Wednesday, June 15, 2016

A much better day

I had a very good night’s sleep, going to bed at around 12 and not getting up once. I decided to go for a hike down to my big white pine and I made it with two walking sticks. There a quite a few flowers around, honewort, wild hydrangea, oxeye daisies, fleabane, ground ivy, and yarrow. I want to figure out the small orange flower up by the orchard and I will do that tomorrow. When I got back I did my first set of exercises, napped, played some piano, picked some salad from the greenhouse (a few more days of lettuce left). I also equalized the batteries again and got them to 1273 for number 8, 1263 for number 4, and 1243 for number one. Those figures are the highest I have ever recorded in my book, and I am hoping that I can even do better. I rode the exercise bike for 25 minutes, finished my practicing, then took a quick nap before I got ready to go to therapy. I had a very hard and good session and my knee got to 3 degrees getting closer and closer to 0. As I got to my car, Kelly called and I chatted with her for a long time and I hope I cheered her up a little. Many pressures are weighing on her and she has to battle through things. Rob called and we went for a nice walk around his neighborhood and I helped him figure out how to attach his headboard. Then I took a quick drive to Craig Creek road and then drove back to have dinner at O’Charley’s.

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