Thursday, November 23, 2017

Things are pretty bad

Tuesday turned out to be a pretty important day.  I went to see my new apartment at Prices Fork and it looks fine.  The one problem I brought up is that there are no screens on the windows and that is important.  I told Heather Hodges I need at least one and two (for each of the rooms with windows would be best).  She is going to bring it up next week.  It shouldn’t be too hard to have a small frame built that would take care of the problem.  
      The bigger concern was my meeting with Dr. Trivedi and that was really a setback.  She explained that my numbers were slightly worse and that my case had turned into a refractory or difficult case and that meant that the prednisone was not working as expected (my dosage should be increasingly lower) and that is why she put me on 20 mg instead of the 12 and ½ I was on.  She offered me several options for an alternate drug but the best one seemed Prograf, a kidney transplant drug, that has to be strictly monitored and of course can have a lot of dangerous side effects.  I started on it that evening and will take two pills a day at about 9:30 am and pm.  I also need to start taking iron since my iron level is very low.  Trivedi thought much of my anxiety is coming from the move and from my returning to teaching in January.  I think it is mainly due to the prednisone but I’m not fully sure.  I did get another blood shot and it didn’t hurt much and hopefully it will increase my energy some.  I was really down about the visit and my relapse, but I did have a few laughs when I visited the Gallows.  Lou seemed pretty down but he has his own stuff to go through.  I did ride my bike along the river so that was a good break and some good exercise.   I also helped Mary with some of her packing.

Wednesday was the start of my new situation and I can’t say it was very pleasant.  I slept pretty good by using the nebulizer but when I got up I was very low energy.  I did my knee exercises, did a slight bit of packing, practiced the songs, rode my bike for 35 minutes.  None of it felt very good and I took half a valium to make me feel less anxious.  I went over Mary’s to help her pack more and then I came back for a real nap of over an hour then went back to Mary’s to help pack a little more and to socialize with her while she made bread.  I ordered a pizza and salad for us and then we played a game for an hour and I headed to Kroger for some grapes and clementines for tomorrow’s Thanksgiving at Glenda’s, then I chatted with Dave for a while and he seemed to be doing rather well. 
Thursday has started out pretty anxious and I am hoping that I can get out of the terrible funk I am in.  I am really down about my health stuff.  I talked to three people this morning, my sister Judy, Rob, and my sister Roberta, and I broke down talking to all of them.  I just feel lost, anxious, tired, just pretty awful.  Talking with Lou did help me quite a bit since we are both in a pretty deep hole and we are both doing well talking.  I did get my knee exercises in and I did go for a bike ride, for the first time since the asthma attack going up the smallest hill twice.  I then picked up some stuff for Mary and got ready for Thanksgiving dinner at Glenda’s.  Fortunately that turned out pretty well and I socialized okay and felt reasonable when I left around 7:30.  I took a 25 minute walk and talked to Lou again it was comforting to speak with him and he and Cathy and Maddie and Claire had a decent Thanksgiving so that was good.  I texted Gyorgyi and got a nice response and I sang three of the songs before doing a couple sets of weights and yoga.  

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Singing once again

Saturday started pretty good.  I slept pretty well despite coughing quite a bit, and then I did my full knee exercises, along with reading some of Kings.  I packed 4 boxes more so I am only 2 behind on my goal of 12 (3 a day).  I did some catching up on my blog, sang 3 of the songs twice, tried to nap and failed, then started my prayers.  I felt well enough to go for a 30 minute flat bike ride with perhaps a cough or two, then I settled in to watch the Tech game, which Tech won 20-14, with a very exciting goal line stand my Tech to prevent Pitt from winning.  After that I got ready to go to mass and attended the 5 o’clock mass hoping to be able to practice the new songs, but two of the songs were different so I didn’t get the practice I was hoping for.  I saw Joseph and Felistus after mass and I gave Mary Bland back her book.  I had another good conversation with my sister Roberta and admitted what a dummy I was.  Then I had a long and good conversation with Lou.  He thought I should write about my Lupus experience and work with the wolf imagery.  Another thing that struck me was the lack of a future I have.  Later I  emailed Beth but she didn’t respond so I guess I will just wing it.   I went for a 20 minute walk over at Kroger and bought one of the small roasted chicken and enjoyed over half of it in my truck then drove home for a big bowl of vegetables.  Unfortunately I started coughing very heavily so that is very disconcerting.   I watched TV until 12:15, and then tried to go to sleep but I was still coughing heavily, even after I took several puffs, so I decided to use the nebulizer and that did help.  I had to move to the master bedroom to sit upright but fortunately the upstairs tenants were quiet and I did drift off at points.

Sunday I awoke at about 8:15, feeling pretty tired but not coughing too much.  I wasn’t sure if I should try to sing but after trying to nap for a few minutes and failing, I decided to get up and go to the church.  I got there just as the baptism was finishing and we started our practice around 10:30.  I felt pretty good during the practice and Beth didn’t complain so I decided to sing through the mass.  I had to go out at one point to cough and get some water but overall I think I sang pretty well, although Beth didn’t say a word.  I guess if she had problems with my singing she would have said something.  I felt pretty good about singing but not as good as the first two times, but I think that might be because I am not feeling that well overall.  I stopped at Food Lion to pick up some vinegar and take a 20 minute walk and I hope to drive to Walmart later for some supplies and for a longer walk.  I did a wash, watched a little TV, napped a little, and am going to try to work on a poem.  I did write a pretty good draft of a poem about losing my future to lupus, and I think it could easily turn into a series of poems.  I sent Lou a copy and he liked it.  I am planning to go over there for a quick visit on Tuesday.  I drove to Walmart for some supplies and a 45 minute walk.  That felt pretty good.  I haven’t taken any Valium today and I think that is very good, but I am not worried about taking some if I need to.  I guess today went okay.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Three bad days

Thursday started out okay, with knee exercises, some chapters of Kings, then packing three more boxes.  I had no luck trapping the mouse so I called Hethwood but got no response.  I took a decent walk along Stroubles Creek, seeing a number of small fish in the clear water.  It is a pretty little stream and I did some research on it, finding out that it starts in three springs in Blacksburg, goes under the Drillfield, enters the Duck Pond, then exits to become Stroubles for 12 miles before it enters the New near the Ammunition Plant.  I called Gyorgyi and she was available for a late lunch at the bakery and that was fine.  Then I did a walk in Torgersen before returning home for dinner.

Friday was not a particularly fun day.  I had slept pretty well with some coughing but I got up pretty early to get to Rob’s office at 8 so that pushed me.   Val wasn’t ready until almost 9, having to get the blood culture bottles.  She had to stick me in both hands because the test is more effective from two sites but each stick hurt and even taking the needle out hurt.  But I handled it pretty well, with no valium.  I showed Rob my swollen foot and he told me it was probably because my kidney numbers were worse than last time and he told me that Trivedi wanted me to go back to 20 mg of prednisone right away, not good news at all.  He wanted me to get a chest x-ray even though my chest sounded okay to him.  My thyroid level was good so that is not what is causing my incredible chills.  The blood culture stuff should help figure out if I have an infection in my blood. My eyes are also getting worse, probably from the developing cataracts which have been hastened by the prednisone.  I headed off for lunch with Claire and that was a pleasant respite.  The sushi at Greens was good as usual and Claire and I took a decent walk on the Drillfield.  Then I napped pretty easily, then headed for the Imaging Center for my x-ray.  It proved negative so that was good news.  After that I napped again briefly, then called Mary and went over to help her with her packing for her move to Texas at the end of the month.  We worked for an hour and a half and got a lot of books and stuff packed and then we had Chinese food (I treated even though she wanted to pay), then we chatted some and then I left around nine and went over to Tech to walk but Torgersen was closed and it was just a bit cold to walk outside so I went over to the University Kroger and walked there for 30 minutes.  After that I came home and was too tired to do any exercising.

Saturday started pretty good.  I slept pretty well despite coughing quite a bit, and then I did my full knee exercises, along with reading some of Kings.  I packed 4 boxes more so I am only 2 behind on my goal of 12 (3 a day).  I did some catching up on my blog, sang 3 of the songs twice, tried to nap and failed, then started my prayers.  I felt well enough to go for a 30 minute flat bike ride with perhaps a cough or two, then I settled in to watch the Tech game, which Tech won 20-14, with a very exciting goal line stand my Tech to prevent Pitt from winning.  After that I got ready to go to mass and attended the 5 o’clock mass hoping to be able to practice the new songs, but two of the songs were different so I didn’t get the practice I was hoping for.  I saw Joseph and Felistus after mass and I gave Mary Bland back her book.  I had another good conversation with my sister Roberta and admitted what a dummy I was.  Then I had a long and good conversation with Lou.  He thought I should write about my Lupus experience and work with the wolf imagery.  Another thing that struck me was the lack of a future I have.  Later I  emailed Beth but she didn’t respond so I guess I will just wing it.   I went for a 20 minute walk over at Kroger and bought one of the small roasted chicken and enjoyed over half of it in my truck then drove home for a big bowl of vegetables.  Unfortunately I started coughing very heavily so that is very disconcerting.   

