Thursday, July 17, 2014

The Black Hills

It is Thursday morning and I am in a Best Western in Sundance. I took a room for the first time on the trip and though I didn’t watch all of Tiger’s round (at four AM I ran out of gas), I awoke to see that he had posted a 69, three under so that means I will try to watch tomorrow. He starts at 2 EST so that is noon my way. Yesterday was okay, with a decent round of golf in the Black Hills, fishing in Box Elder Creek (an absolutely lovely stretch but not a hit), riding my bike for an hour along the Michelson Rails to Trails route for an hour near Hill City and then riding for another half hour in Sundance. Today I should hit the Big Horns so that should be fun and I will probably camp near Sheridan to go to a movie. I have done very little writing so far on this trip and I haven’t touched the saxophone once but I will try to play some today and after this blog I hope to write a little.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

first two days of the western trip

The first day of my trip went very well. I couldn’t leave until 9 because I needed to get the bike worked on, so I was able to practice some, do weights and yoga, and catch a short nap. East Coasters replaced the canister quickly and by 10:15 I was on the way. I stopped first at Paint Creek to ride my bike for 40 minutes then drove past Morehead to play golf. Following that I ended up at a KOA just across the river from Louisville. I rode my bike along the river and through the Falls of the Ohio State Park. Interesting but not overly impressive. Dinner was at the Buckhead grill where I had veggie frajitas. I had a horrible night sleeping because it was too hot so I ended up heading out around 6. I stopped to have a small breakfast and write some and I made some progress on my short story but I’m not sure what to do with the essay. I drove a few miles and then took a long nap and then felt much better. I stopped to ride my bike out in corn and soybean country and that was fun. I got back driving and ended up in Bloomington to watch the World Cup Final.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

one week before my western trip

I am a week away from leaving on my trip and everything is in good shape. I fixed the road today dropping three loads of dirt over the patch I made out of 2 2x8. It worked perfectly. I also scraped the road but it was so dry and hard that the scraping didn’t do much. I have my outlines basically done and I have a good list of things I need to get done but that won’t happen until later in the week. My easement money should finally be available on the 10th and then I should be able to pay down the equity line to around 151K, a nice improvement that should last until Kelly buys her house. I had a nice time with Claire last night, meeting her for a walk along the Huckleberry Trail and then coffee and dessert at Starbucks. My golf game is going very well and I am playing every other day. I have been walking most mornings and the plants are enchanter’s nightshade, heal all, oxeye daisy, white avens. I have been eating blackberries and the wineberries are coming in and I should have a bunch for Kate. I am seeing Rhonda on Tuesday for dinner and then I will see Claire Gallo to celebrate her birthday on Wednesday and then dinner on Friday with Cathy. I worked on my short story about the Erie Barge Canal and I think it is getting a little better. I haven’t been doing too much writing lately but I should get back into it this week, and certainly after I head out on my trip. Gloria is going to be coming out for two weeks in September so that should be fun.