Friday, October 10, 2014

eighth week of teaching finished

Another week of teaching is over and in a half hour I will be heading over to see The Judge, which I am very much looking forward to. My teaching went pretty well, and eight weeks are done. I recorded my Lindsey Stirling essay up at WVTF and that went well. At best they will use a teaser for it so the only way to hear the whole thing will be from their archives. I went to Social Security after the recording and I got my code and was able to log in. As I predicted, at 66 I will get around 25K each year. I also spoke to the RU IT guy and he was very apologetic about the security training and agreed that it is an awful system. He is going to come over and help me get set up. That was very good to hear and I have until December to finish things up, not just 7 days. I volunteered for 2 of the open houses so we’ll see about that later. I made my reservations for 6 nights at wild dunes and 5 at the Hampton inn in Staten Island, but that will change to 3 after I figure out when I will be staying at Gabes. My greenhouse is doing very well with lots of lettuce, a few pea plants, a few spinach plants, and a new crop of lettuce starting up. I did a good bit of grading so I am glad of that. I also got a walk in with Rob which was a lot of fun.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

sixth week of teaching finished

It is another catch-up entry, this time on Sunday, October 5. I had a lovely day, taking a hike in the morning to the orchard, doing weights and yoga, doing a wash, checking the solar batteries, and fixing the fan for the heater. I am ready for my seventh week of classes, almost halfway through. The past week was very good and my classes went well and I got the house completely cleaned up from Gloria’s visit. I saw Maddie on Thursday and then drove her home on Friday afternoon, saving Cathy a trip. I have been riding my bike almost every day for an hour and my greenhouse has been producing very well. I will be seeing Kelly on the 18th and that should be fun. Seeing her and Alfredo and Lucia is always a treat. Travel funding has been restored so I am going to try to go to the CEA conference if they accept my paper proposal which I haven’t written yet. I am recording the Lindsey Stirling essay on Friday at 10 up at WVTF in Roanoke. After this semester I will have to teach 5 more before I can retire at 65 and ½. Some days I wish I could retire tomorrow; others I am not so desperate.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Gloria's Visit

It is Sunday, September 28 and all is going well. My visit with Gloria went well enough and she got to sleep a good bit (the darkness and the quiet) and go to the Christiansburg Aquatic Center (which she loved) and we took walks and ate out quite a bit (including Chateau Morrisette and Alexanders). The pain in her hands was much reduced so that was another place. I enjoyed seeing her but I think two weeks was too long. I am such a private person that having company for two weeks threw me off. I am going to see Claire on Tuesday and I am looking forward to that. My classes are going well but I still have one student in my 203 who seems to be having trouble with the class. I may make an appointment with him to chat. I am sending Emily $200 for her ru tuition even though I don’t really feel like it after the nonsense she said about me. I purchased a pump action shotgun and I feel safer with that in the house. Gloria and I had dinner with Gyorgyi twice and that was fun. I already have the house fixed up after Gloria’s visit. I planted more lettuce after one tray of peas all died and only a few of the spinach plants came up. I should know on Monday what I have left to pay on the dental work. It shouldn’t be more than $2500.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

second week of the semester done

The weekend has gone well. I have all my grading done and most of the reading. I had a nice dinner with Claire on Thursday catching up on her and Luke and I have decided that things with Cecelia will continue only as friends. I played golf a couple of times and did a lot of work around my house this morning and early afternoon in order to start getting ready for Gloria. I have also been hiking almost every morning down to the orchard. I rode my bike yesterday for the first time since I hurt my knees and it went very well. My knees are improving. I had the dental surgery on Friday and it didn’t hurt much. I still owe somewhere between 3 and 4 K even after paying 2K already. Maddie is still doing well and I will try to see her this week and take her out one evening. I have been walking over at Tech at night and that is still a lot of fun for me.

Friday, August 29, 2014

An interesting week

An interesting few days. On Tuesday Kate asked me if I wanted to go kayaking with her on Wednesday and of course I said yes. We met at the riverview park in Radford, loaded my kayak and gear and then headed upriver to the put in just above the highway. It was very slow water but we chatted a lot and I think Kate had fun. We decided to go on Saturday during the Riverfest and that should have a few more rapids. Kate was a very decent paddler. My dinner with Cecelia went very well. We ate at Sal’s in Radford and had a nice time talking. We are planning to get together next week for dinner and perhaps a bike ride. Rob and I walked the last two nights and chatted about the drama the Fay has brought back into his life. Fortunately, there is really nothing she can do to him except write him sick and evil text messages. My first week of classes went very well and I have only about 30 students so that is going to be very good. Gloria is still in a lot of pain and I hope that it calms down before she comes to visit. I talked to Gabe and things are going okay after their problem. He is thinking about coming down in October with Julian.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

One more day before classes start

Another good day so far, with the rain preventing a walk this morning but I did ride the stationary bike for 25 minutes, and I did weights and yoga. I cleaned up around the house so as to be ready for the start of classes tomorrow and I charged the batteries up to 79% and with the sun coming for the next three days I should be fine. I did play golf yesterday after a fine walk with Rob and played well (47) even with an incredible 6 the par 3 16th (4 putts from about 20 feet) and a 9 on the 6th hole (lots of stupid decisions). My walk with Rob was a lot of fun and he seems to be doing quite well. Cecelia called me and we are planning to get together on Thursday for dinner. Haven’t heard from Claire but I assume she is doing well. Worked a little on the Lindsey Stirling piece and it is almost ready to send out.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Saturday before the start of classes

I had a very good Saturday morning, cleaning up the house a little, walking all the way down to the gate with my knee not hurting much, doing weights and yoga for the first time since my injury, more cleaning up and then cutting my hair. My lettuce plants are doing well and I had a breakfast of Rob’s fine tomatoes. I got a nice e-mail back from Claire and I should see her later in the week. Cecelia also called and we are planning to have dinner on Thursday. I am hoping to take a walk with Rob later and to play golf after the walk but the weather will determine things. I did some more work on the Lindsey Stirling essay and it is getting there very slowly.