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

A Difficult New York Visit

Tuesday is turning out to be a hard day. I started with my knee exercise, then straightened up some, then headed in for the lunch at Radford for our first candidate.  I was feeling okay and I wasn’t coughing, so after the lunch I decided to ride my bike from the dog run to wildwood park and I think that was a bad idea.  I started coughing when I got done and on my way to visit Verizon to see why my alarm wasn’t working, I called Rob’s office and he called me in an antibiotic just in case my coughing portends something serious.  I am to see him tomorrow at 1:30.  I got to my office around 5 but was very anxious and I took half a valium and napped briefly although I got very cold and had to hide under the covers.  I did force myself up, printed out this weeks songs, found out the time for the dinner, then started doing my blog.  I am not very happy.  The new York trip was not very good but I did get to spend a lot of time with Julian and some with Gabes.  Francesca was in Italy so I didn’t get to see her, but I did chat some with Arlene and that was good.  The train ride was boring, uncomfortable and it had a lot of people coughing so I think that is where I picked up whatever I have.  I spent about an hour walking around Times Square and Bryant Park and Grand Central Station but I had to stay near a bathroom because of an unpredictable constipation.  I did get to ride Gabe’s Peloton bike and that was pretty impressive.  I did a couple of trails in Costa Rica and along the San Francisco coast.

Wednesday was an okay day.  I slept pretty well despite coughing some and then I got up and did my knee exercises.  After that I packed three boxes of books and did some straightening out around the apartment.  The big surprise was that I saw a mouse exiting my garbage and that has to be taken care of.  I drove into town around 12:00, dropped off Mary’s stuff, picked up my jacket at Rose Tailor, then drove to Rob’s office.  He said my chills may be because of my thyroid, that the sensitive breasts might be because of a testosterone problem, that that my chest sounded fine but he was glad I was on antibiotics.  I talked with Gloria and we had a nice chat, mainly about how life sucks as you get old.  It really does.  I certainly lack joy in my life, and though I will continue praying, going to church and going to the Holy Spirit group, my hopes that some kind of joy or at least comfort might come from my struggle for belief, nothing has really happened.  I also talked to Cathy and both Maddie and Claire are sick and she is exhausted from all the things she has to take care of.  I do hope that she and Lou can work it out so she can quit her job.  I did print out the music for next Sunday and I did listen to several of the songs and I sang very softly to them.  I put out two mouse traps and I hope they will work tonight.  I wish I could be more positive and enthusiastic but it is so hard right now.  I do hope Dr. Trivedi can do something about the prednisone when I see her on Tuesday.   

Thursday, November 9, 2017

An Awful Morning

Thursday started out an awful day, with my anxiety level way up there.  I hardly could stand it and I had to take half a valium just to calm down.  I called Dr. Trivedi’s office and Kendra said she would call me back to discuss me coming in next week instead of the week after (she never called).  If she did call I was ready to go get my bloodwork done so as to be ready for an earlier appointment.  I did my knee exercises, did some straightening around the apartment for tomorrow’s inspection, tried to nap, failed, then drove over to Tech to return The Magic Flute and then I walked around downtown a little. Then I went back to the apartment, got more things together for my trip to New York tomorrow, tried to nap again and failed again, then did my 45 minute bike ride and I was finally able to drift off at least for a few minutes.  I got up and packed my truck, bringing my computer with me though I was unsure if I really wanted to carry it in my backpack (I am pretty sure I won’t).  The drive up I-81 was pretty impressive and the leaf change seemed almost to peak.  I decided to stop at Barnes and Noble to see about purchasing A Man Called Ove but it was pretty large so I am just going to bring Tender Is the Night, the Fitzgerald novel I haven’t read in years and is pretty small.  I had some mussels at Carrabba’s with some of their delicious bread and then drove to the Holiday Inn Express where I finally got a reasonable nap.  After that I watched some TV and then I went down to my truck, drove around the back and sang three of the songs for church, two times each.  I hope to go down and sing some more later.   Kim’s surgery seems to have gone well and there is a chance she will be able to go home tomorrow, which would be great.  My right breast is still sensitive but I will just have wait until I get back to see what to do.  

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

A New Will

Wednesday turned out to be a pretty good day.  I decided that I was really being negative and I decided to try to make the day a good one even with the prednisone—and I pretty much succeeded.  I got up and did my knee exercises, did a wash, cleaned the bathroom a little for the inspection on Friday, did some singing on the new song, “Christ, Be Our Light” and then played the melody on the piano and sang to that.  I am getting the higher E better so progress is being made.  I then headed to see Bettye Ackerman and I got my new will and my power of attorney.  Bettye told me about a guy coming to find Tracy a few months ago who eventually killed someone in an optometrist’s office.  That must have been pretty scary for her.  After meeting with Bettye, I headed over to my office and got a good bit of stuff done, sorting things for my files, finding out my Long Term Care benefit, talking with Robert Williams some, chatting with Holly, getting a copy of the Power of Attorney and the Will for Rob.  Then I went bike riding along the river and up into Wildwood park for a decent 45 minute ride in the cold light mist.  Back to my office for some more work, then driving home to take a quick nap and then off to Tech to walk for 40 minutes in Torgersen Hall.  After that it was time for cooking dinner, a veggie burger and a big bowl of mixed vegetables, then singing “Christ, Be Our Light” and “All of Me” and “Green Dolphin Street.”  I guess since I can’t play the flute anymore, singing will have to be my musical way.  I am enjoying it very much.   

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Negative Tests

Tuesday was a pretty stressful day.  I awoke anxious at about eight and then I headed over to the Imaging Center for my mammogram and for the ultrasound.  Rhonda, the woman who did the mammogram was very friendly and told me not to worry, that it wouldn’t be so painful.  She was right and the ultrasound was also pretty easy.  After the procedures I treated myself to the lunch buffet at Indian Gardens and then headed home for a nap.  I didn’t really sleep but after I got up I went for a 30 minute bike ride in the very dismal mist, stopping just as the rain began.  After that I did take a nap and practiced a couple of last week’s songs, then watched some TV, then did some scales (I was able to hit the higher E, so that seems progress), then I drove over to Tech (and it was hard to see since the sky was so dark) to take a 40 minute walk in the library and Torgersen before heading back home for dinner.  I watched most of The Magic Flute and should have it finished tonight.   I got a nice text from Cathy and I responded back to her, telling her that Lou seems to really care for her now and he spoke about her in a way I had never heard before, which is good.  I talked to Rob and he called Trevidi and she is not going to cut down my prednisone despite my anxiety.  Perhaps something will be done when I meet with her in two weeks.  My breasts still hurt but I am not too worried right now.

Monday, November 6, 2017

Another Kayak Trip and Growing Health Concerns

Sunday was a good day, though my fears about what’s wrong with my right and left breasts made me pretty anxious.  I get the mammogram and the sonogram on Tuesday and I am getting pretty scared.  I didn’t sleep very well, with my health issue worries and my concerns about singing plus my worry about the kayak trip since it was so gloomy out in the morning.  I packed up the truck with my kayak stuff, then headed over to St. Mary’s to get to rehearsal at 10:15.  I was very flustered at first but Beth was very helpful and the rehearsal went pretty well.  When it was over, I checked my email and my kayak friend had cancelled, which seemed a mixed blessing.  Now I didn’t have to worry about getting to the 114 bridge at 1 o’clock but not seeming my kayak friend was very disappointing.  Mass went okay and Beth said I did fine so I will continue with the singing and maybe take lessons but I will probably wait till after the doctors can figure out what is wrong with me.  As mass was going on I noticed that it was brightening outside and when I left after the exit hymn I thought to call my kayak friend to see if she wanted to reconsider but the woman parked next to me couldn’t get her car started and asked me if I could help and I did, pulling out my jumper cables and, with the help of another fellow, getting her car started.  I texted my kayak friend and then called her and she was having the same thoughts I had and we agreed to meet at the bridge at 1:30.  Our trip went very well, and though we had to pull our boats around the island because the water was much too low, we ended up doing the whole trip in about 2 hours, which was a surprise to us both, and it allowed her to get back in time to walk her dog.  Very good trip.  I then took a brief nap in my truck and then headed over to see Lou and Cathy.  I was a nice visit.  I gave Cathy her gift cards and they gave me a small CD/radio and that will be a useful thing to have.  I left there around 9 and since I really wanted a distraction, I headed to the Blacksburg Cinebowl to see the new Thor movie and it was very different than the earlier ones.  It was much more comedic and I enjoyed it quite a bit.  Then I stopped at Kroger for some cheese and Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, but the flavor, American Dream, was not to my liking so I only ate a little and I am going to throw the rest out.  I finally got to sleep around 1:30.

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Dougie and Margee's Wedding

Saturday turned out to be an okay day despite being rather gloomy outside, very overcast with occasional rain.  I awoke a little anxious but I did my knee exercises and read more of Samuel 2.  David is a pretty rotten character at points.  I then decided to take my bike ride over at the Perry Street garage and I rode for 45 minutes going up the three ramps a total of 12 times.  That calmed me some and after getting home I took a quick but rewarding nap and then I headed over to the John Farm for Dougie and Mergee’s wedding.  I was a brief but nice ceremony with the couple mixing small bottles of sand together.  I saw a lot of the people from the campground and I talked with Tim, Danny’s son, and talked with Danny and Judy some.  The food was pretty good and I ate too much but enjoyed it.  I stayed for over 2 and ½ hours and almost didn’t get back to Blackburg in time to beat the darkness.  I emailed Kate but haven’t heard from her so I am not sure how tomorrow will go.  I wouldn’t mind not kayaking since I am going to sing tomorrow and I still don’t have the songs fully down even though I have practiced them twice each day.  I think my voice is getting a little stronger and with a little more range but they seem much harder than last week’s songs.  I also had a nice chat with Gyorgyi (she is doing well) and I tried to call Nora and Dave, to no avail.  I am watching the VT / Miami game and at this point Miami is ahead 14 nothing.  Tech is usually a good second half club.

