fine and after Matt manipulated my leg a bit he said I was doing great. He also said I could play golf again (with nothing more than a 7 iron) and that I could definitely ride my new bike. I called Ian to get the bike ready and then I rode out to the meadows and played nine holes, usually hitting from about 80 yards out. I shot a 35, and I was hoping to do 36 so it was quite rewarding. I went home and napped and then did a long second set of exercises, and rode the exercise bike for 30 minutes. I headed into Lowe’s and got all the stuff for the generator box and I will start work on that soon. I did my lumosity exercises and I am catching up on my blog.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Still making slow progress

Today, Tuesday, was a decent day. I took a hike to the big pine in the morning, watered the greenhouse, practiced my piano, rode the bike for 30 minutes, did a full set of exercises, then showered and headed in for my 2:00 therapy appointment. I was almost an hour and a half long and very intense. I did ask Dan about my upper back and he gave me an exercise for that and he also worked my right leg so I hopefully can put off surgery on that knee for a pretty long time. I went to my office and did some filing of stuff and got rid of a few things. I took a walk over to the new building and a nap, then headed over to snowville to check out the Little. I did find a decent place to fish from the bank, but it’s not perfect. I will keep exploring. I finally heard from Cathy Gallo and we are hopefully going to have dinner soon. My kayak friend went to the surgeon with Hank and she has to think about what to do. I am planning to see Gyorgyi tomorrow and Claire on Friday.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

US Open and the final game of the NBA finals

Another decent night of sleep, then up for exercises and some trimming the road. After that some practicing, no weights (my upper back is hurting again), 30 minutes of bike riding, dish washing, laundry, more exercises, watching the US Open, then a shower and off I went to Roanoke. I stopped for a long walk at Roanoke College and then I saw that Gander Mountain was open so I drove up there and got my reel filled with 4 pound fluorocarbon so I am ready for more fishing. After that I went to Schooners to watch the end of the US Open (with Dustin Johnson winning), then on to Mac and Bob’s for the NBA Finals.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

copperheads and meeting Hank

Thursday was another day of hiking, practicing, light weights, heavy exercises and watching the Cavs beat up on the Warriors. Game seven is on Sunday. Yesterday started well (I slept well) and I was going to go for a hike but I decided to do my exercises first to loosen up my knee. I think that was a good choice and when I did my hike (twice down to the steep area since it was still muddy) my knee felt pretty good. I got home and watched some of the U.S. Open and practiced, did a full second set of exercises, practiced, did another set of light weights, ran the generator for ten minutes after I chased away a three foot copperhead who didn’t want to leave. I didn’t see any mice signs around, not surprising with the Copperhead there. I had my last greenhouse salad (though I might be able to coax one more out in a few days) and I await the tomatoes, which are flowering. I am planning to see my kayak friend on Saturday and meet her new dog down by the river. After I showered I headed into Cellular Sales and bought a new SD card and got my camera working again. Then I went for a walk at Tech, then headed for Craig Creek and had another walk out at Caldwell Fields. I fished at my usual spot on Craig Creek and got a couple hits but no fish. I fished at another spot but no hits. After that I drove back on 311 and went for another walk at Roanoke college and had a nice chat with dave. Then it was time for dinner at Applebys, although the wifi wasn’t working so no lumosity tonight. I slept pretty well and when I awoke Saturday morning I knew I had to get going if I was going to meet my kayak friend at 2. I did a full first set of exercises, took my walk down to the steep part, drove down to the orchard to transfer some funds to my checking, couldn’t find the orange flower, trimmed some of the road, then headed back for light weights, 30 minutes of the stationary bike, half a practice session, then a shower and off to Radford. I really enjoyed spending time with my kayak friend and though Hank seemed scared of the water, it was still a good time. We drove to Dudley’s landing and went for a walk with Hank then sat at one of the picnic tables and chatted for a pretty long time. A good visit. After that I headed for Rob’s to help him put the headboard on his bed and though I bruised my hand a bit when it got jammed between the clamp and the drill gun, and actually started smoking, we got all the bolts in and my drill gun and batteries are fine. Rob made me some dinner and then I headed off to Eggleston and got a couple of hits at my favorite spot. Then I drove to the Mountain Lake exit and took a quick nap before heading to Tech for a quick walk and then coffee and dessert at Macado’s.