Thursday, June 30, 2016

setback in therapy

I had a good day yesterday, doing my exercises, playing piano, light weights, and then heading in to teach my third class, which went very well. I then went over to walk with Rob, went off to do some preps, then returned to help him set up his reservations at Cooke City. I also helped him with hikes and sites in Yellowstone and went over some of the hikes in Big Bend. Thursday was a long and pretty hard day. I got up early to go to therapy and my knee was at 9 degrees, much higher than last week, where after manipulation by Dan I hit 2 degrees. I think Dan got it down to 6 degrees but that was not what I wanted. I left a little concerned even though Dan wasn’t too concerned about my progress and said that I could keep working on my knee for months. I taught my class and that went pretty well and I treated the students to pizza, which they all appreciated. After that I drove home to do my exercise bike and a couple hard sets of straightening the knee and bending it. I felt better after that and took a quick nap. I drove into town to pick up ankle weights and caulk but Rob called so ended up going with him on a hike on the Tom’s creek trail, almost finishing the trail. Then it was time for a late dinner at O’Charleys, and my blog and lumosity.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Tomorrow my Summer II course begins

I didn’t sleep that well, worried a bit about the generator box, so at dawn I was out working on the box, and I ended up finishing it and painting it also. I was a little worried that I had hurt my knee too much, but with some rest and icing, I recovered pretty well and ended up playing 9 holes of golf (another 35) from about 80 yards out. It was a lot of fun. Then I went to my office and printed out my rules and outlines and did some other work and took a nap. Refreshed, I did some more work and then headed out to the Little, changed my mind and went all the way to the stream that goes through Rock Castle gorge. Unfortunately, the flooding must have done a lot of damage and the final part of the road was closed. I was able to walk in and fish a couple small pools and that was fun. I drove back to the little off 705 and fished at my spot again but with no luck again. It seems like a really good spot but no hits in two trips. After that I drove to the Huckleberry Trail near the mall and walked for twenty minutes before heading to O’Charley’s for dinner.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Finally, The Peaks of Otter

I didn’t sleep very well but I didn’t take an OTC sleeping pill. At about 5 I did the set of exercises I didn’t do before going to bed. I eventually got up for good at around 7:30 and decided to work on the generator box. It went very well and by 9:00 I had the frame completely done. Very fine job, using clamps and going carefully. After that it was time to nap and then I practiced piano, did a wash, washed the dishes, rode the exercise bike, did some very light weights, and did my second set of exercises. After a shower I decided that I should go up to the Peaks of Otter even though it was supposed to rain in the afternoon. I had to get off 81 because of traffic and rode 460 East for a number of miles. I got on 581 and headed south and got on the Blue Ridge Parkway just outside of Roanoke. I drove up Roanoke Mountain and walked around at an overlook and then on top and then napped some and then headed up toward the Peaks, stopping at the long overlook where I walked again for over 20 minutes. When I got to the lodge I had soup and salad and then fished the lake for perhaps 20 minutes with no luck before I drove back to a Lowe’s just after the turnoff for 81. I got the rest of the materials for the generator box and made it to Applebees at Exit 137 just before dark. I did my lumosity training and my blog so the day is ending well.

Friday, June 24, 2016

back to golf and biking

I had a good day doing my exercises, practicing piano, and doing my bike riding. I did get to see Gyorgyi for lunch at The Next Door Bakery, then headed to my office to finish filing things and then taking a nap and a nice walk. I headed off to explore the Little River and found a good spot to fish and perhaps put in kayaks on the Little along Indian Valley Road. Friday turned out to be a very good day, an early lunch with Claire at Red Lobster and then a visit to Matt at Dr. Gardner’s. The x-rays were fine and after Matt manipulated my leg a bit he said I was doing great. He also said I could play golf again (with nothing more than a 7 iron) and that I could definitely ride my new bike. I called Ian to get the bike ready and then I rode out to the meadows and played nine holes, usually hitting from about 80 yards out. I shot a 35, and I was hoping to do 36 so it was quite rewarding. I went home and napped and then did a long second set of exercises, and rode the exercise bike for 30 minutes. I headed into Lowe’s and got all the stuff for the generator box and I will start work on that soon. I did my lumosity exercises and I am catching up on my blog.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Still making slow progress