Friday, November 3, 2017

A Mixed Day

Friday was a mixed day.  I did my knee exercises while reading more of Samuel 2.  Then I got ready to go for my appointment with Rob about my right breast and my concerns with how often I have to urinate now.  He thought the urinary problem might be an infection but he wasn’t sure about the breast pain.  When he probed it it was very painful.  He didn’t think it was cancer (especially since my left breast was also very sensitive) but he wanted me to get a sonogram and a mammogram.  Those are scheduled for Tuesday.  I am nervous about the procedures and of course the outcome but figuring it out now is the best approach.  Dr. Trivedi said not to drop to 10 mg on the prednisone so I went back to 12 and ½ this afternoon.  One of my ears had a lot of wax in it and Kelly got it out along with washing out the other ear.  After a visit to Walmart to pick up supplies I returned home then rode my bike for 45 minutes and that felt good.  A nap followed nap and then some cleaning up around the apartment.  I put coasters under the three largest pieces of furniture and that should help.  I did three loads of wash today and when the third load finishes, I am going to go for a walk over at Tech, inside if the rain continues, outside if it had cleared up.  Then I will return home for dinner and my weights and yoga.  I also practiced all my songs for Sunday and I am still nervous about getting them right.

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Good Day at Jeff's

Thursday started okay.  I did my knee exercises, then I got ready to go see Jeff Saperstein.  We had coffee and the almond croissants I picked up at Our Daily Bread, then we indulged a bit before listening to a Boccherini String Quintet, some of the arias from La Traviata, one of Paganini’s violin concertos plus some other pieces.  Jeff had a wonderful memory for the music and I enjoyed all the selections.  Lisa came back from teaching high school and I chatted with her and Jeff before heading off to ride my bike on the River Trail before heading off to Hethwood.  Claire Gallo had texted me a late birthday greeting and I sent her a very friendly and supportive thank you and response.  I took a brief nap when I got back and then practiced my songs for over a half hour.  I am definitely nervous but I will do the best I can.  I will get to my weights and yoga after I finish this blog.  

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Pretty Good Day

Wednesday was a pretty good day.  I did my knee exercises while reading Samuel 2, then taped all the new songs together, then sang each of them twice.  My voice is okay but I wonder if I should get some coaching.  I think my range is getting slightly better but I’m not sure.  Several of the songs are 5 pages long and that is a bit unnerving but I’m hoping the practice will help.  I then drove over for my appointment with Bettye Akerman and she was a delight to meet and to chat with.  I was very impressed with her.  Then I went over to get Cathy Gallo’s gifts and back home for my bike ride (only three laps since my neck started to hurt) and at the end my sister Roberta called and we had a very good chat for almost an hour and a half (it was too late to go to the 7 o’clock mass but it was very good to reconnect with her).  It was very easy and comfortable to talk with her and I hope we can stay in touch.  I got Kelly’s card today and I emailed my thanks and offered to come up on a Friday in the future so I can get back in time for singing practice on Sunday morning.  My kayak buddy also texted me about kayaking on Sunday and I should be able to meet her by 1 on Sunday.  I still have to call Nora and it will be nice to catch up with her and Gloria called and we had a very nice chat.  I am watching the World Series and the Astros are leading 5-0 and that is fine with me.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Bad day, Good day

Monday was a fairly difficult day.  I awoke fairly anxious, did my knee exercises, then did a slightly shorter bike ride.  I practiced some singing and then went to play golf but I was awful.  It was windy so I was wearing my flannel liner and my goretex jacket but I am not sure that really affected things.  I drove over to Heather Hodges’ office and signed my lease so that is done.  Later I did attend the Holy Spirit group and with Betty Anne there, the singing was better but it was very cold and I was really uncomfortable.  Next time I will wear my heavy coat. When I got home I was thoroughly chilled and I didn’t do my weights and yoga but I did watch A Man for all Seasons and enjoyed it very much.  Thomas More was an extraordinary individual. 

Tuesday, Halloween, is my birthday and I am 66.  I think I have come to terms with my finances and after I pay off my truck loan and my AXA loan, both in February of 2020, I should have a reasonable amount of extra cash coming in, and then when I finish paying Tracy off in December 2022, I will have even more financial flexibility.  I probably means I should keep working until June 2020, but that is only five more semesters and I will be 69.  Moira Bake is 70 and still working and Lou is 72 so 69 shouldn’t be a problem if my health continues doing well.  It is that next two years and a half that will be tighter than I would like but if I am careful with my money, then I should get by.  Kelly called me and wished me a happy birthday and we chatted some and that was nice.  Gabes also called and I should see him the weekend of November 11th and 12th  when I will be taking Amtrak from Roanoke to New York.  I also got a call from Lou wishing me a happy birthday.  He and Cathy are going to take me out Saturday for dinner at the Mexican place next to Sal’s.  Maddie sent me a birthday greeting also.  She is feeling a little better.  I texted Claire Gallo about how her job is going and how her cough is and she texted back that she talked to her boss and that her cough is better.  I did my knee exercises, practiced some singing, and then went for a good bike ride.  I tried to nap a little but could only rest my eyes.   I went over to Radford to meet Kate at Macados and we had salads and a nice chat then Rob called and I went for a full walk on the Tom’s Creek trail with him and caught up on his doings.  Then it was home for a quick nap and some more printing out songs and singing practice.  I will watch the World Series and do my weights and yoga.

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Good Day

Sunday ended up being a very good day.  I slept till almost 7, got up and did my knee exercises, read some more of Samuel I, and then got ready to go to St. Mary’s to see if I could join the choir practice.  Beth was fine with that and after practice went well, she told me to stay and sing during the mass.  I was a little nervous, but I think I did okay and Beth thought I did well.  I almost started crying during one of the songs and during the last song, where we started clapping while singing, I really felt good.  There were 6 singers and 4 musicians so my singing was actually an important part.  After that I went home and rode my bike for 45 minutes, up the big hill on Plantation once, then twice up the smaller hill on Plantation, then four times up the small rise off Plantation.  After that I took a nap (it was pretty easy to fall asleep since I felt much calmer than yesterday and I was pretty tired.  After my nap I did some bill paying and sang some of the holy songs and I felt my voice was getting stronger at points.  I then headed to Walmart to pick up supplies.  I had left messages for Lou and Gyorgyi but they didn’t return my calls yet.  I returned home, put the frozen stuff away and then drove to VT and walked for 40 minutes and took out a DVD of A Man for all Seasons.  Then it was time to drive home and make dinner and start watching the World Series and the Sunday night football game.  I may practice some of the jazz songs and I will do my weights and yoga later.   

Saturday, October 28, 2017

A pretty awful day

Saturday has started out poorly.  I woke somewhat anxious and that increased as the day progressed.  I also got the chill and had to hide under the covers for a while.  I did finally get out around 10:30 and do a good bike ride and that made me feel a little better. 
     I have been working on my leaving the hollow piece and that may not be the best thing to be writing about right now. 
     Mary Gorton says I worry about money too much and perhaps that is right.  I saw a program this morning which talked about having 600K in retirement savings by age 67.  I will have about 480.  If I keep working till 69, I will have about 600K.  And if I increase my long term care insurance some I will have enough to pay for the average cost of a nursing home (about 90K a year, and right now I would have income and insurance of about 87K) but should that be my real concern.  I dread the thought of being in a nursing home.  I still can’t get over the loss of the 55K on the hollow sale.  That certainly has made a difference in my thinking but I can’t do anything about it so I just have to let it go.  .  And now much of the money I gave to people seems to have been very questionable.
      My problems with religion are also troubling me deeply.  I wrote to Mike Ellerbrock today about my concerns and perhaps he will have some advice on what to do.  I quit Holy Spirit because of Joseph’s reaction to my email and because the group is not going well (at least in my view) and I don’t feel like going to mass today because of the priest that is filling in for Father John.  He is a bully and that is not the kind of priest I want to deal with.  I read the prologue to Matthew Fox’s Cosmic Christ and that seemed to make a lot of sense.  I understand that the Earth is suffering and that the Catholic faith doesn’t have the mystical connection to it.  But I am not now a mystic nor have I ever been.  I remember Judith Gleason telling me that my vision would come when I really needed it.  But if it didn’t come while I was so sick in the hollow I doubt if it will ever come.  I like the belief of the some Episcopalians, that the Bible is “inspired” by God but not “dictated” by Him, thus you needn’t take all of it literally.  I have been reading the Bible steadily and I am up to Samuel I and I am struck by the violence of it (all the killing of the men, women, children and animals), the pettiness of many of the rules (does God really care about the dimensions of the Ark of the Covenant or what color cloth should be used).
      I called  Lou today and found out that Maddie is sick with perhaps bronchitis and Eric is bringing her home (along with Claire) to go to the emergency room.  I offered to drive them back but if she has acute bronchitis then I might get it and end up in the hospital.  That could be very serious and I wonder if I just want things to end, to not have all this anxiety, almost as bad as I had in the hollow but I am not taking any valium.  Dave says I should take a little just to get through this tough period.  Perhaps he is right.  I don’t think I am suicidal but I am very anxious.
      I guess the move is also bothering me a little since that is coming up pretty soon.
     I did end up taking a half a valium before mass and that calmed me some.  I am not sure why I am so anxious so suddenly.  I know I feel bad about my argument with Claire but I apologized to her so I am not sure what else to do.  I did email Joseph with an apology and he emailed back a very comforting email and I will attend on Monday night. 
      I exchanged some friendly emails with Mary and that calmed me a little.
      My right breast still hurts but I did my weights and yoga anyway. 

