Friday, October 13, 2017

Decent numbers and the House Search

Friday started out somewhat poorly but ended up being an okay day.  I didn’t sleep well, having a nightmare related to the Holy Spirit group and Joseph.  I finally got up around 10, and then did some of my knee exercises, then did some figuring out on what I can afford for a house.  I went to meet Doug Trexler and he showed me one of the Villas at Peppers Ferry but it was too expensive and not very enticing.  Then we went over to Spencer Springs and he showed me a house with a second story that was 239K.  I liked it and the neighborhood looked fine but I don’t need a second story and 239K would really push me.  He is going to show me something tomorrow that is one story.  I also looked at 5 houses in Cburg and Bburg, but none of them fit the bill.  I am finally getting to look at the stuff Peg Warren sent me.  Then it was home for laundry and dish washing and my blog.  I am going to see Cathy on Sunday at least for a few minutes so that will be nice.  I will do my yoga and weights later and I hope to send out my proposal for CEA later tonight.   I did get a good bike ride in of 40 minutes.  I got my bloodtest results today and my blood numbers were slightly better.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Safe Drive Back with Claire and Maddie

Wednesday was a good day.  I drove down to Wake Forest, leading around 9:30 in the morning and getting there around 11:30.  I rode my hike for forty minutes seeing a little of the campus (I didn’t want to go down a hill to the main part), including Waite Chapel, Farrell Hall, the Heath and Fitness Building and Alumni Hall.  I met Maddie at 1:40 and took her out to lunch at the Silo Bistro and we had a fine lunch, with the baked brie as an appetizer a fine treat.  My shrimp salad was very good.  Then we went back to the apartment and Maddie studied until Claire got home around 5:15, then we drove to a Brixx Pizza place which was decent.  After that we headed home and Claire and Maddie stayed in their bedroom and I watched TV until 11:30.  I did do my yoga.

Thursday was another good day, with Maddie and Claire getting up around 8:00.  I was able to do my yoga before they got up.  We left around 9:00 and we passed a huge pumpkin patch near the New River, literally thousands of pumpkins.  I dropped them off around 11:00 and it was good to see the reunion between Lou and Maddie and Claire.  I stayed and chatted for a few minutes, then drove to Rob’s for a flu shot and my blood test, then I headed off to play nine holes of golf.  I started awfully, an 8 and a 7  on the opening par 5 on the back nine but I played okay after that, ending up 2 over so a 51 for each nine.  I did play from further up since I wasn’t playing that well.  Then I headed back for a nap and then a bike ride over at VT in the Perry Street garage.  Then it was home for pasta and veggies then another nap and watching the Cubs/Nationals game.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Still Looking for a Place

Tuesday had its moments as I ended up looking at a house for rent on Glade Road.  It was very private, near Heritage Park and across from some VT fields.  But ultimately it had too many negatives: no thermostat in the basement, large yard that had to be cut, snow removal not included, no washer dryer and if I put one in it would be in the basement.  I looked this evening at over 1300 listings on Craigslist covering the NRV and there were many duplicates.  After I go pick up Claire and Maddie in Winston Salem I will look at a handful of listings that looked promising.  I also found out from the IRS that I am only going to lose my October check instead of both September and October, so that is an extra 2000.  I did my knee exercises and rode my bike for 40 minutes and I will do my weights and yoga later tonight.  

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Back Home and looking for a new place

Saturday was kind of a down day.  I did my knee exercises, then rode my bike for forty minutes, then did some straightening out around the apartment.  I looked at some houses on Craigs List but I couldn’t look past page one so I switched to Zillow and found a number of houses for rent and did look at several (only the 1350 place had any appeal) before heading out to play golf, the first time since I hurt my back.  I played reasonably well, shooting 2 over, and my back felt okay.  I had invited Mary Gorton to join me but she helped out at the church work day and was too tired to play.  I stopped for some supplies and then got home in time for the VT game (which they won fairly easily) and did my weights and yoga.  I put on quite a few pounds on my trip and I hope to work off some of the weight soon.  I felt kind of depressed all day, and I am not sure why.  Also tomorrow will be rainy and that means my kayak friend and I won’t be going kayaking tomorrow.  

Friday, October 6, 2017

The Rest of the Trip

Tuesday  went very well.  I drove to Arches and spent a couple of hours in the park, taking a few pictures, two of which I sent Kate, and one short hike.  The park was a lot more crowded than I expected and I didn’t park at the Windows or at Devil’s Garden.  My favorite walk, at Park Avenue, was closed but it was still a very good visit.  I took a nap after I left the park, and then I drove on to Glenwood Springs, where I stopped just before it got dark to fish the Colorado at a ramp and I got several hits.  I got to the Quality Inn just before dark and I couldn’t nap so I watched the Yankee game and ordered salad and a small pizza from Dominos.  I didn’t feel like driving into town and that worked out fine.  I talked to Dave and he was really out of it and I think I have to talk to Danny about his drinking.  He certainly puts the vodka away, and he smokes weed constantly.  I did my knee exercises and my yoga just before I went to bed.

Wednesday was my final day of driving and it went very well.  I only had about 150 miles to go and I stopped several times to fish some very tempting if accessible spots.  I didn’t get any hits but I did see a small trout run after my spinner in one long pool.  Catching fish would be an added plus but just being out fishing on a Colorado stream is reward enough.  I wasn’t sure I could make this trip and it turned out very well.  I got into town around 2, checked in the car, then got a free ride from Lyft over to Union Station where I checked my bags and then rented a bike and drove over to the Platte for about 40 minutes.  I stopped for coffee and a coffee cake at the Starbucks at the kayak run and then rode back to the train station.  I took a short walk and then got my bags and decided to work on my blog.  We should be mercy boarding in less than an hour.  I boarded at around 7 and the train headed out around 7:30, only 15 minutes late.  Dinner was pleasant and I had the Land and Sea, a steak and crabcake combo which was pretty good.  I went to bed around 11:00.

