Tuesday, June 14, 2016

a terrible night but a much better day

What a horrible night I had. I got home and was ready for the second half of the warriors and cavs when I got my mail. There was a bill from Omnicare for over a thousand dollars of meds during my four days at Heritage Hall. So now, besides having to pay for an extra day, I was going to have an outrageous bill for meds. I simply couldn’t sleep despite two halves of valium and two otc sleeping pills. Brutal. I finally got to sleep around 4 and woke around 8. I did my first set of exercises (I hadn’t done my third set the night before) and then I drove down to call Omnicare. The woman was friendly and said that any meds that I didn’t use should have been returned and I would get a credit. The Zofran (which I wasn’t even sure I took) was 610 dollars for 30 pills. Nydia said she would file my insurance and contact Heritage Hall about returns so I got off the phone feeling better. Then I called Heritage Hall and talked to Paulette and Nickki and Nickki right away said that I would get a refund for the night I didn’t stay and that they would send me my MAR, which would list all the medications I had received. I felt even better and I am pretty sure I won’t have to spend much more than 400 dollars and if I get back the 240 then my loss will only be 160. I did my second set of exercises and then showered and headed out for my Eggleston spot but nothing was biting so I ended up napping hard in my truck and then after a coffee I drove up to the Cascades and walked around for 15 minutes then drove to Tech for another walk in the botanical garden, then to Greens for sushi.

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