      Rough day, to be sure.

Friday, October 27, 2017

Bad day, good day

Thursday started out as a pretty bad day, but ended up okay.  I woke up and was pretty worried about my finances.  Then I called my sister Judy while I was doing my knee exercises and she tried very hard to be helpful but I was in a very down mood.  I was feeling very trapped and even more so with moving to Prices Fork (the idea that they are planning to build more apartments behind me upset me even further).  Finally I got going and rode my bike for 45 minutes, then went to Auburn Hills to play golf.  I was horrid and didn’t even finish up the nine holes.  Things started to change when I called Heather Hodges and she told me they wouldn’t be building for at least 2 years.  That was good news.  Then I spoke with Dave and he cheered me up and said that perhaps I should look into increasing my long term care coverage. I also spoke to my niece Jenny and she was as lively as ever.  I drove to RU and dropped off Kate’s gift, visited Holly, said hello to Rosemary, then had a nice chat with Moira Baker.  It was almost 8 when we finished so I went to the reading in Rick’s class and the woman who read was very good, and she read from a piece on the Guadalupe Mountains National Park, where I had been in December.  After that I drove home in a good mood.

Friday was a much more relaxed day.  I did my knee exercises, then took a good bike ride.  I tried to nap but just rested my eyes, then I got an email from my kayak friend showing me the bouquet of Oriental lilies and red roses I sent.  I then drove to the Cascades and walked up about a mile and back.  It was very pretty and I felt very good that I could go so far.  I then drove out to Walker Creek and first stopped at the bridge in White Gate to fish (no hits) then drove to Mechanicsville and got two nice bluegills on a spinner.  After that I drove back to Bburg, stopped at Kroger for some shredded cheese, and headed home for a quick nap and getting ready to watch game three of the world series. 

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

A return to Macados and to the Cinebowl

Tuesday was a pretty busy day.  I did my knee exercises, reading Augustine and the Book of Samuel, then I took the wet kayak out of the back of my truck and started drying it.  I did my 45 minute bike ride while it was drying and did some straightening out of the truck.  When the drying was done I folded up the kayak and put it back in the guest bedroom closet.  I then headed off to meet Heather Hodges at the Prices Fork apartments and after seeing the apartments, I decided to rent one of them with a washer/dryer outlet, around 750 square feet with the rent 850 a month, with electricity costs for heating and cooling and other uses about 125 a month.  Then it was off to play golf and I did okay shooting roughly a 51 for nine holes.  Following that I dropped off my application for the apartment and then drove to Blacksburg for a short walk with Rob on the Tom’s Creek trail.  I decided to treat myself to dinner and headed to Macados and saw Jake for the first time in months and saw pictures of his beautiful 20-month-old son.  I ate my Margie’s Cashew Chicken Salad and then decided to really treat myself and go to a movie for the first time in months, my choice being the new Blade Runner movie.  It was not a great movie—and it ran 2 hours and 44 minutes—but I enjoyed it a lot.  Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford are two of my favorite actors so that was a treat.   Finally, after an ice cream sandwich, I headed home and got to bed a little after 1.

Wednesday turned out to be a cold and blustery day (luckily I had dried out the kayak yesterday).  I did my knee exercises, read more Augustine and Samuel, the showered and headed over to have an early lunch with Claire Hall.  It was nice to see her and after lunch we took a short walk on the Tech campus.  After that I returned home, having mailed Dave a copy of my book, and took a short nap, really enjoying my warm covers.  A bit slow to wake up, I finally got going and went outside, dressed in my heavy winter coat and gloves, and rode my bike for 45 minutes.  When I got back I took another short nap and then did the rest of my piano playing, read some of Lou’s poems, gift wrapped the present for my kayak friend, did the dishes and did a wash, then made dinner and started watching the World Series.  I read the packet from Warm Hearth and it seems that any of their options are out of my class financially.  That depressed me, and I realized that I will have to be careful with my money the rest of my life.  I hope I like the apartment at Prices Fork.  I can certainly afford it but I still can’t spend much extra each month.  Then I think of people like Mary and I wonder how she really gets by.  Oh well, there is not much I can do about my financial situation except keep working for 5 more semesters and hope that I don’t end up in some awful nursing home.   

Monday, October 23, 2017

Rainy Day

Monday was a dreary weather day, even though the rain was well needed.   I did my knee exercises, read more of Samuel and Augustine, dried out my kayak stuff and did some writing, along with 30 minutes of piano playing.  I had dinner with Kim at the River City Grill and the crabcakes were pretty good.  It was nice to chat with Kim and I am glad I could be there to support her during her heath problem.  I also responded to Jeff Saperstein and I will try to get together with him soon.  I went bike riding in the Perry Street garage and that felt good even though I didn’t go up and down the ramps because they were wet.  I sent my kayak friend an email that I hope was funny but it got too long so I ended it pretty quickly.  My right breast is still sore and if it doesn’t clear up soon I will have Rob look at it.  I also had a nice chat with Dave.  

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Another excellent kayak trip

Sunday turned out to be a wonderful day.  I did my knee exercises, reading more of Samuel and Augustine, and then I played some piano before heading off to go kayaking with my kayak friend.  The river was fairly low so we couldn’t go around the island but we both had fun, chatting and joking and enjoying the warm sun and the change in the seasons.  My friend got a little cold toward the end but I think if she dresses better next time (with her spray jacket and pants and her wet socks, along with a toboggan I am going to get her for her birthday) she will be fine.  We are hoping to get out one more time before it gets too cold.  When I got home I napped, then went over to VT and rode my bike all over campus, up to Deets and back.  I rode for 45 minutes and it felt good to ride on campus again.  Back home I made dinner and watched the end of The Night of the Hunter.  Not a great movie but good enough for a Sunday evening.  I have one set of weights and yoga to finish and then it will be time for bed.

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Taking Mary to the Airport and lunch at Smokey Bones

Saturday was an okay day.  I got up around 8, did my knee exercises, showered, then wrote some before heading over to pick up Mary so I could drive her over to the Roanoke Airport.  She needed to deposit a check and she had problems with that but finally we got going.  Then as we were approaching the Peppers Ferry exit she discovered she didn’t have her cell phone so we had to drive back to her car.  After finding the phone we started off again, only about a half hour late and got to Smokey Bones in plenty of time for lunch (which she treated me to) and to get her to the airport by a little after 1 for a 2:30 flight.  I drove home and took a nap, then watched VT demolish North Carolina.  I decided not to go to mass, mainly because I really don’t like the priest who is filling in for Father John.  He is a real bully.  I would like to give him a piece of my mind but I doubt it would do any good.  I tried to nap again but didn’t feel well and thought I was getting sick but I did go on a good 45 minute bike ride (3 times up the bigger hill) and when I got back I did really nap and woke up feeling much better.  I made dinner (spaghetti and clam sauce and a bowl of veggies) and then watched some of the Michigan / Penn State game before playing piano for 30 minutes.  Then back to football and baseball until I took another break to do my blog.  The only thing I have left is my weights and yoga.  I took my golf clubs out and put the kayak in, but two of my patches on my right arm broke and there was blood all over.   

Friday, October 20, 2017

Good Biking and Fishing

Friday turned out to be a good day.  I had a very good night’s sleep, not getting up until after 8, then did all my knee exercises while reading Augustine and the Book of Samuel.  I then did a solid bit of writing on the hollow piece and that felt very good.  I talked to the woman who is handling the place out on Prices Fork where Mary is going to rent and I am going to meet her on Tuesday to see if one of the apartments will work.  They are rather small (750 square feet) but the price (850) is attractive.  I rode my bike for about 45 minutes adding rides back up the hill three times.  I then drove out to White Gate, where I got a couple of hits and decided to go to Trail’s End, where I got two nice bluegills.  I drove back and got to Lowe’s just before dark, and there I got a piece of furring strip.  I drove home and cleaned the windshield for my trip tomorrow to Roanoke and also drilled out the hole for the hook in the furring strip.  Then it was time to cook dinner (a big dish of veggies and a veggie burger sandwich), then time to watch some of the Yankee game.  Cathy emailed me and thanked me for helping Claire and Maddie.  I responded that it was no problem but that Claire’s comment about me imposing on her to help navigate hurt a little.  I hope to do some piano playing later and my weights and yoga.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

An Argument with Claire

Wednesday I did my weights and yoga in the morning after my knee exercises.  Then I headed off to Wake Forest, where I rode my bike for 40 minutes.  The campus is not bike friendly but I got to see more of the campus, including Wingate Hall and The Waite Chapel.  I met Maddie at 4:40 and she was upset because she had lost her keys.  We called the bus company but no one returned our calls so we were hoping that we might hear tomorrow.  When Claire arrived, we drove over to MacAllister’s Deli, a place I have never been and Claire and I had a big argument.  She started yelling at me not to turn just as a car started pulling out in front of me.  I yelled at her because she was supposed to be paying attention to traffic.  She said I was imposing on her by asking her to be navigator and that upset me a lot.  Does she think I am her servant or an Uber driver.  When we got to MacAllister’s we chatted for a while and I explained that my only focus was safety and that I needed help with getting there since it was a completely new place.  She calmed down a bit, paid for her own food, and despite saying she was going to sit by herself, she sat with Maddie and I although she didn’t speak much during dinner.  When we got back to the apartment, I offered to stay outside for awhile or get a room, but Maddie wanted me to stay so I did.  Maddie came out from her room later and we had a nice chat and then Claire came out and joined in for a few minutes.  I watched Mad Max Fury Road and a few other programs until I went to bed around 11:30.  I didn’t sleep well even though I had closed the vent and the air wasn’t blowing much on me but it was still pretty cold and I ended up putting on an extra set of long johns and my sweater over my liner.

