Sunday, June 26, 2016

Tomorrow my Summer II course begins

I didn’t sleep that well, worried a bit about the generator box, so at dawn I was out working on the box, and I ended up finishing it and painting it also. I was a little worried that I had hurt my knee too much, but with some rest and icing, I recovered pretty well and ended up playing 9 holes of golf (another 35) from about 80 yards out. It was a lot of fun. Then I went to my office and printed out my rules and outlines and did some other work and took a nap. Refreshed, I did some more work and then headed out to the Little, changed my mind and went all the way to the stream that goes through Rock Castle gorge. Unfortunately, the flooding must have done a lot of damage and the final part of the road was closed. I was able to walk in and fish a couple small pools and that was fun. I drove back to the little off 705 and fished at my spot again but with no luck again. It seems like a really good spot but no hits in two trips. After that I drove to the Huckleberry Trail near the mall and walked for twenty minutes before heading to O’Charley’s for dinner.

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