Today, Tuesday, was a decent day. I took a hike to the big pine in the morning, watered the greenhouse, practiced my piano, rode the bike for 30 minutes, did a full set of exercises, then showered and headed in for my 2:00 therapy appointment. I was almost an hour and a half long and very intense. I did ask Dan about my upper back and he gave me an exercise for that and he also worked my right leg so I hopefully can put off surgery on that knee for a pretty long time. I went to my office and did some filing of stuff and got rid of a few things. I took a walk over to the new building and a nap, then headed over to snowville to check out the Little. I did find a decent place to fish from the bank, but it’s not perfect. I will keep exploring. I finally heard from Cathy Gallo and we are hopefully going to have dinner soon. My kayak friend went to the surgeon with Hank and she has to think about what to do. I am planning to see Gyorgyi tomorrow and Claire on Friday.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

US Open and the final game of the NBA finals

Another decent night of sleep, then up for exercises and some trimming the road. After that some practicing, no weights (my upper back is hurting again), 30 minutes of bike riding, dish washing, laundry, more exercises, watching the US Open, then a shower and off I went to Roanoke. I stopped for a long walk at Roanoke College and then I saw that Gander Mountain was open so I drove up there and got my reel filled with 4 pound fluorocarbon so I am ready for more fishing. After that I went to Schooners to watch the end of the US Open (with Dustin Johnson winning), then on to Mac and Bob’s for the NBA Finals.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

copperheads and meeting Hank

Thursday was another day of hiking, practicing, light weights, heavy exercises and watching the Cavs beat up on the Warriors. Game seven is on Sunday. Yesterday started well (I slept well) and I was going to go for a hike but I decided to do my exercises first to loosen up my knee. I think that was a good choice and when I did my hike (twice down to the steep area since it was still muddy) my knee felt pretty good. I got home and watched some of the U.S. Open and practiced, did a full second set of exercises, practiced, did another set of light weights, ran the generator for ten minutes after I chased away a three foot copperhead who didn’t want to leave. I didn’t see any mice signs around, not surprising with the Copperhead there. I had my last greenhouse salad (though I might be able to coax one more out in a few days) and I await the tomatoes, which are flowering. I am planning to see my kayak friend on Saturday and meet her new dog down by the river. After I showered I headed into Cellular Sales and bought a new SD card and got my camera working again. Then I went for a walk at Tech, then headed for Craig Creek and had another walk out at Caldwell Fields. I fished at my usual spot on Craig Creek and got a couple hits but no fish. I fished at another spot but no hits. After that I drove back on 311 and went for another walk at Roanoke college and had a nice chat with dave. Then it was time for dinner at Applebys, although the wifi wasn’t working so no lumosity tonight. I slept pretty well and when I awoke Saturday morning I knew I had to get going if I was going to meet my kayak friend at 2. I did a full first set of exercises, took my walk down to the steep part, drove down to the orchard to transfer some funds to my checking, couldn’t find the orange flower, trimmed some of the road, then headed back for light weights, 30 minutes of the stationary bike, half a practice session, then a shower and off to Radford. I really enjoyed spending time with my kayak friend and though Hank seemed scared of the water, it was still a good time. We drove to Dudley’s landing and went for a walk with Hank then sat at one of the picnic tables and chatted for a pretty long time. A good visit. After that I headed for Rob’s to help him put the headboard on his bed and though I bruised my hand a bit when it got jammed between the clamp and the drill gun, and actually started smoking, we got all the bolts in and my drill gun and batteries are fine. Rob made me some dinner and then I headed off to Eggleston and got a couple of hits at my favorite spot. Then I drove to the Mountain Lake exit and took a quick nap before heading to Tech for a quick walk and then coffee and dessert at Macado’s.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

A much better day

I had a very good night’s sleep, going to bed at around 12 and not getting up once. I decided to go for a hike down to my big white pine and I made it with two walking sticks. There a quite a few flowers around, honewort, wild hydrangea, oxeye daisies, fleabane, ground ivy, and yarrow. I want to figure out the small orange flower up by the orchard and I will do that tomorrow. When I got back I did my first set of exercises, napped, played some piano, picked some salad from the greenhouse (a few more days of lettuce left). I also equalized the batteries again and got them to 1273 for number 8, 1263 for number 4, and 1243 for number one. Those figures are the highest I have ever recorded in my book, and I am hoping that I can even do better. I rode the exercise bike for 25 minutes, finished my practicing, then took a quick nap before I got ready to go to therapy. I had a very hard and good session and my knee got to 3 degrees getting closer and closer to 0. As I got to my car, Kelly called and I chatted with her for a long time and I hope I cheered her up a little. Many pressures are weighing on her and she has to battle through things. Rob called and we went for a nice walk around his neighborhood and I helped him figure out how to attach his headboard. Then I took a quick drive to Craig Creek road and then drove back to have dinner at O’Charley’s.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