Thursday we got going around 9:30 and the drive up was fine.  Claire seemed in a good mood and we passed the giant pumpkin fields just before getting on 81.  I got Claire and Maddie home safely and chatted with Lou for 15 minutes before heading off to meet Doug.  The house was okay but there were steps up from the garage and the price 249K was just too high.  We then drove over to the Lovely Mount townhouses but they weren’t in very good shape so I decided to pass on them.  I took a nap then played golf, playing the last three holes, 4/3, 5/5, and 5/4 to finish 4 over (roughly a 49).  Then I drove home, tried to nap and couldn’t, then rode my bike for 40 minutes around Hethwood.  I straightened up the truck, did my knee exercises, read Ruth in the Bible, some Augustine and then cooked dinner.  I hope to do my yoga and weights later.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Almost making an offer on a house

Tuesday was an interesting day.  I did my knee exercises and read some of Augustine and the Bible.  I wrote to Joseph about how I felt his email to me was autocratic and made me uncomfortable and that I was not going to return to Holy Spirit.  He did send an email apology but I think I will stay away from Holy Spirit until things change: we need a good singing lead like Candido was, we need a regular instrumentalist, and we need the energy of someone like Glenda.  I went to play golf with Craig Waggaman and surprisingly, I won handily, not losing any holes and winning 5 outright.  Craig just kept missing putts and I played okay, shooting a 50 and he shot only a 47.  I tried to adjust the rules but he wasn’t having it.  It was good to see him and I hope we can play again.  I then went to meet Doug for a look at the house on Cub Circle and I liked it very much and told him to make a bid for 230K which would put me at my limit financially but still allow me to keep paying Tracy the full 500 a month.  However, Doug called me later and said that he had noticed that the 2 acre lot behind the house was for sale and zoned B-1 which he wasn’t sure what that meant so we postponed putting in a bid.  I then had dinner with Claire Hall at Greens and we went for a nice walk on the Drill field.  After our walk I went over to the Perry Street lot and rode my bike for 40 minutes and then went home to warch the exciting Yankee game (they won 6-4).  I did do two sets of weights and yoga.

Monday, October 16, 2017

A Visit to Winston Salem

Saturday was a very decent day.  I looked at some houses with Doug Trexler, and then I went out to play golf with Mary Gorton.  She didn’t play very well (she simply needs to practice some and play more) but we had a good time and I took her out to eat at Panera, and that was fun.  I did my bike ride at Perry Street and then I was too tired to do my weights and yoga so I simply watched the TV I had recorded, including the end of the Michigan Indiana game, the Georgia Tech Miami game and the Yankees Astros game, all three of them very good games.

Sunday started well, with knee exercises, weights and yoga and a 40 minute bike ride.  I then went to 11:30  mass and came home, tried to nap and failed, did some work on the truck and did some straightening up around the house.  I then headed off to Radford to pick up Maddie and Claire and when I got there I stayed for 20 minutes to chat with Lou and Cathy.  Cathy looked like she was worn out and in a lot of pain.  Then the three of us headed to Winston Salem.   We stopped at Zoe’s Kitchen for dinner then we headed to their apartment.  Unfortunately, Claire was coughing a lot and at midnight I called Cathy and she talked to Claire and told her to try to wait until the morning to go to the urgent care place, which she did.  I cancelled the listings that Peg Warren was sending me and I also told Doug Trexler that I only wanted to look at places with a HOA and around 220 or less.  

Friday, October 13, 2017

Decent numbers and the House Search

Friday started out somewhat poorly but ended up being an okay day.  I didn’t sleep well, having a nightmare related to the Holy Spirit group and Joseph.  I finally got up around 10, and then did some of my knee exercises, then did some figuring out on what I can afford for a house.  I went to meet Doug Trexler and he showed me one of the Villas at Peppers Ferry but it was too expensive and not very enticing.  Then we went over to Spencer Springs and he showed me a house with a second story that was 239K.  I liked it and the neighborhood looked fine but I don’t need a second story and 239K would really push me.  He is going to show me something tomorrow that is one story.  I also looked at 5 houses in Cburg and Bburg, but none of them fit the bill.  I am finally getting to look at the stuff Peg Warren sent me.  Then it was home for laundry and dish washing and my blog.  I am going to see Cathy on Sunday at least for a few minutes so that will be nice.  I will do my yoga and weights later and I hope to send out my proposal for CEA later tonight.   I did get a good bike ride in of 40 minutes.  I got my bloodtest results today and my blood numbers were slightly better.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Safe Drive Back with Claire and Maddie

Wednesday was a good day.  I drove down to Wake Forest, leading around 9:30 in the morning and getting there around 11:30.  I rode my hike for forty minutes seeing a little of the campus (I didn’t want to go down a hill to the main part), including Waite Chapel, Farrell Hall, the Heath and Fitness Building and Alumni Hall.  I met Maddie at 1:40 and took her out to lunch at the Silo Bistro and we had a fine lunch, with the baked brie as an appetizer a fine treat.  My shrimp salad was very good.  Then we went back to the apartment and Maddie studied until Claire got home around 5:15, then we drove to a Brixx Pizza place which was decent.  After that we headed home and Claire and Maddie stayed in their bedroom and I watched TV until 11:30.  I did do my yoga.

Thursday was another good day, with Maddie and Claire getting up around 8:00.  I was able to do my yoga before they got up.  We left around 9:00 and we passed a huge pumpkin patch near the New River, literally thousands of pumpkins.  I dropped them off around 11:00 and it was good to see the reunion between Lou and Maddie and Claire.  I stayed and chatted for a few minutes, then drove to Rob’s for a flu shot and my blood test, then I headed off to play nine holes of golf.  I started awfully, an 8 and a 7  on the opening par 5 on the back nine but I played okay after that, ending up 2 over so a 51 for each nine.  I did play from further up since I wasn’t playing that well.  Then I headed back for a nap and then a bike ride over at VT in the Perry Street garage.  Then it was home for pasta and veggies then another nap and watching the Cubs/Nationals game.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Still Looking for a Place

Tuesday had its moments as I ended up looking at a house for rent on Glade Road.  It was very private, near Heritage Park and across from some VT fields.  But ultimately it had too many negatives: no thermostat in the basement, large yard that had to be cut, snow removal not included, no washer dryer and if I put one in it would be in the basement.  I looked this evening at over 1300 listings on Craigslist covering the NRV and there were many duplicates.  After I go pick up Claire and Maddie in Winston Salem I will look at a handful of listings that looked promising.  I also found out from the IRS that I am only going to lose my October check instead of both September and October, so that is an extra 2000.  I did my knee exercises and rode my bike for 40 minutes and I will do my weights and yoga later tonight.  

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Back Home and looking for a new place

Saturday was kind of a down day.  I did my knee exercises, then rode my bike for forty minutes, then did some straightening out around the apartment.  I looked at some houses on Craigs List but I couldn’t look past page one so I switched to Zillow and found a number of houses for rent and did look at several (only the 1350 place had any appeal) before heading out to play golf, the first time since I hurt my back.  I played reasonably well, shooting 2 over, and my back felt okay.  I had invited Mary Gorton to join me but she helped out at the church work day and was too tired to play.  I stopped for some supplies and then got home in time for the VT game (which they won fairly easily) and did my weights and yoga.  I put on quite a few pounds on my trip and I hope to work off some of the weight soon.  I felt kind of depressed all day, and I am not sure why.  Also tomorrow will be rainy and that means my kayak friend and I won’t be going kayaking tomorrow.  

Friday, October 6, 2017

The Rest of the Trip

Tuesday  went very well.  I drove to Arches and spent a couple of hours in the park, taking a few pictures, two of which I sent Kate, and one short hike.  The park was a lot more crowded than I expected and I didn’t park at the Windows or at Devil’s Garden.  My favorite walk, at Park Avenue, was closed but it was still a very good visit.  I took a nap after I left the park, and then I drove on to Glenwood Springs, where I stopped just before it got dark to fish the Colorado at a ramp and I got several hits.  I got to the Quality Inn just before dark and I couldn’t nap so I watched the Yankee game and ordered salad and a small pizza from Dominos.  I didn’t feel like driving into town and that worked out fine.  I talked to Dave and he was really out of it and I think I have to talk to Danny about his drinking.  He certainly puts the vodka away, and he smokes weed constantly.  I did my knee exercises and my yoga just before I went to bed.

Wednesday was my final day of driving and it went very well.  I only had about 150 miles to go and I stopped several times to fish some very tempting if accessible spots.  I didn’t get any hits but I did see a small trout run after my spinner in one long pool.  Catching fish would be an added plus but just being out fishing on a Colorado stream is reward enough.  I wasn’t sure I could make this trip and it turned out very well.  I got into town around 2, checked in the car, then got a free ride from Lyft over to Union Station where I checked my bags and then rented a bike and drove over to the Platte for about 40 minutes.  I stopped for coffee and a coffee cake at the Starbucks at the kayak run and then rode back to the train station.  I took a short walk and then got my bags and decided to work on my blog.  We should be mercy boarding in less than an hour.  I boarded at around 7 and the train headed out around 7:30, only 15 minutes late.  Dinner was pleasant and I had the Land and Sea, a steak and crabcake combo which was pretty good.  I went to bed around 11:00.

