Friday, September 22, 2017

Golfing with Mary Gorton

Friday was a very good day.   I did my knee exercises, got stuff together for the trip, read some Augustine and Joshua, rode my bike for 40 minutes, then went off to play golf with Mary Gorton.  We had a lot of fun and you can tell she knows how to play golf.  On her good shots she hit the ball further than I did but her putting and her strategy let her down.  Playing from the red tees, I shot a 51 and she shot a 61 and since it was the first time she has played in a year, a 61 was a very good score.  My only problem was that I pulled my back a little lifting her bag in and out of my truck.  She doesn’t use her irons so I will ask her to leave them out or she will have to handle it herself.  We went to dinner at India Gardens and then I came home for a nap and then piano and my blog.  I will see if I can do my yoga and weights tonight.  Both Lou and Cathy are not feeling well and I offered to go shopping for them but Lou said they were okay for now.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Fishing at Trail's End on Walker Creek

Thursday worked out pretty well.  I did my knee exercises, got some stuff ready for Sunday’s trip, read some of Joshua and Augustine, took a 40 minute bike ride, played 30 minutes of piano, then headed out to Trail’s End to go fishing (I caught three but had a lot of hits).  I drove back to Hethwood and took a walk for 20 minutes, then worked on two of Lauren’s essays, on my Bridges proposal for CEA, and now my blog.  I will also try to finish my spring book order.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

A Walk with Rob

Tuesday was a decent day.  I did my knee exercises, emailed Melinda about meeting with the tenants upstairs, dried out my kayak, rode my bike for 40 minutes, drove over to Walmart to get my new lenses and my meds, then drove up to Roanoke to get the wrap around sunglasses.  After that I gave the flute back to Glen at Valley Propane and then drove home for a quick nap and then a walk with Rob, which was a lot of fun.  Then it was home for dinner and a nap so I could edit Lauren’s essay, then my blog and now it is TV time.

Monday, September 18, 2017

No Townhouse to Rent

Monday was a difficult day but some good came out of it.  I got up and did my knee exercises then headed out to see 200 Huff Heritage.  I liked it inside and the master bedroom was quiet.  My only concern was the wall between 200 and the neighboring townhouse.  When Jean mentioned that she was showing it to another buyer later, I really wasn’t sure what to do.  I asked if I could wait till the woman who lived next door came home and I could hear the TV and her dog barking.  Jean said she would call me later, so I called Melinda a couple of times, leaving messages but she didn’t return my calls and I wanted to talk to her before I committed to the townhouse.  I talked to Dave and he made me feel that I should rent it so I emailed Melinda and finally got a response, which said that they would refund me the rest of the September rent.   I called Jean but bad news, the other party had rented it.  I was very frustrated but fortunately the Holy Spirit meeting calmed me down.  I also got an email from Jen and she doesn’t think working with me will be beneficial so I emailed her my thanks for all her time and wished her well with all the things that she was doing.  Right now I am still an agnostic, but I would like to have a loving intimacy with Jesus.  We’ll see.   I rode my bike for 40 minutes at RU and I also visited Dr. Trivedi, who had a cancellation where I got a blood booster shot.  My hemoglobin was slightly lower but not much so I should be fine throughout my trip.  Frustrating day but I am feeling pretty good and Dave called later and helped calm me even more.    

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Thousands of Red-winged Blackbirds

Sunday was a very fine day.  I did my knee exercises, then played the piano for almost 30 minutes, then got all my kayak gear in the truck and headed off to meet Kate.  I got my kayak ready and then did a few things on the truck.  She got there before 1 and soon enough we were on the water for a leisurely trip (the water level was 2.3).  We couldn’t go around the island but we eddied out there and then slowly paddled down to the good rapids which were much lower than our last trip when the water was probably over 3.0.  The rapids were still fun and then we saw an incredible sight, two large sycamores loaded with thousands of red-winged blackbirds, with some of them splashing in the shallows.  It was very impressive.  Then after splitting up I watched the end of the golf tournament at Applebees and headed home for a quick nap and a 40 minute bike ride.  I still have my weights and yoga to do but that will come later.  I did have a nice conversation with Lou and he was appreciative of all my help.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Wondering where to move

Saturday went pretty well.  I didn’t sleep that well , mainly thinking about the rent to own one story townhouse I saw on 200 Huff Heritage.  Fortunately, I took a half a valium around 4 and was able to sleep until almost after 8.  I did the first set of my knee exercises, emailed Melinda asking when my meeting with the tenants was going to happen and complaining about them waking me up again.  I then drove out to the ABC store by Kroger and got 17 boxes so that was a relief. Then I headed out to 200 Huff Heritage and checked the distances to St. Mary’s, to Radford and to Blacksburg.  You can certainly hear I-81 but I need to get inside on Monday to really make a decision.   I asked a fellow across the street and he had no problem from the adjoining townhouses but he did say that at first the highway noise bothered him but then he got used to it although he did put up heavy curtains.  He thought 200 would get less noise so we’ll see.  I left a message and he left one for me about townhouses and I hope to connect with him later.  I took a 40 minute bike ride (up the steep part 4 times) then watched some TV and then cut my hair and got ready for Mass and the Welcome dinner.  Mass was fine and the Welcome dinner ended up well with me chatting with Jim and Barbara and Das and Cece.  I stayed after to help clean up and when I got home I did 25 minutes of piano, watched some of the Louisville / Clemson game, then got to my blog.   

Thursday, September 14, 2017

still getting to sleep

Wednesday turned out pretty well.  Knee exercises, reading the Bible and Augustine.   Then I went out to play golf at Auburn Hills (it is 19 dollars during the week but they do have a 30 round special for 750 dollars, which isn’t a bad deal but I don’t want to spend 750 right now.  I shot a 52, which was fine for Auburn because it is a much harder course than the old Meadows.  I rode my bike for 40 minutes in the Perry Street parking area and then headed home for dinner.  I struggled to do my weights and yoga and I didn’t do my piano or my blog.  I just sat and watched Clash of the Titans. 

Thursday was also a pretty good day.  I slept well, did my full prayers and songs at 6:00 (when the upstairs tenants aren’t awake yet), then did my knee exercises.  I then went to get my bloodwork but despite sticking me twice (and getting in the vein), my blood wouldn’t flow so I have to go back tomorrow.  I got a good bike ride in at Hethwood (going up the steeper part 4 times) for 40 minutes and then I decided to dry out the kayak.  I was able to dry it out completely despite it being overcast and I cleaned out the truck, straightened out the tarp, put some more golf balls in my bag and read some of the Idiot and Augustine.  I also had a nice chat with Mary Gorton about writing and religion.  Later I talked with Gyorgyi and we are going to meet for lunch at Lefty’s at 1 tomorrow.  I did my piano playing and later I will do my weights and yoga.  I did get a response from Melinda Dunford and she is not going to reduce my rent but she will try to set up a meeting with the upstairs tenants.