a terrible night but a much better day

What a horrible night I had. I got home and was ready for the second half of the warriors and cavs when I got my mail. There was a bill from Omnicare for over a thousand dollars of meds during my four days at Heritage Hall. So now, besides having to pay for an extra day, I was going to have an outrageous bill for meds. I simply couldn’t sleep despite two halves of valium and two otc sleeping pills. Brutal. I finally got to sleep around 4 and woke around 8. I did my first set of exercises (I hadn’t done my third set the night before) and then I drove down to call Omnicare. The woman was friendly and said that any meds that I didn’t use should have been returned and I would get a credit. The Zofran (which I wasn’t even sure I took) was 610 dollars for 30 pills. Nydia said she would file my insurance and contact Heritage Hall about returns so I got off the phone feeling better. Then I called Heritage Hall and talked to Paulette and Nickki and Nickki right away said that I would get a refund for the night I didn’t stay and that they would send me my MAR, which would list all the medications I had received. I felt even better and I am pretty sure I won’t have to spend much more than 400 dollars and if I get back the 240 then my loss will only be 160. I did my second set of exercises and then showered and headed out for my Eggleston spot but nothing was biting so I ended up napping hard in my truck and then after a coffee I drove up to the Cascades and walked around for 15 minutes then drove to Tech for another walk in the botanical garden, then to Greens for sushi.

Monday, June 13, 2016

the lawn tractor is back home

I got up at seven so I would have plenty of time to make my 9 o’clock therapy appointment and though it was hard getting going, I did make it to therapy on time. Dan worked me hard for almost an hour and a half, but I am sure it helped. After therapy I drove to East Coaster and dropped off my other bike and talked about the new bike (due in Friday) and that the new rack will be in later in the week. I then had lunch at Zoe’s Kitchen and then home for a nap. I practiced some and then decided to get the lawn tractor back to the shed. I split the journey into thirds so I rode a third of the way, walked back and got the truck, rode again, then walked, rode again and walked once more. I dropped off the gas and then I headed back to the house for another nap and some practicing, then biking for 25 minutes and some light weights. I had a nice salad and then did my second set of exercises. I was going to fish the North Fork but Rob had called about a hike so I drove in to Blacksburg and Rob and I had a nice walk about halfway to the end. Then it was time to head to Macado’s for the 5th game.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Exploring the Little River

I was really tired last night but I did my third set of exercises and then didn’t sleep very well, taking an otc sleeping pill and still getting up a number of times. When I finally awoke near nine, I took a couple of Tylenol and got a few things done before my first long and hard set of exercises. I did my practicing, put the bike on the bike rack, rode the exercise bike for 20 minutes, did some light weights and napped on and off. I did check the batteries and equalized them for two hours and they did go up a bit. Number 8 was 1265, which was fine, but number 1 never got above 1237. I will try again in a few days. I put all the distilled water (four gallons) down by the batteries, and I’m sure I will need it. I think the batteries will be safe for my trip (around 27 days) but I am not sure they could make 30 days without more water. I used to get two months before the electricity was attached. I will have to check with Bryan. After my second hard set was done, I showered and headed off to explore the Little River and I eventually found an outfitter (On the Water) out off 705 about halfway to Floyd. I will call then soon and I am going to email my kayak friend about the news. I fished a few spots but got no bites and took a walk with my two sticks. Then the rain came and I headed back to O’Charley’s for dinner.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

A good Friday and Saturday

Friday was a good productive day and I did my exercises and rode my exercise bike for 15 minutes, practiced piano and finished up my rules and outline for the 340 summer course. I headed into Blacksburg to meet Claire Hall and Next Door Bakery, then went for a walk with Rob and caught up on things, then watched the Cavs lose to the Warriors and go down 3 to 1 in the series. Saturday was another productive day, with exercises done well, exercise bike for 15 minutes, some light weights for the first time in days, a good deal of piano, and some straightening around the house. I identified Canada anemone outside the house and I had more salad from the greenhouse. At about 5 I headed out to go watch the Belmont, stopping to take a 20 minute walk, and I ended up at Chili’s (both my horses lost so now I only have 363 dollars in my account, enough for several years of triple crown betting). After the race I drove up to Allegheny Springs and stopped to fish at a couple of bridges (at one I caught a small chub) and then drove back to C’Burg to walk in the Grand furniture lot for 20 minutes then have dinner at O’Charley’s. I heard from Maddie again and I am glad she is in touch.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