Thursday started slow because I didn’t sleep well.  I was up at 5, then I dropped off to sleep for a few minutes and got up just as breakfast was starting at 6:30 so I had my breakfast then.  I came back and napped some and that made me feel a lot better.  Mary Gorton called and Carilion called so I will return the calls when reception returns.  I read a little of Mary Bland’s book on prayer but I feel really detached, still as much as an agnostic as ever, though I am praying some.  The kind of God I would like is one who loves me despite my faults and doesn’t expect too much from me, a gentle God of compassion and.  Not sure there is such a God.  I will be home tomorrow and I will begin my search again for a new place to live.  I am not looking forward to it but it has to be done and I will get to work as soon as I return.  I got on the train around 5:30 and it left at 5:45 so that was on time.  I read a little more in Mary Bland’s book and I hope that helps.  I had a fun email exchange with my kayak friend and I am expecting her to respond to my latest one.  It doesn’t look like Sunday will work out because of the expected rain.  I am less than 16 hours from home and I will be glad to get home to ride my bike and maybe play some golf with Mary Gorton. 

Friday began with breakfast at 6:30 after another restless night.  It took me a while to put towels under the upper bed to quiet its ceaseless noise but after I fixed it I was able to catch a few hours sleep.  After breakfast I awoke at 9:00, cleaned up some and then watched the view of the New River Gorge, always spectacular.  I am about 2 and ½ hours from Clifton Forge, with lunch coming up at 12:30.  The trip was a good one and the only problem driving came at two of the rotaries, where I had to make a quick move to get over to the right exit lane.  Other than that the driving was pretty easy, which bodes well for another trip at some point.  Money will be a factor but if I save some up, I should have the possibility of traveling next summer.  I have already planned a couple of winter trips, one to visit Gabes and one down to Charlotte.  This trip cost me about 3500 but I had paid for the train trip (1900) back in December before I got sick.  I got off the train around 2:15, an hour and a half late, and walked over to the police station and then drove back to Blacksburg, thus ending my first trip since December.  I napped, then rode my bike for forty minutes, watched some of the Yankee game, then did my knee exercises.  I texted Maddie, congratulating her on her A minus in her paper (she was very happy with the grade).  I will drive down on Wednesday to visit and then drive them to Radford on Thursday.  I hope to do my yoga and light weights later.

Monday, October 2, 2017

leaving Las Vegas

Saturday I got up around 7 and started my knee exercises, then did some financial stuff (both my TIAA account and my AXA accounts did much better than expected so that was a nice surprise).  We sat around and chatted, went to the weight room and worked out a bit, then I napped and we headed out for dinner at a very good steakhouse.  We returned home and I had one poke on the higher level joint, and that kept me pretty high the rest of the evening.  I went to be bed around 2.

Sunday was a good day initially.  I got up around 7, did my knee exercises and yoga, then Dave and I chatted for a long time then went out for breakfast.  After that we headed to a bar/restaurant to meet David and Danny, his two sons, and we watched the 49ers game.  After the game we drove over to Danny’s place and while Dave napped Danny and I had a good talk after I took one poke on some pretty mild weed.  I wanted to drive back but Dave insisted and it was a little scary but we got home safe.   When we turned on the TV we got the first reports of the terrible shooting which had occurred at the Jason Aldean concert.  I was too tired to stay up and Dave had fallen asleep so I went to bed.

Monday morning I did my knee exercises and my yoga and followed the tragic shooting online.  Over 50 people had been killed and hundreds injured.  When Dave awoke we watched the coverage on TV and then we went out to breakfast at the Black Bear Dinner.  After a warm goodbye I drove to I-15 and with a couple of breaks and a nap, I reached Richfield and the Comfort Inn, where I was able to do some weights and ride the exercise bike for over thirty minutes.  I went out to a steakhouse for dinner but I had a side salad, a baked potato and some vegetables.  Then I stopped at Walmart for supplies and headed back to the motel.

Saturday, September 30, 2017

las vegas

Thursday was a good day.  I got a reduced rate on my room because of the problems with the air conditioning, the TV, and the phone.  I rode the stationary bike for 40 minute and used the weight machine.  Then it was time to drive and it was raining so I had to drive slower.  I did get the wiper blades replaced at an Advance Auto Parts in Richfield and then stopped at Kolob Canyon and hiked the trail by the upper parking lot (about a mile).  Then I stopped at the Eureka Casino and lost 6 dollar playing slots for 30 minutes, quite entertaining.  After that I finished my drive to Dave’s and we ended up chatting for hours, eventually getting very stoned, and finally getting a pizza and salad delievered. 

Friday was a very lazy morning with Dave and I chatting for hours then finally going out for breakfast around 2 pm.   We then returned home and I helped him replace some strange light bulbs in his chandelier.  I tried to fix his ceiling fan pull cord and the bulb in his bathroom light but was unsuccessful.  We went out around 6 pm to the marijuana dispensary and it was pretty crowded with all kinds of marijuana, bulk stuff, rolled joints, and food items.  We then went out to eat at a very decent Italian restaurant and I treated.  Then we drove back and smoked some first the medium joint (which was pretty calm with me taking two hits) and then the higher powered joint (with me taking a half puff and getting pretty high).  Nice night going to be at almost 2. 

Saturday I got up around 7 and started my knee exercises, then did some financial stuff (both my TIAA account and my AXA accounts did much better than expected so that was a nice surprise).

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

back to Colorado

Monday was an uneven day.  I didn’t sleep that well but I still was able to accomplish what I wanted.  I got to rent a City bike and rode over to the Field Museum and back along the harbor.  It was about 35 minutes of riding.  I walked back to the Amrtak and then found out that the train wasn’t leaving until 3:35, so I had an extra hour and a half to kill.  I had eaten a good veggie salad earlier instead of pizza but now I went over to Beggers Pizza and had two small slices.  Then I went back to the station and got on the train around 3:10, with it leaving on time.  I  read more of the book and started Mary Bland’s book.  I also figured out that once I retire I will have to stop paying Tracy back or else I will run out of money fairly quickly and that would be a real disaster.  I have put a lot of money in my will and that is the best I can do. 

Tuesday was the day of my visit to Patty and Josh and Gianna and Grace.  The train got in on time, around 8:30, but I couldn’t find a cab so I ended up walking some then taking the 16th Street Mall bus to Welton then walking up to 20th.  The rental was pretty easy, and then the challenge began.  I got on I-25 and I was a little anxious until I got out of the City, then the driving became easier and I even drove 70 at points.  The GPS got me to Patty’s house and little Grace (2 years old) was so cute and I played various games with her and then I took her and Patty out to lunch at Panda Express, then we went to Cottonwood park where Grace played on the slides and the swings, with boundless energy.  I enjoyed her immensely and then we went to pick up Gianna and she was a beautiful 7 year old and she also enjoyed me immediately.  I joked a lot with her and she really seemed to savor my humor.  Then Josh arrived and he seemed like a very decent man.  We decided to go to Red Lobster for dinner and it was a very fine dinner, with Gianna asking for a lobster tail and I agreed.  Josh and I had the shrimp fest and that was very good.  When I left them to drive to my hotel I told them I regretted being out of touch with them and that I hoped to see them again soon.  They felt the same.  At the Garden Inn, I was disappointed to find no stationary bike, but I did a set of very light weights since my back is still tender.  When I got to my room I was too tired to work out so I just watched TV and eventually went to bed around 11:30.

Wednesday started out as a rainy, overcast day and as I drove along 24 the weather remained poor.  After about a half hour on 9, the weather cleared and I started looking for a place to fish.  I found and okay spot on the Blue River but it wasn’t tempting enough.  Eventually I found a heavily used access point on the Eagle River and cast a couple of lures through all the water I could reach but no hits.  I then drove on until I found the Gypsum Ponds Wildlife Area and I cast into some really nice looking pools but to no avail.  I then drove on the Glenwood Springs and was able to rent a bike from Canyon Bikes and I rode through the Glenwood Canyon and that was very satisfying.   I got a nap in after my ride, then drove to Grand Junction where I stopped for supplies and gas, then drove on to my rather expensive room at the Comfort Inn (123 before taxes) but I wanted a good clean room and the room was exactly that.  I did my knee exercises, then my yoga stuff before heading for dinner at the Tamarisk restaurant, where I had chicken fajitas.  A good day and tomorrow I should get to Dave’s by 7 pm. 

Friday, September 22, 2017

Golfing with Mary Gorton

Friday was a very good day.   I did my knee exercises, got stuff together for the trip, read some Augustine and Joshua, rode my bike for 40 minutes, then went off to play golf with Mary Gorton.  We had a lot of fun and you can tell she knows how to play golf.  On her good shots she hit the ball further than I did but her putting and her strategy let her down.  Playing from the red tees, I shot a 51 and she shot a 61 and since it was the first time she has played in a year, a 61 was a very good score.  My only problem was that I pulled my back a little lifting her bag in and out of my truck.  She doesn’t use her irons so I will ask her to leave them out or she will have to handle it herself.  We went to dinner at India Gardens and then I came home for a nap and then piano and my blog.  I will see if I can do my yoga and weights tonight.  Both Lou and Cathy are not feeling well and I offered to go shopping for them but Lou said they were okay for now.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Fishing at Trail's End on Walker Creek

Thursday worked out pretty well.  I did my knee exercises, got some stuff ready for Sunday’s trip, read some of Joshua and Augustine, took a 40 minute bike ride, played 30 minutes of piano, then headed out to Trail’s End to go fishing (I caught three but had a lot of hits).  I drove back to Hethwood and took a walk for 20 minutes, then worked on two of Lauren’s essays, on my Bridges proposal for CEA, and now my blog.  I will also try to finish my spring book order.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

A Walk with Rob

Tuesday was a decent day.  I did my knee exercises, emailed Melinda about meeting with the tenants upstairs, dried out my kayak, rode my bike for 40 minutes, drove over to Walmart to get my new lenses and my meds, then drove up to Roanoke to get the wrap around sunglasses.  After that I gave the flute back to Glen at Valley Propane and then drove home for a quick nap and then a walk with Rob, which was a lot of fun.  Then it was home for dinner and a nap so I could edit Lauren’s essay, then my blog and now it is TV time.