Thursday started slow because I didn’t sleep well.  I was up at 5, then I dropped off to sleep for a few minutes and got up just as breakfast was starting at 6:30 so I had my breakfast then.  I came back and napped some and that made me feel a lot better.  Mary Gorton called and Carilion called so I will return the calls when reception returns.  I read a little of Mary Bland’s book on prayer but I feel really detached, still as much as an agnostic as ever, though I am praying some.  The kind of God I would like is one who loves me despite my faults and doesn’t expect too much from me, a gentle God of compassion and.  Not sure there is such a God.  I will be home tomorrow and I will begin my search again for a new place to live.  I am not looking forward to it but it has to be done and I will get to work as soon as I return.  I got on the train around 5:30 and it left at 5:45 so that was on time.  I read a little more in Mary Bland’s book and I hope that helps.  I had a fun email exchange with my kayak friend and I am expecting her to respond to my latest one.  It doesn’t look like Sunday will work out because of the expected rain.  I am less than 16 hours from home and I will be glad to get home to ride my bike and maybe play some golf with Mary Gorton. 

Friday began with breakfast at 6:30 after another restless night.  It took me a while to put towels under the upper bed to quiet its ceaseless noise but after I fixed it I was able to catch a few hours sleep.  After breakfast I awoke at 9:00, cleaned up some and then watched the view of the New River Gorge, always spectacular.  I am about 2 and ½ hours from Clifton Forge, with lunch coming up at 12:30.  The trip was a good one and the only problem driving came at two of the rotaries, where I had to make a quick move to get over to the right exit lane.  Other than that the driving was pretty easy, which bodes well for another trip at some point.  Money will be a factor but if I save some up, I should have the possibility of traveling next summer.  I have already planned a couple of winter trips, one to visit Gabes and one down to Charlotte.  This trip cost me about 3500 but I had paid for the train trip (1900) back in December before I got sick.  I got off the train around 2:15, an hour and a half late, and walked over to the police station and then drove back to Blacksburg, thus ending my first trip since December.  I napped, then rode my bike for forty minutes, watched some of the Yankee game, then did my knee exercises.  I texted Maddie, congratulating her on her A minus in her paper (she was very happy with the grade).  I will drive down on Wednesday to visit and then drive them to Radford on Thursday.  I hope to do my yoga and light weights later.

Monday, October 2, 2017

leaving Las Vegas

Saturday I got up around 7 and started my knee exercises, then did some financial stuff (both my TIAA account and my AXA accounts did much better than expected so that was a nice surprise).  We sat around and chatted, went to the weight room and worked out a bit, then I napped and we headed out for dinner at a very good steakhouse.  We returned home and I had one poke on the higher level joint, and that kept me pretty high the rest of the evening.  I went to be bed around 2.

Sunday was a good day initially.  I got up around 7, did my knee exercises and yoga, then Dave and I chatted for a long time then went out for breakfast.  After that we headed to a bar/restaurant to meet David and Danny, his two sons, and we watched the 49ers game.  After the game we drove over to Danny’s place and while Dave napped Danny and I had a good talk after I took one poke on some pretty mild weed.  I wanted to drive back but Dave insisted and it was a little scary but we got home safe.   When we turned on the TV we got the first reports of the terrible shooting which had occurred at the Jason Aldean concert.  I was too tired to stay up and Dave had fallen asleep so I went to bed.

Monday morning I did my knee exercises and my yoga and followed the tragic shooting online.  Over 50 people had been killed and hundreds injured.  When Dave awoke we watched the coverage on TV and then we went out to breakfast at the Black Bear Dinner.  After a warm goodbye I drove to I-15 and with a couple of breaks and a nap, I reached Richfield and the Comfort Inn, where I was able to do some weights and ride the exercise bike for over thirty minutes.  I went out to a steakhouse for dinner but I had a side salad, a baked potato and some vegetables.  Then I stopped at Walmart for supplies and headed back to the motel.

Saturday, September 30, 2017

las vegas

Thursday was a good day.  I got a reduced rate on my room because of the problems with the air conditioning, the TV, and the phone.  I rode the stationary bike for 40 minute and used the weight machine.  Then it was time to drive and it was raining so I had to drive slower.  I did get the wiper blades replaced at an Advance Auto Parts in Richfield and then stopped at Kolob Canyon and hiked the trail by the upper parking lot (about a mile).  Then I stopped at the Eureka Casino and lost 6 dollar playing slots for 30 minutes, quite entertaining.  After that I finished my drive to Dave’s and we ended up chatting for hours, eventually getting very stoned, and finally getting a pizza and salad delievered. 

Friday was a very lazy morning with Dave and I chatting for hours then finally going out for breakfast around 2 pm.   We then returned home and I helped him replace some strange light bulbs in his chandelier.  I tried to fix his ceiling fan pull cord and the bulb in his bathroom light but was unsuccessful.  We went out around 6 pm to the marijuana dispensary and it was pretty crowded with all kinds of marijuana, bulk stuff, rolled joints, and food items.  We then went out to eat at a very decent Italian restaurant and I treated.  Then we drove back and smoked some first the medium joint (which was pretty calm with me taking two hits) and then the higher powered joint (with me taking a half puff and getting pretty high).  Nice night going to be at almost 2. 

Saturday I got up around 7 and started my knee exercises, then did some financial stuff (both my TIAA account and my AXA accounts did much better than expected so that was a nice surprise).