More excitement than I needed

I awoke on Monday at 4:30 and instead of taking an OTC sleeping pill and going back to bed, I decided to cut the grass as soon as it got light enough (this had been approved by a physical therapist). So at about 5:45 I was at the orchard and I drove my truck right up to the shed. I got the lawn tractor started right away and then I started cutting, finishing the orchard pretty fast and then heading up to the house, where things also went well. Now I just had to do the cabin area and that also went well (I got a look at the dish and it looked pretty clear). Now I was done and then it hit me. How do I get down the steep hill without my leg to brake with. I tried to use my good leg but I couldn’t get enough pressure and almost instantly the tractor started gaining speed and I had to turn off the road up into the bank to prevent a runaway tractor and possibly serious injury or damaging my knee replacement. I was scared and I got off the tractor (fortunately I had carried my cane with me) and worked my way back to the top. I pulled my phone out and there were no bars even as I walked around a bit so I was really stuck. I knew I couldn’t just wait for someone to come up. That might be days. I went in the cabin and saw the hay fork that I used for the sweat lodge rocks and decided that I would try to get down by digging the fork in just ahead of me and working my way down very, very slowly. It was very scary but I didn’t rush and twenty minutes later I was down and safe, though with a stuck lawn tractor and my truck six tenths of a mile away on a rocky road that I have had an awful time traversing. I saw that my phone had one bar and fortunately, I was able to call Mike and he agreed to come up in a few minutes. I was so glad to see him and he drove me back to my truck and said he would try to come back later to trim around the dish. An hour later he was back and he was able to trim the dish area and also get the lawn tractor unstuck and he drove it down to the tractor barn. What a break. I could now meet my kayaking friend at 2 and I could easily cover the lawn tractor if it rained. My big fear was that I had done some damage to my knee and it did hurt so I didn’t just a little exercising. After a long nap, I got up and showered and headed into Radford to meet my friend. It was a lot of fun to see her and we had a good chat at BTs, while munching on spicy French fries and a very good slice of carrot cake. After that I did some work in my office and eventually headed off to Blacksburg for a ride out Coal Bank Hollow road (which quickly turned to Mt. Tabor) and then back to town for dinner. I got a message from Rob that he had sent me the letter he wanted me to edit so I headed to Bull and Bones (a mistake since I couldn’t really enjoy my half rack of ribs since I was worried about getting the letter edited) and did get the letter done by 9:30. Becky called and then I spoke with Rob and I told him what a great job he had done and that I only had to make a few changes. I was so glad I could help him out. I drove home and didn’t do any exercises, hoping that rest would help. It did. When I awoke I did a slow and full set of exercises (I felt a little less flexible but nothing major seemed wrong) and then I had a good salad and did some laundry. I went down to the pasture around 10:30 and got the message that the technician would be coming at 2, which was fine with me. I got my practicing done, did a full second set of exercises, then drove down to the Sisson gate to wait for the technician, who did arrive just after 2. He tried to solve the problem but it was clear that my dish connections had ants in them and had been chewed up so he decided to put a new dish on my house. So after about three hours I had a new satellite dish working and a new remote and receiver. I gave him a 20 dollar tip and he seemed pleased. Now I drove to East Coasters (the technician had helped me get the bike rack and bike on) and Ian and the others agreed a step through bike was best for me (I was easily able to get on one that Matt held). They are going to use some of the parts from my bike and I may end up getting a new bike rack. Now it was time to head out to Wolf creek and I had a decent time fishing from the 795 bridge and just enjoying the drive. I took a nap in Narrows after walking with my walker for 500 yards. Then after a little food and coffee I stopped at Giles High School and walked a good half mile with the walker. Now I drove into Blacksburg and took another walk in one of the parking lots, doing another half mile with listening to my songs. I was ready for a soup and salad at Macado’s and that should be my final stop tonight.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