Monday, September 18, 2017

No Townhouse to Rent

Monday was a difficult day but some good came out of it.  I got up and did my knee exercises then headed out to see 200 Huff Heritage.  I liked it inside and the master bedroom was quiet.  My only concern was the wall between 200 and the neighboring townhouse.  When Jean mentioned that she was showing it to another buyer later, I really wasn’t sure what to do.  I asked if I could wait till the woman who lived next door came home and I could hear the TV and her dog barking.  Jean said she would call me later, so I called Melinda a couple of times, leaving messages but she didn’t return my calls and I wanted to talk to her before I committed to the townhouse.  I talked to Dave and he made me feel that I should rent it so I emailed Melinda and finally got a response, which said that they would refund me the rest of the September rent.   I called Jean but bad news, the other party had rented it.  I was very frustrated but fortunately the Holy Spirit meeting calmed me down.  I also got an email from Jen and she doesn’t think working with me will be beneficial so I emailed her my thanks for all her time and wished her well with all the things that she was doing.  Right now I am still an agnostic, but I would like to have a loving intimacy with Jesus.  We’ll see.   I rode my bike for 40 minutes at RU and I also visited Dr. Trivedi, who had a cancellation where I got a blood booster shot.  My hemoglobin was slightly lower but not much so I should be fine throughout my trip.  Frustrating day but I am feeling pretty good and Dave called later and helped calm me even more.    

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Thousands of Red-winged Blackbirds

Sunday was a very fine day.  I did my knee exercises, then played the piano for almost 30 minutes, then got all my kayak gear in the truck and headed off to meet Kate.  I got my kayak ready and then did a few things on the truck.  She got there before 1 and soon enough we were on the water for a leisurely trip (the water level was 2.3).  We couldn’t go around the island but we eddied out there and then slowly paddled down to the good rapids which were much lower than our last trip when the water was probably over 3.0.  The rapids were still fun and then we saw an incredible sight, two large sycamores loaded with thousands of red-winged blackbirds, with some of them splashing in the shallows.  It was very impressive.  Then after splitting up I watched the end of the golf tournament at Applebees and headed home for a quick nap and a 40 minute bike ride.  I still have my weights and yoga to do but that will come later.  I did have a nice conversation with Lou and he was appreciative of all my help.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Wondering where to move

Saturday went pretty well.  I didn’t sleep that well , mainly thinking about the rent to own one story townhouse I saw on 200 Huff Heritage.  Fortunately, I took a half a valium around 4 and was able to sleep until almost after 8.  I did the first set of my knee exercises, emailed Melinda asking when my meeting with the tenants was going to happen and complaining about them waking me up again.  I then drove out to the ABC store by Kroger and got 17 boxes so that was a relief. Then I headed out to 200 Huff Heritage and checked the distances to St. Mary’s, to Radford and to Blacksburg.  You can certainly hear I-81 but I need to get inside on Monday to really make a decision.   I asked a fellow across the street and he had no problem from the adjoining townhouses but he did say that at first the highway noise bothered him but then he got used to it although he did put up heavy curtains.  He thought 200 would get less noise so we’ll see.  I left a message and he left one for me about townhouses and I hope to connect with him later.  I took a 40 minute bike ride (up the steep part 4 times) then watched some TV and then cut my hair and got ready for Mass and the Welcome dinner.  Mass was fine and the Welcome dinner ended up well with me chatting with Jim and Barbara and Das and Cece.  I stayed after to help clean up and when I got home I did 25 minutes of piano, watched some of the Louisville / Clemson game, then got to my blog.   

Thursday, September 14, 2017

still getting to sleep

Wednesday turned out pretty well.  Knee exercises, reading the Bible and Augustine.   Then I went out to play golf at Auburn Hills (it is 19 dollars during the week but they do have a 30 round special for 750 dollars, which isn’t a bad deal but I don’t want to spend 750 right now.  I shot a 52, which was fine for Auburn because it is a much harder course than the old Meadows.  I rode my bike for 40 minutes in the Perry Street parking area and then headed home for dinner.  I struggled to do my weights and yoga and I didn’t do my piano or my blog.  I just sat and watched Clash of the Titans. 

Thursday was also a pretty good day.  I slept well, did my full prayers and songs at 6:00 (when the upstairs tenants aren’t awake yet), then did my knee exercises.  I then went to get my bloodwork but despite sticking me twice (and getting in the vein), my blood wouldn’t flow so I have to go back tomorrow.  I got a good bike ride in at Hethwood (going up the steeper part 4 times) for 40 minutes and then I decided to dry out the kayak.  I was able to dry it out completely despite it being overcast and I cleaned out the truck, straightened out the tarp, put some more golf balls in my bag and read some of the Idiot and Augustine.  I also had a nice chat with Mary Gorton about writing and religion.  Later I talked with Gyorgyi and we are going to meet for lunch at Lefty’s at 1 tomorrow.  I did my piano playing and later I will do my weights and yoga.  I did get a response from Melinda Dunford and she is not going to reduce my rent but she will try to set up a meeting with the upstairs tenants. 

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

the rental home search continues

Tuesday was a decent day even if it rained all day.  I started my knee exercises, then called Dr. Poovey’s office about my eyes and the prednisone.  He said that below 20 mg. and I should be fine for a new prescription so I was able to go in at 10:30 and get my eyes checked out.  My left eye is really bad (partially due to the start of a cataract) but Poovey thought a new prescription would bring my eyesight back to 20/30 which would be much better than it is right now.  I ordered new lenses (costing 340 dollars) and I am hoping they will be ready by the 20th, just before my trip.  I then had a crispy chicken sandwich and a Frosty and then a nap in my truck.  The nap really helped and I thenwent to look at a couple houses, neither of which will work out for me.  I then drove home for another nap and after that went to the Perry Street garage for 40 minutes of flat biking.  I emailed Maddie and Claire, congratulating the latter for getting the job.  She thanked me for all my help.  I talked to Lou and he was doing okay but Cathy probably has a kidney stone so that is not the best news.  I also had a good and funny exchange with my kayak buddy.  I did practice some piano and I hope I have enough energy to do my weights and yoga.  I also edited Lauren’s essay but she is still using her grandad’s experience and that isn’t working.  They fixed the floor in the upstairs apartment and it is a definite improvement. 

Monday, September 11, 2017

Starting the hunt for a house

Monday was a good day.  I did my knee exercises, read some Augustine and some of the Bible, and then headed out to look at some rental houses and go to my office to hand in my evaluation form and my extra employment form.  I chatted with Rosemary some and Moira and then headed out to go back to my apartment, ride my bike (three times up the steeper part),  then a nap before heading out for Holy Spirit.  The group was very good again and they asked me to read the gospel and I did okay.  They did pray for me to get a place where I can sleep, which is crucial.  Melinda called in response to my email pointing out her great concern about the tenants above being able to make noise anywhere in their apartment at any time and she left a message and I should hear from her tomorrow.  I talked to Judy about faith and I am still struggling with a belief in God, the resurrection of Jesus and the resurrection of the body.  I keep praying and going to Mass and Holy Spirit and RCIA so I hope something will happen at some point.  I still have to play the piano and do my yoga and weights so I still have work ahead of me.     

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Another great kayak trip with my kayak friend

Saturday was a pretty good day.  I did my knee exercises, practiced piano, went for a good uphill bike ride for almost 40 minutes, watched some football, went to the 5 pm mass, went to look at a rental property at 210 Robin Hood, then ended up taking a walk around Blacksburg.  I sent Melinda an email about releasing me without penalty from the lease and asking her for compensation for the upcoming move.  I also got the notice from social security and I will end up losing 4K.  I would like to question them on it but if I bring it up I could lose even more so I may just accept things the way they are.  That means I will have to dig into my savings this month and next but I will be getting regular checks starting in November.  My travelling situation is going to be almost nothing until I see how the income taxes work out.  If I get back anything, then perhaps a short summer trip will be possible.  I talked to Lou yesterday and he was doing better and he said he would be sad to leave the girls.  He was very thankful for my help and I told him just to heal and that would be thanks enough. 

Sunday started out well.  I was able to sleep until 4:30 but needed to take a 2.5 mg valium to get back to sleep before the tenants started making noise and then I slept almost till 9, which was quite good for me.  I tried calling Shawn again but no response so I was able to get my kayak in my truck (it didn’t feel that heavy so my strength is certainly better) and I am to meet Kate at the bridge at 12:45.  I hope being folded up for so long has not hurt my kayak.   My kayak trip with my kayak friend was a great success and the water was up so we were able to hit two really good holes at the end.  Both of us got covered with water.  Earlier we went up the stream and under the railroad bridge and then we continued our chat.  One of our best trips ever.   I picked up a Jimmy John’s sandwich and then headed home for a nap and then a bike ride (three times up the steeper part) then cleaned out the wet stuff in the truck and played some jazz and some church songs on the piano.  Then it was TV time and hopefully I will do my weights and yoga.  

