Friday, March 16, 2018

Big Fish out on Walker Creek

Saturday was a pretty good day.  I slept okay and I got up at around 8, did my knee exercises and my weights and yoga, then washed the dishes, played the piano and sang my jazz songs, and sang all the songs for Sunday.  A good morning led me to drive out to Trail’s End, where I used my portable chair for the first time and it worked very well.  Sitting was much more comfortable and though I didn’t catch any fish, I did have a big fish on for about 10 seconds.   It was fun and then I took a nap.  I drove to the High School in Perisburgh and rode my bike for almost 40 minutes.  It really needs the new parts that Ian ordered and I hope they come soon.  Then I drove back to town and picked up a few things at Food Lion.  I started rereading Streetcar and I am now watching Virginia play UMBC and amazingly, the score is tied at halftime, 21-21.   Could this be the first time a number one seed loses?     Dave hasn’t called me back yet so I hope nothing bad is going on.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Trip Anxiety

Wednesday went pretty well.  I did as much of my knee exercises as I could (my knees are feeling better, did my scales and jazz songs on the piano, did more planning about my trip, and eventually drove to campus.   I met one of my advisees and worked a little more on my trip planning until it was time to give the midterm.  I thought I had everything figured out but a number of students did the test in pencil and those tests were hard to read.  I also had a few students who didn’t write enough (they were supposed to write at least 4 and ½ sides).  Still, even though I let a couple of them stay till 6:40, I was able to get home before dark now with daylight savings in effect.  The trip planning is my biggest problem, especially the economics.  I certainly have the money if all my financial planning works out.  Finding out that TIAA-CREF only guarantees 2 and ½ percent of their 4 percent pay out really shocked me.  The fellow I spoke with, Ruben, did say that in the past ten years they have paid out the 4 percent figure each year.  I things that trouble me are that I am not sure how long I can teach (if I actually taught 4 semesters, counting this one), I would have a little extra to work with.  It looks like I will be able to finish teaching this semester and in the fall, but it is hard to say from there (I do have 2 more semesters of sick leave and that would get me the 4 semesters.   My trip will cost about 4k, and I worry about the cost but I also think that getting away for almost three weeks will be very good for my psyche.  I really hope to do this trip, especially since I am still working full time and I certainly don’t know if I will be able to travel next year.  It is very confusing and I woke about 3:15 somewhat anxious and took half a valium and I hope to go back to bed in a few minutes.         

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Catching Up, No Anxiety

Monday was a snow day with about three or four inches.  I stayed in until after four, doing my knee exercises, more straightening up, visiting the fosters, who then had visitors, then heading out on the cleared roads about 4 for a walk around the Drill Field. 

Tuesday turned out okay and I did my knee exercises while finishing my plans for the summer.  I have changed the trip slightly, adding an extra day in Colorado and cutting one day off Oceanside.  I am hoping to take a fly fishing float trip up near Gunnison and visit the Black Canyon, Durango, Mesa Verde (which I have never visited) Canyon de Chelly and Santa Fe.  I taught in the afternoon and then picked up my bike at East Coasters.  It still is having problems so Ian is going to order a replacement for the shifting stuff.  I went home and watched Radford beat LIU so now they get to play Villanova, a number 1 seed.   

Monday, March 12, 2018

Things remain decent

Friday was an okay day although I ended up getting a little anxious in the afternoon and had to take half a valium.  I did go for a ride over at Tech even though it was 41 degrees.  I wore my knee braces and they helped.

Saturday was a very decent day with no anxiety because I kept busy.  I was able to do some of my knee exercises with the braces on, and later I went riding over at Tech (staying on flat ground} and that felt good.  I worked on my poem for Beth and enjoyed watching Tiger Woods play his entire round.  I did some straightening around the house and played some piano and sang my jazz songs.

Sunday turned out well and the singing in church went very well.  I seemed able to stay in tune and I really enjoyed listening to Beth even though she was very tired.  She really has a lovely vibrato.  I went for a walk with Rob at 3:45 on the Tom’s Creek trail and then went home to watch Tiger finish second in the Valspar Championship.   The fans at the course loved his play and I hope it bodes well for the Masters in a few weeks.  Snow tomorrow so I don’t know if we will have class tomorrow.   

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Good News about my Knees

Thursday turned into another good day.  I was not able to do much with my knee exercises but I did do some more work on my poem for Beth.  It has some good lines but needs more work.  I then drove over to meet Claire for lunch at Greens and afterwards we took and walk of over a mile and a third.  After that I went to see Dr. Gardner and after he looked at the x-rays he said that both knees looked pretty good and that I shouldn’t need knee surgery on my right knee for at least two years.  I drove home for a nap, then woke up with just enough time to get to tech for a 25 minute walk with my knee braces on.  I drove back home just before dark  and I lay down for a few minutes before watching Duke easily beat Notre Dame.   During the game I rode my stationary bike for 20 minutes then practiced piano for 15 minutes and did a little bit of singing.  I will do my weights later but I will wait on the yoga one more day.  Jenny called me and we had a nice chat so that was fun to catch up with her.  Dave called and we are going to try to figure out something about visiting him in Oceanside this summer.  I think I had better do some traveling this summer if I am up to it since with my knees who knows how much I can travel in future years.  I was not anxious at all today and not surprisingly I was very busy.  

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Another Good Day

Wednesday was a very good day with no anxiety.  I think a big factor was that I stayed busy all morning, doing my knee exercises, then working on my poem for Beth, then doing my midterms and my characters list.  I then went over to East Coasters to pick up my bike (which cost 189) and then take a 30 minute ride in the Perry street garage though it was pretty windy and cold.  I drove back for a nap and some singing and reading.  I then drove back to Tech to walk for 30 minutes and brought a broiled chicken, which is good for at least 2 meals.  I sang more and watched the Virginia Tech game, with them playing very well against Notre Dame.

Monday, March 5, 2018

A Good Day

Monday turned out to be a very decent day.  I had to drive into Radford early to get my blood test, but it went well and I joked with the nurse and her trainee.  I drove back home after having a nice breakfast at Burger King, and took a needed nap.  After that I went for a bike ride and then headed back to Trivedi’s office.  She was pleasant and we joked a bit about Rob advising me to get the shingles shot, which she would not have advised since it is a live virus.  I drove home and took another nap, then got up and sang the two new songs and then decided to take my walk then go to the nearby convenience store and get a bag of popcorn then watch Lady Bird, which was a fine movie.  I felt comfortable all day and tomorrow I will look in on Daniel.  I still am too tired but I could live this way if I have to.