Monday, October 17, 2016

New Computer

An okay day, though not much sleep the night before. I got up about 3:30, took an otc sleeping pill, then got back to bed around 4:30. I got up with the alarm at 8:30, did my exercises, then my weights and yoga. I headed in to get Maddie and had a nice chat with Maddie. She was surprised that Claire had not thanked me for my recommendation. I then drove to RU, took a quick nap then trained and got my new computer. That worked fairly well and then I was able to set everything up in my office with Holly’s help. There is a problem with the internet but it shouldn’t be too hard to fix. I headed off to Bburg to ride my bike for 50 minutes, then to Macado’s to have some soup and salad and do my lumosity and my blog.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Kayaking again

A very decent day, highlighted by the kayak trip with my kayak friend. It was a lovely day with the colors in the leaves really starting and not too hot. Our conversations were very comfortable and relaxing. I was tired at the end and went to take a nap in the back of my truck. After that I went bike riding at Merrimac for 50 minutes, then headed to O’Charley’s to finish grading my midterms and to get more of the reading done for tomorrow since I have to pick up Maddie early and I have to go to the new computer training session at 2, then teach at 5. I was able to do a wash this morning and my exercises, along with the weights and yoga.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

A visit to Paint Bank

Another tough night of broken sleep. I got up around 3:30 and with the help of an OTC sleeping pill finally got back to bed around 5. I arose at about 8:30 and though I had planned to do an overnight trip to the Monogahela National Forest, my day didn’t go as planned. I did some of my exercises, packed my traveling bag and headed out around 10:30. I got an email from Kate about kayaking tomorrow and I emailed her back that tomorrow would work fine. Now I knew I wasn’t going overnight so I wandered up 311 to Paint Bank, stopped at pullout just outside of New Castle and caught a chub and a small bass. Lovely spot and I should go back. I took a nap in the back of my truck in Paint Bank and then drove up 18 to Covington without finding a really good spot to fish and so I drove on to the Tap Room restaurant about 10 miles from 81 to watch the Tech game. Tech didn’t look very good and I left at the half and had dessert at Mac and Bob’s and watched the second half, which got close but then Syracuse beat them pretty badly. Then it was bike riding time, 50 full minutes at Roanoke College and some shrimp wonton stir fry at Appleby’s. I did check the crawl space (78% humidity) and I checked my records and I am going to put off any work until April (the humidity goes way down in the winter) and by then I will have started social security.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Big Unexpected Expenses

Well, it was a decent Friday with some financial concerns. I found out yesterday that the replacing of the insulation (taking the old stuff out and putting in new stuff), if I do it with Dodson, will cost 2200, a lot more than I thought. Today I found out that the automatic venting system will cost at least 2400 and that doesn’t involve a dehumidifier. I am going to have Brandon and a guy who knows the system better out on Thursday morning so I will have a better idea. I wonder if they will guarantee that the humidity will go down a certain percentage. If not it will be very expensive with no guarantee. Not sure what to do right now. I had lunch with Claire Hall and she threw me a curve when she said that luke and her are putting the house search off for a bit and are going to try to pay off their student loans. I didn’t say anything at lunch or during our walk after but I did call her later and she made it clear that my wedding gift will going in the house fund, which made me feel better. I did a good recommendation for Claire Gallo and I hope she emails me a thank you at least. Maddie took the GRE again and did about the same but at least she is done with math forever. I will see her on Monday when I drive her to Tech for class. I did my exercises this morning and my weights and yoga and after my lunch with Claire I went to play golf and shot the worst 49 I have even shot. I was awful but I kept hitting a few decent shots and I got my 49 on a pretty long final putt. Then I went to pick up a humidifier and my meds, then a good nap in the back of my truck, then off to Tech for a 50 minute bike ride all around campus. I then headed to the University Mall Starbucks to grade midterms and do my lumosity training and my blog.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016


I gave the first part of the midterm on Monday to my class at 5. I think it was slightly harder than the ones I gave today so I will grade it a little easier. Some of the students did pretty poorly in not even finishing a question and a half. Some students finished both questions during the time period so I know a question and a half was possible. I did my exercises this morning and even got a little piano in, along with the weights and yoga. I rode my bike after work for almost 50 minutes then had dinner at China Inn before going for another ride at Tech for 30 minutes. My butt hurts a bit as do my knees. I went to Macado’s to watch some baseball and get some ice cream. I also did my lumosity training and my blog.

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Claire's wedding

Yesterday I got on the road around 5:30, having slept about an hour all night. I drove for about two hours then stopped for a nap, then drove on through the rain toward Asheville. Just coming into town, the rain stopped and the blue sky appeared and I was able to ride my bike for 35 minutes at the local community college. Then I headed to the Highland Lake Inn for the wedding, which was by the water and went very well even though it looked like the weather might change at any moment. I was going to drive some and get a room, but instead I stopped in Weaverville and watched the third quarter of VT trouncing NC. I called to set up a room in Johnson City but there were not rooms left in town so I just drove until it got dark and stopped for a nap at a Perkins in Johnson City. I then drove on until Wytheville where I stopped for a snack and then drove home in time to watch the end of the Miami/Florida State game which ended with Florida State blocking the point after to win by a point. I slept until almost ten and drove down to call Rob and he wanted to take a walk so I went back to the house, did some of my exercises, then headed in to walk. We had a very good chat and the day was lovely, cool and sunny. After my walk, I took a nap in the back of my truck (that is easier now) and then went biking at Merrimac before heading over to The Meadows to maul a few golf balls for an hour. I was awful and I really didn’t enjoy it that much. I am going to clean my club handles and if that doesn’t work I will have new grips put on. After golf I headed to O’Charley’s for dinner and watching the Cincinnati/Dallas game which has Dallas up 21 to 0.

Friday, October 7, 2016

Week Six is Over

Friday turned out quite well, even though it rained most of the day. I didn’t sleep well so I ended up taking an OTC sleeping pill at about 3. I finally woke up about 9 and then did my exercises, practiced, did a laundry, cleaned out the truck a bit since I won’t be going with my kayak friend on Sunday, and headed off to Toyota. There were problems with my tire warranty but after an hour of talking to my salesman Anthony and the service people, they fixed the tire for free and ordered me a new one. I was able to respond to my kayak friend, finish my last midterm, and finish all my grading. I then drove home for a nap and then finished my yoga and weights and my other exercises. I drove back into town for a visit to Lowes to check out how the screen in the storm door can be replaced and then I headed to Panera for soup and salad.