Monday, June 13, 2016

the lawn tractor is back home

I got up at seven so I would have plenty of time to make my 9 o’clock therapy appointment and though it was hard getting going, I did make it to therapy on time. Dan worked me hard for almost an hour and a half, but I am sure it helped. After therapy I drove to East Coaster and dropped off my other bike and talked about the new bike (due in Friday) and that the new rack will be in later in the week. I then had lunch at Zoe’s Kitchen and then home for a nap. I practiced some and then decided to get the lawn tractor back to the shed. I split the journey into thirds so I rode a third of the way, walked back and got the truck, rode again, then walked, rode again and walked once more. I dropped off the gas and then I headed back to the house for another nap and some practicing, then biking for 25 minutes and some light weights. I had a nice salad and then did my second set of exercises. I was going to fish the North Fork but Rob had called about a hike so I drove in to Blacksburg and Rob and I had a nice walk about halfway to the end. Then it was time to head to Macado’s for the 5th game.

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