Tuesday, January 16, 2018

First day of teaching in 13 months

Tuesday was a very important day: the first day of my return to teaching. I did my knee exercises in the morning and then played some piano after I got ready to head into Radford.  I stopped at Kibbles on Main to get Hank some peanut butter biscuits and then got to my office just before 1.  I saw a number of colleagues and got everything ready for class.  Then the moment came.  I went down to the third floor and started teaching for the first time in over 13 months.  It meant I could still teach and that I was still a part of the department.  I had a little trouble seeing the students as I went over the rules and outline but I think I did a very adequate job.  I only have 9 students in one class and 15 in the other so I think this won’t be an overwhelming semester, and the fall, with only three courses, should also be okay.  If I can get through these two semesters and the following one with 4 courses, I will almost be where I need to be, at that point with only two more semesters to go before I retire.  After teaching, and I hadn’t had a nap all day, I rode my bicycle for 40 minutes along the river and then drove home for a long nap before waking at 6:30.  I tried to call Cathy and left a message and talked with Dave for a few minutes, then sang Sunday’s new songs and then headed out to Olive Garden where I had an excellent dinner of salmon piocata using the gift card the gallos had gotten me.  I then drove to the VT library and walked for 30 minutes before heading back to my apartment. 

Monday, January 15, 2018

Singing and a Good Walk

Sunday was a pretty good day.  I sang well at St. Mary’s, and then I went for a really nice walk with Rob, mainly chatting about financial stuff with a little sports thrown in.  After the walk, I went back to my apartment and took a nap, then got up and played some piano and sung my jazz songs.  I fixed the doorstops with some Goop and then watched the end of the Steelers/Jacksonville game while doing my 30 minutes of stationary biking and my knee exercises.  Later I watched an incredible game between the Vikings and the Saints, with the Vikings winning on a touchdown with no time left on the clock.  Then I drove to Walmart to take my 30 minute walk.  Back home I watched the end of the Sony Championship playoff.  Had a nice talk with Lou and I got a message from John wishing me well. 

Friday, January 12, 2018

Teaching is only a few days away

Thursday was a decent day, even though I was tired and needed a couple of naps.  I did my knee exercises, went out for some supplies, did my singing and some piano playing and eventually rode my bike inside at the Perry Street Garage with the temperature in the high forties.  I  did 12 ramps and then, after a nap, I did a 40 minute walk, mainly in Torgerson.  Back in my apartment I  did almost all my weights and yoga, then watched TV. 

Friday was another tired day but I did my knee exercises, picked up a bird feeder and some bird seed and a container for the extra seed.  I talked to Dr. Trivedi’s office and there is nothing they can do about my tiredness, my chills or my shaking hands but they said that I should get a shot when I come next time.  I will if it is covered but I am not going to pay 700 for it.  I played piano and sang and I went for a 40 minute bike ride inside the Perry Street garage, then went for dinner at Macados (hoping to see Jake but he wasn’t there), then went for a 30 minute walk in Torgerson, then home for a full set of weights and yoga.  Heather wrote a very respectful response to my email about why she didn’t respond to my questions, but she ignored them but I have it on record that she ignored them.  I left a message for Gabes and for John and I hope to hear from them at some point.  My cough is about the same but no worse so I guess I will start teaching with a cough.


Thursday, January 11, 2018

Golf Finally

Wednesday turned out very well.  The weather was cloudy but around 50 and after my knee exercises  and some singing, I headed out to play golf for the first time in three weeks.  I was trying to break 100 and to my surprise I shot very well and ended up with an 85.  On the 6th hole I chipped both balls from 25 yards away to within 3 feet of the hole.  It was a lot of fun but I was exhausted when I finished and I drove home after stopping for a real indulgence, a New York dog and chili cheese tots.  I napped then got up and headed over to Tech for a 40 minute bike ride in the Perry Street garage, going up 11 ramps.  I then drove home and did my weights and yoga but just two sets.  I did text Maddie and she seems okay although her arm is still hurting.  No word from Heather yet. 

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Selling my Kayak

Tuesday was a very good day with the exception of having to deal with Jason, one of the workers who was rude to me again, and the Taylor Hollow people.  As I was taking out my inflatable kayak to bring it up to Backcountry in Salem he refused to offer me help even though he saw me struggling and then admonished me to not park on the sidewalk even though I had parked there because of the ice that remained and I didn’t want to fall and break something.  Talking to Joe in the main office was no fun and he was very aggressive in hinting that I was a troublesome tenant even though he couldn’t specify one thing that I have complained about that was unreasonable. 
     I did drive up to Backcounty and they took the boat on consignment and they are going to take my backpack also.  I hope to get perhaps 600 out of it and that should be almost enough to buy the Outlaw 1.   After dropping off the boat, I drove over to Roanoke College and rode my bike for 40 minutes in the beautiful 50 degree weather.  I then drove home for a long nap and then some singing before heading over to meet Rob for a walk on the Tom’s Creek Trail.  That was a lot of fun especially after the last few weeks of intense cold.  Back home, I napped again then had dinner and sang some more before watching UVA beat Syracuse and doing my eights and yoga. 

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

A Winter Storm

Monday was a okay day though I was pretty tired through most of it.  My cold was getting me worried (I didn’t want to be sick when I started teaching on the 16th so I called to see if Rob could fit me in and he did, at 12:30 though I got in to see him at 12:15.  He thought my lungs were okay but he prescribed and antibiotic, cefuroxime, for ten days.  I had time to stop  at Walmart and pick up the three prescriptions and still be right on time for my 1:30 tooth cleaning at Dr. Park.   However, I hadn’t even thought of the   antibiotic for my tooth cleaning so I had to reschedule for January 24th.  I drove back to the VT library and took a 40 minute walk and then with the roads icing up,   I drove slowly in 4-wheel drive back to Prices Fork, where I settled in.  I took a long nap and then did some piano, and eventually my weights and yoga, a full set with the 5 pound weight.  I had to take another quick nap but I did my bike riding and watched a great national championship game, with Alabama winning in overtime 26-24.  I also had a long chat with Dave and he was very supportive about my return to the classroom.  I talked with the Salem Backcounty store and I am going to bring my kayak up in the next few days to try to sell it on consignment.  I would be glad to get 800 for it but I may have to settle for less.  I will then probably but an Outlaw 1, which is much lighter than the Aire Force.     

Sunday, January 7, 2018

A good day singing

Saturday was an odd day.  I woke up very tired and spent a lot of time napping.  I did go out to try to buy a couple of humidifiers but Walmart didn’t have the cool mist ones that don’t need filters.  I did some singing and my knee exercises but it was a long day, with my cough staying about the same.  Then around 8 pm I suddenly felt better and was able to practice the piano, do my weights and yoga, and do my bike riding along with a shower. 

Sunday I was lethargic at the start but I made it to practice and the singing was very rewarding.  I joked with Beth some and I think she enjoys my humor.  Then I stayed to help take the Christmas stuff down, which took over two hours.  Then it was home for a long nap (over an hour) and then some football watching and my knee exercises and 30 minutes of biking.  I hope to do my weights and yoga later.  I talked with Rob and he thought I shouldn’t get the blood shot since my number is 32 and they only cover it below 30.  My protein in the urine number is 5 which is the best since I got sick,