Sunday, June 12, 2016

Exploring the Little River

I was really tired last night but I did my third set of exercises and then didn’t sleep very well, taking an otc sleeping pill and still getting up a number of times. When I finally awoke near nine, I took a couple of Tylenol and got a few things done before my first long and hard set of exercises. I did my practicing, put the bike on the bike rack, rode the exercise bike for 20 minutes, did some light weights and napped on and off. I did check the batteries and equalized them for two hours and they did go up a bit. Number 8 was 1265, which was fine, but number 1 never got above 1237. I will try again in a few days. I put all the distilled water (four gallons) down by the batteries, and I’m sure I will need it. I think the batteries will be safe for my trip (around 27 days) but I am not sure they could make 30 days without more water. I used to get two months before the electricity was attached. I will have to check with Bryan. After my second hard set was done, I showered and headed off to explore the Little River and I eventually found an outfitter (On the Water) out off 705 about halfway to Floyd. I will call then soon and I am going to email my kayak friend about the news. I fished a few spots but got no bites and took a walk with my two sticks. Then the rain came and I headed back to O’Charley’s for dinner.

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