Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Back Home and Getting Used to It

I went to see Matt at Gardner’s on Tuesday morning and I was pretty nervous. The big worry was of course that something was not right and that I would need more surgery. However, the x-rays were fine and Matt thought I was ahead of schedule. I left pretty happy and headed back for my appointment with Sara, the other physical therapist. She was a very nice woman and the therapy was excellent. I learned a few new things to do and she agreed that if my knee is swollen to cut back a little. Claire came around 12:30 and we loaded my truck, stopped for some groceries, and then headed out to the hollow. I was nervous but we got out there in my truck fine and in a few minutes we had the stuff from the truck in the house. Claire’s vehicle was in Pembroke and I was glad to get a drive in, even if I had to stop for a brief walk after a half hour. I dropped her off and then drove back to Blacksburg, stopping for a brief walk at the elementary school near the turnoff for Mountain Lake. I went for a short walk near the Tech Library, then headed home. I was still nervous but I got in fine and started doing some straightening up and had a salad from my greenhouse. I went to bed about 11 pretty exhausted and slept pretty well. When I got up I went out to the greenhouse to pick another salad and peas, recycling the older harder ones. I did my first set of exercises and then did more work around the house and some on the truck. I got a bag of garbage ready and a big bag of recyclables. I did my second set of exercises and then had a light nap, then I got ready to go into town. I mailed my tax payment (due in a few days) and did some shopping then headed off to my office. Neither Kate nor Rosemary were around but I got a good bit of work done and took a couple of walks around the building. Then I took a nap and had a hard time getting up from the air mattress but I can figure out a better way next time. I talked to Rob for a few minutes and tried to cheer him up and I think it helped. Now it was time to head for dinner at the Sushi place Rob recommended (Sakura) but the sushi was a little mushy and I prefer Greens or Nagoya. I drove over to the Tech botanical garden for a brief walk to the Koi pond, the headed to Starbucks for a cup of tea and my Lumosity training then my blogging. I am doing well but I still am not fully back mentally. Surgery and recovery are a shock and I won’t feel fully back for a while. I was able to peddle my exercise bike a little earlier in the day so that made me feel better.

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