Saturday, June 11, 2016

A good Friday and Saturday

Friday was a good productive day and I did my exercises and rode my exercise bike for 15 minutes, practiced piano and finished up my rules and outline for the 340 summer course. I headed into Blacksburg to meet Claire Hall and Next Door Bakery, then went for a walk with Rob and caught up on things, then watched the Cavs lose to the Warriors and go down 3 to 1 in the series. Saturday was another productive day, with exercises done well, exercise bike for 15 minutes, some light weights for the first time in days, a good deal of piano, and some straightening around the house. I identified Canada anemone outside the house and I had more salad from the greenhouse. At about 5 I headed out to go watch the Belmont, stopping to take a 20 minute walk, and I ended up at Chili’s (both my horses lost so now I only have 363 dollars in my account, enough for several years of triple crown betting). After the race I drove up to Allegheny Springs and stopped to fish at a couple of bridges (at one I caught a small chub) and then drove back to C’Burg to walk in the Grand furniture lot for 20 minutes then have dinner at O’Charley’s. I heard from Maddie again and I am glad she is in touch.

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