Saturday, September 9, 2017

I will be leaving Hethwood

      Thursday was not a great day, mainly since I was woken up at 1 again.  I couldn’t get back to sleep and got up around 6:30, not well rested at all.  I did my knee exercises and then decided to go play golf and played pretty well.  The last day I can play is Saturday and then the Meadows closes forever.  I talked to Megan Anderson and she gave me a lot of nonsense and below is the e-mail I wrote to her boss:
Dear Melinda Dunford,

      I am writing to you about the lack of success Megan Anderson has had in resolving a problem I never expected to have when I came to Stroubles Creek.
     I was told that the Stroubles Creek area was only for professionals and graduate students (I will be glad to show you my early notes that make it clear what I was told) and that it would be a quiet place to live.  Even if I wasn’t in chemotherapy for kidney lupus (and I had been extremely ill from January to early August), my apartment should be one where I can get a decent night’s sleep.  That’s why I am paying significantly more for this apartment and that is what I expected for the extra money.  I never would have come here if it wasn’t going to be a place where I could rest comfortably and heal.  My doctors will agree that good sleep is crucial to my recovery and I don’t want to die at Hethwood.   I want to also point out that I am a cancer survivor, having gotten colon cancer almost ten years ago and having to have a colon resection and 5 months of chemotherapy back then.   I also suffer from asthma, hypothyroidism and high blood pressure. 
       Let me give you a little history of my Stroubles’ experience.  For the first 12 days I was really impressed.  The apartment above me was quiet and I thought it was because of the solid construction.  I rode my bike, walked around, practiced my piano (through headphones so I wouldn’t bother anyone), wrote some and thought I had found an excellent place to live.
          But on Saturday, the 26th, I went to bed my usual time, a little after midnight, and at 1:45 in the morning I was awoken by incessant pounding on the floor above me.  I had previously thought that because Stroubles was the most expensive area of Hethwood, it would be better built but clearly the ceiling was not very well built at all.  I called the visitor’s center and left a message and then called the number that was given by your message and talked to Ashley about what to do.  She said that since Hethwood had no security officer that I should call the police, which I did.  They said they sent someone to the apartment to knock on the door but no one answered.  The noise kept up and around 3 I called and two officers came (one a Sergeant Craver), but they refused to go up and knock again and advised me not to go up and knock, and I followed their advice. 
      I talked to Ms. Anderson a number of times and little was done but I would like to focus on yesterday’s phone call after I suffered through another night of interrupted sleep.
      Ms. Anderson said, “That’s how apartment living is.” Perhaps in the rest of Hethwood but that was not what I was told about Stroubles.   She was very rude to me on the phone, and she kept interrupting me.  
      One of the worst things she did was mention the word “harassing” as if somehow my desire to go to bed at 12:15 and complaining when I the noisy tenants above wake me up is somehow harassing them.  That was an utterly ridiculous thing for Ms. Anderson to say.   By their refusal to respond to her requests, I am the one being harassed, not the tenants above. 
       Even more absurd is her allegation that she has not witnessed the noise from above.  Of course she has.  She came over with another woman and a young man (can you send me their names?) and they all took turns going upstairs and walking around and the young man said that the floor needed to be repaired by stabilizing it with screws, and that they would try to do it as soon as possible.  I am still waiting.   Do Ms. Anderson think that the tenants upstairs walk differently than her and her associates?   
       I have only been home two nights in the past week (my friend was seriously injured in a car accident and was in the trauma unit in Wake Forest Baptist Hospital and I went down to take care of his daughters) and both nights the noisy tenants woke me at 1 with their continual noise. 
       All I am asking is that you repair the floor as soon as possible, set up a meeting so I can meet the tenants, express my concerns about how noisy they are and inform them of my illness, and ask them to be quiet after 12:15 (I understand the need to go to the bathroom, but that requires only a few steps and after the floor is repaired the noise should be minimized). 
        Do you think that you are treating me fairly?  I don’t and I want to remedy the situation as soon as possible.  In my view, if I can’t sleep, the apartment is uninhabitable.


Dr. Justin Askins
Professor of English
Radford University   
After that I went over to help Mary Gorton with the article she was writing and it was pretty good.  She used a lot of good details. 

Friday was a day of relief even though it is going to mean some expense for me and a lot of work.  I spoke with Melinda and she basically said that there was nothing Hethwood could do about the upstairs tenants.  They have the right to walk around whenever they want and they don’t have to meet with me.  She did agree that the floor would be repaired but she said that even if it was repaired the floor was going to be noisy.   I told her that I had my notes that I was told that only graduate students and professionals could rent apartments in Stroubles but that was a lie.  So, halfway through the conversation she offered to let me out of my lease since there was no way Hethwood could fix the problem so I agreed to her offer.  After I got off with her, I called Darbi but she is out of the realty business and she gave me Peg Warren’s number and I left her a message.  I decided to go play my final round of golf at the Meadows and that was fun and I played pretty well.  I later talked to Dave and he thought I should rent a place, not buy one right now, and that makes sense because if I end up not liking it I would be stuck or have to sell it.  He mentioned a lease to own option and I will ask about that.  Fortunately, I didn’t put up any pictures in my apartment and a lot of my stuff is still in boxes so the move is not going to be that hard.  I hope I can find a place in a reasonably short time but after moving my guest room mattress into the living room I did sleep okay.  I hope that will last until I leave.  I talked to Cathy and Lou had a low fever but at least started going to the bathroom so that is good.  They will be back on Sunday and I hope Lou feels better soon.  I also went to see Dr. Hurd this morning and the mark on my face is benign so no problems there. 

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

A bad accident and my first visit to Winston Salem

Friday was going okay until about 4 o’clock when I got a call from Maddie that her parents had been in a bad car accident.  I asked her if she wanted me to come down and she said yes, and when I called Cathy she sounded pretty bad, didn’t know even if Lou were alive, and also asked if I could come down to look after Maddie and Claire.  I was a Walmart so I ditched my shopping cart and started down.  It was overcast and then it started raining about halfway there but I drove nonstop and got to the apartment around 6:30.  We soon found out that Lou was going to be transported to Wake Forest Baptist Hospital in Winston Salem and that he was seriously injured, with 6 (later changed to 7) and a broken clavicle.  We had pizza for dinner and then spent the evening waiting for updates.

Saturday morning I drove the girls to the hospital and we got to see Lou in the emergency room and he looked pretty bad.  After out visit we went back to the apartment and I rode my bike and I think I pulled my side because it really started to hurt.  I thought I might have to go to the emergency room but I took some Tylenol and that helped a little.  We went back to visit after having dinner at Zoe’s kitchen and Lou had been move to an ICU unit.  He was able to speak but got confused at points.

Sunday was a hard day because after I took Maddie and Claire over to see Lou, all four of us returned to the apartment and then I dropped Maddie and Claire off to see Lou and then Cathy and I drove up to Hillsville to get all the stuff out of the SUV.  Both Cathy and I were shocked at the condition of the Rogue (we had both been expecting some damage to the right front passenger door but the whole right front and been smashed and the right front wheel was almost horizontal.  Clearly the Rogue was totaled, and after a brief crying stint by both of us, we unloaded the vehicle and drove over to the crash site (Cathy wanted to see it) and she decided that it had to be her fault (it seemed to me also that it was her fault) but I kept telling her it was just an accident, words that had little effect on her.  I drove her back to the hospital where she visited briefly and got the keys to the apartment then Claire and I drove back to the apartment and unloaded the stuff from the Rogue.  Then we drove back to the hospital and picked up Cathy and Maddie and we all went back to nap.  We went out to Zoe’s Kitchen for dinner and then I dropped Cathy, Maddie and Claire off and after I had two walks, Maddie and Claire returned and we headed back to the apartment where I watched the Virginia Tech game, a very exciting victory by Tech. 

Monday morning went slowly because Cathy wanted Maddie and Claire to visit Lou so I took them over and then we went back to the apartment.  We finally headed off to Radford around 10 and got there a little after noon.  I dropped her off and then went home to do my knee exercises and my weights and yoga.  I went to bed around 12 but the upstairs tenants woke me at 12:45 and I had a tough time going back to sleep, eventually having to take a 2.5 mg valium and it was past 3 before I dropped off.  I got up around 8 and had my breakfast, then started my knee exercises and called Cathy.  I did some things for her but she wasn’t doing so well so I offered to drive her back down and she accepted.  I got my stuff together drove over and we had a good drive back down, chatting a lot and we went to the apartment, picked up the girls and went to eat at Zoe’s Kitchen before we dropped her off at the hospital and Claire and Maddie visited.  There was a possibility that Lou would be released the next day, which seemed kind of shocking to all of us.  Then Cathy stayed and I drove the girls home.  I watched some TV and did my yoga exercises. 
Wednesday was a good day even though the rain made driving difficult.  Claire wanted to see Lou so I told her to come with me and Maddie and after I dropped Maddie off at Wake Forest, we took a short walk with umbrellas around the main library, a lovely park like campus.  I will ride around it at some point.  Then I dropped off Claire (Eric had gotten there) and I rested in my truck until we got the word that Lou was being released so I drove down to the exit, picked up Claire and with her help we drove in the rain back to the apartment and waited for Cathy and Eric to bring Lou back.  When they arrived the three of us got Lou up the 24 stairs and into bed where he collapsed.  Then I said goodbye and just before 2 I headed off and had a pretty easy drive to Radford and then to my apartment where I took a needed nap and then went for a 30 minute bike ride, then cleaned up my truck, then did some flute playing, then got to my blog.  I want to do 15 more minutes of flute and my yoga and weights, and perhaps go out for some prayers and singing.