Friday, June 24, 2016

back to golf and biking

I had a good day doing my exercises, practicing piano, and doing my bike riding. I did get to see Gyorgyi for lunch at The Next Door Bakery, then headed to my office to finish filing things and then taking a nap and a nice walk. I headed off to explore the Little River and found a good spot to fish and perhaps put in kayaks on the Little along Indian Valley Road. Friday turned out to be a very good day, an early lunch with Claire at Red Lobster and then a visit to Matt at Dr. Gardner’s. The x-rays were fine and after Matt manipulated my leg a bit he said I was doing great. He also said I could play golf again (with nothing more than a 7 iron) and that I could definitely ride my new bike. I called Ian to get the bike ready and then I rode out to the meadows and played nine holes, usually hitting from about 80 yards out. I shot a 35, and I was hoping to do 36 so it was quite rewarding. I went home and napped and then did a long second set of exercises, and rode the exercise bike for 30 minutes. I headed into Lowe’s and got all the stuff for the generator box and I will start work on that soon. I did my lumosity exercises and I am catching up on my blog.

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