Friday, September 23, 2016

My Knee Passed with Flying Colors

Friday turned out pretty well. I am still having some stomach problems but I feel like things are tightening up and that feels good. I did my exercises and some piano in the morning then headed in to meet Claire for lunch at Red Lobster. I was fun to catch up and her wedding is in two weeks. Luke and she are looking at property, houses and perhaps a modular home. I may see her next Friday. I then went over to see Matt at Dr. Gardner’s and he said the x-rays were fine and that I looked great and that I didn’t have to return. He did suggest taking the antibiotic in December when I go to the dentist. Then I drove back home and waited for Eric and his girlfriend and when they got there I showed them my Geological Survey map and then I drove down with him to look at the trees. He said the only one that really needs to be cut is the one next to the tree he cut awhile back. I looked over the Pedlar Hills and showed him where my boundary is and I think I convinced him that he could make it into the side hollow if he wanted to. I told him to come up whenever if he wanted to walk up the side hollow. I took a nap, then got up and did my weights and yoga and the rest of my piano. Then I watched some golf and headed in for a 40 minute bike ride at Merrimac. Then it was time for shrimp fajitas at El Grande Rodeo and then tea and a bagel at Panera, where I did my lumosity and my blog.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Fourth Week Done

It is Thursday evening and I am done for the week. My fourth week is finished. I had a good day, starting with my exercises, playing some piano, weights and yoga, then driving to Radford for my 12:30 class. That went pretty well and so did my 3:30 class, then it was off for nine holes of golf (46/47) and then dinner at Olive Garden, then a nap, then a 40 minute bike ride, then off to Macado’s for football, lumosity training and my blog. I may be going kayaking with my kayak friend if she can get enough work done by Sunday. Another ten days and I will be signing up for Social Security and that will be nice. 2K a month for the rest of my life. I won’t start collecting my other retirement money until January 2019 at the earliest.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Classes going well

It is Wednesday and things are going well. I dried out my kayak this morning, took a walk down to my favorite white pine, did my exercises, played all my piano pieces, did my weights and yoga, washed the dishes and did a load of wash. I got so much done because Maddie didn’t need a ride this morning. I have given up on my fall garden. It’s getting late and I still need to get some soil without seeds in it. I then drove to RU and got some work done on my 5 o’clock class, got most of my book orders for the spring done, and got a decent nap in at 4. My class went very well and the students were pretty talkative. After class I went for a 35 minute bike ride because my knee hurt some and then I drove to Blacksburg to eat at Greens and to go see CafĂ© Society at 9:15 at the Lyric.

Monday, September 19, 2016

More Kayaking

Sunday was a very good day. I got up early and had to head off pretty quickly to go kayaking with my kayak friend. She arrived at 10 at the 114 bridge and we were off by 10:45 from Dudley’s Landing. About 2/3 of the way down we switched boats and she did very well through the rapids and even better surfing in the last set of waves. I was able to do a little surfing with her small Ocean Kayak. We went over to Cook-Out for some food and continued our chatting. Great fun. Then I went biking and ended up watching a little of the Green Bay / Minnesota game at O’Charley’s. Monday was a bit quick in the morning since I had to meet Maddie at 10:45, a lot earlier than I was used to. I did my exercises and my weights and yoga and then it was time to leave. After dropping Maddie off, I went to my office for a nap and then went biking for 40 minutes, then off to my office hours, where I did some work on the rhetoric questions for 200 and 203. I had a pretty good class but only a few speak up and I think I really need to do groups in that one. I went riding again and just beat a pretty severe storm. I got to talk to Cathy Gallo for a bit and she is fine and Claire is looking for a part time job. Cathy doesn’t think she is ready for an apartment but she does think a course in the spring might be good for Claire. I resolved my situation with Rosemary and I just wish her well in dealing with the graduate stuff. I am hoping to see Claire Hall on Friday and chatted with her some today. Her wedding is on the 8th. My money from AXA came through so I will be able to pay all my bills, hopefully until December.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

busy day but pretty productive

Wednesday was a fine day if a less than fine night. I woke at 1:30 and took an otc sleeping aid then slept until eight, did my exercises, watered the green house, dried out my kayak, did my weights and yoga, practiced almost all my pieces on piano. Then I drove to the bank to pay off my overdraft (which I didn’t even know happened), then picked up Maddie and drove her to Tech. Things are pretty much the same at home. I drove toward my office, then stopped at the River to bike for almost 40 minutes. I got to my office and did some grading, then napped, then went and taught. After that I drove to Tech to ride my bike for 30 minutes and then to Macado’s for tea and ice cream.

Monday, September 12, 2016

a couple of good days

On Sunday my kayak friend and I had a lovely trip. The weather was perfect and we saw lots of flowers and birds. I finally got her to use my kayak and she loved it. She went right up into a rapid and surfed for the first time. We went over to Cook-Out to eat and that was also a lot of fun. My thigh was not a problem and I was able to go biking for 25 minutes and then go see Sully, which was very powerful and well worth seeing. Today I did my exercises, replanted my lettuce tray since the first seeding didn’t come up, did my yoga and weights and prepped for class. I then drove into Radford and drove Maddie to Tech. It was nice to chat with her. I will see her again on Wednesday. The personnel meeting went pretty well and then my class was okay if a little slow. Even though there are only ten people in it, I may break it up into groups. After class I took a nap, then made coffee and went for a 35 minute bike ride. Then it was off to O’Charley’s and cedar plank salmon and pie.

Saturday, September 10, 2016

re-injured my thigh

Saturday has been a good day with a possibly bad ending. I got up early and got the kayak in my truck (my knee felt fine) and then I did a set of exercises, some cleaning up, fixed the bike rack and greased the kickstand. I napped, did a second set of exercises, did my weights and yoga, practiced all my piano pieces, and then headed off. I got a good response from Gabes and offered to visit at Thanksgiving but they are not going to be around so I will probably head south, perhaps to Atlanta. I stopped to chat with Dougie and Angie and it was nice to chat with them both. Then it was off to Auburn Hills to play golf and I played pretty well 48/47 from the red tees. I headed to my office for a nap and I was going to go bike riding before the Tech game but my thigh felt bad (like up in the Big Horns) so I drove over to Macados in Bburg to do my lumosity training and my blog and to watch the Tech game. I hope my thigh will be okay tomorrow for my kayak trip. If it is hurting I may rent a kayak again to make it easier.