A frustrating day with Dish

I slept okay but had to take an OTC sleeping pill. When I got up I did my first set of exercises and started heating me upper back with the heating pad. It is pretty painful and I’m not sure how I hurt it. I was doing fine with the weights at the Hampton Inn but I can’t use even the five pounder right now. I got a call at 10:20 from Dish telling me that the technician would come between 3:30 and 5. However I decided to check and when I got down to the pasture the new message was that it would be between 2 and 3:30. I decided to check with a real person and she told me that both times were estimates and that it was still possible a technician would come as early as 12. So I drove back to my house loaded up my truck and then drove to the gate expecting a long wait. I did some computer work and fixed a few things and eventually the technician came a little after 2. Hassam was good and he had things fixed up by 3:15 and I tipped him when I got him back to the Sisson gate. I drove home and took a very needed nap, then got up, started my second set of exercises, finished my piano practicing, finished my exercises and watched the end of the golf tournament. I did another wash and then iced my knee, showered, and headed into Blacksburg around 6:15, took a long walker walk inside the Perry street garage (it was threatening outside), then headed to Kroger for coffee and batteries and then to Macado’s for the second game of the NBA finals, where the Cavs are down 8 at halftime and don’t look very good.

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Fishing again

I slept pretty well last night, not needing a OTC sleeping pill. When I got up I did some housework, then my first set of exercises including 20 minutes on the exercise bike. I called DISH and they are coming out tomorrow to replace my receiver and my remote. The only problem is that it could be between 12 and 5. I did my practicing and then ate another nice organic greenhouse salad. The greenhouse is really producing. It was nap time and after I got up I went to work on my second set of exercises and the time for shaving and showering. I drove out about 3 and stopped at the Tech CRP for a half mile walker walk. Then I drove out to Ripplemead and fished with the walker at the boat launch at the park. No hits but great to fish. Now I drove out to Narrows and did another walk on the sidewalk. Then I headed out to the one lane bridge over Wolf Creek and fished right from the back of my truck but again no hits. I drove back to Narrows and tried to nap but really just rested my eyes. I drove back to Bburg and decided to take a walk in the Perry Street parking garage and that felt good. Then it was time for dinner and dessert and Panera. Good day.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

another day toward recovery

I didn’t sleep too well last night but when I got up at around 8 I finished my first set of exercises and then I was able to ride the exercise bike for 15 minutes with full leg motion. I washed more clothes, straightened up a little more, practiced my piano and then Valerie came at 12:30 and thought I was doing very well. I then had a nap, then did a second set of exercises and headed out to drop off my gift card to Rob. I first went to Our Daily Bread and had a cup of coffee and an almond croissant and did some work on my 340 outline and then walked around Tech near the library a couple of times and with nothing to do for an hour and a half I drove out to Craig Creek and that felt good, walking a bit and listening to my music. Then it was time to watch the opening game of the finals.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Back Home and Getting Used to It

I went to see Matt at Gardner’s on Tuesday morning and I was pretty nervous. The big worry was of course that something was not right and that I would need more surgery. However, the x-rays were fine and Matt thought I was ahead of schedule. I left pretty happy and headed back for my appointment with Sara, the other physical therapist. She was a very nice woman and the therapy was excellent. I learned a few new things to do and she agreed that if my knee is swollen to cut back a little. Claire came around 12:30 and we loaded my truck, stopped for some groceries, and then headed out to the hollow. I was nervous but we got out there in my truck fine and in a few minutes we had the stuff from the truck in the house. Claire’s vehicle was in Pembroke and I was glad to get a drive in, even if I had to stop for a brief walk after a half hour. I dropped her off and then drove back to Blacksburg, stopping for a brief walk at the elementary school near the turnoff for Mountain Lake. I went for a short walk near the Tech Library, then headed home. I was still nervous but I got in fine and started doing some straightening up and had a salad from my greenhouse. I went to bed about 11 pretty exhausted and slept pretty well. When I got up I went out to the greenhouse to pick another salad and peas, recycling the older harder ones. I did my first set of exercises and then did more work around the house and some on the truck. I got a bag of garbage ready and a big bag of recyclables. I did my second set of exercises and then had a light nap, then I got ready to go into town. I mailed my tax payment (due in a few days) and did some shopping then headed off to my office. Neither Kate nor Rosemary were around but I got a good bit of work done and took a couple of walks around the building. Then I took a nap and had a hard time getting up from the air mattress but I can figure out a better way next time. I talked to Rob for a few minutes and tried to cheer him up and I think it helped. Now it was time to head for dinner at the Sushi place Rob recommended (Sakura) but the sushi was a little mushy and I prefer Greens or Nagoya. I drove over to the Tech botanical garden for a brief walk to the Koi pond, the headed to Starbucks for a cup of tea and my Lumosity training then my blogging. I am doing well but I still am not fully back mentally. Surgery and recovery are a shock and I won’t feel fully back for a while. I was able to peddle my exercise bike a little earlier in the day so that made me feel better.