Thursday, June 30, 2016

setback in therapy

I had a good day yesterday, doing my exercises, playing piano, light weights, and then heading in to teach my third class, which went very well. I then went over to walk with Rob, went off to do some preps, then returned to help him set up his reservations at Cooke City. I also helped him with hikes and sites in Yellowstone and went over some of the hikes in Big Bend. Thursday was a long and pretty hard day. I got up early to go to therapy and my knee was at 9 degrees, much higher than last week, where after manipulation by Dan I hit 2 degrees. I think Dan got it down to 6 degrees but that was not what I wanted. I left a little concerned even though Dan wasn’t too concerned about my progress and said that I could keep working on my knee for months. I taught my class and that went pretty well and I treated the students to pizza, which they all appreciated. After that I drove home to do my exercise bike and a couple hard sets of straightening the knee and bending it. I felt better after that and took a quick nap. I drove into town to pick up ankle weights and caulk but Rob called so ended up going with him on a hike on the Tom’s creek trail, almost finishing the trail. Then it was time for a late dinner at O’Charleys, and my blog and lumosity.

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