Monday, December 14, 2015

Finals Week

Things are going pretty well with a few exceptions. All the work I put in on the drain pipe from the French drain didn’t fully solve the problem. There is still a very small flow even though I dug down several inches below the drain pipe and where the flow comes out of the ground and put in two tractor buckets of good clay. I must not have gone deep enough but I am not going to worry about it. I diverted the small flow back into the trench I dug and that seems to be working to save the road. If I ever get some money, I will hire a pro to fix the problem. I responded to Tracy’s unfair e-mail and explained why I have been more than generous with her. She will get her money (likely between 45 and 60K) when I sell the hollow and not sooner. The contract I initiated with her (a very generous one) states that clearly so I have no idea how she can write that my “promises are cruel and empty.” I am sorry she is angry but I am undeserving of it. My classes are almost over (it’s finals week) and I will be off for 5 weeks. I have decided to have my knee done in May and next Tuesday I should get a cortisone shot from Dr. Gardner. I’m hoping that will hold me till May. I am in too much pain all the time so I really have to do the surgery. Had a nice dinner with Cathy Gallo on Saturday and it now seems that Lou can work as long as he wants to. I am meeting Claire tomorrow and we will have a good chat. On Thursday, I am planning to take Maddie and Claire out to dinner and then to the Cinebowl to use up the video game card I bought for them. That should be fun. Kelly is still struggling a bit and I hope I have been able to help her some.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

A rough day

I had a very difficult day, though the kayak trip with my friend ended with a fine bunch of waves. She was very good and she wasn’t too cold when we finished up. I got too upset in the middle of our trip and it was because of the e-mail from Tracy, who really blasted me, and I think unfairly. I brought up some of the unfair things that have happened to me at Radford and my friend was supportive though she didn’t see everything my way, which is reasonable. Anyway, I dug up the buried treasure yesterday with the farm tractor so I don’t have to worry about anybody finding it and none of it is still on the property. I wasn’t feeling great this morning and tonight I feel on the verge of getting sick. I know when I have such a stressful day that I am likely to get sick. I have finished up all but one of the 444 papers and I have made up all the part twos of the final exams so the movie questions are the only things that remain. I am sorry Tracy is so angry with me but I really do think I have been more than fair with her. When I sell the hollow she will receive a lot of money (at least 40K) and she will get even more since I am going to give her half of any of the added value I receive from the electricity and from the right of way (if the sissons will sell it to me). I don’t have to money to pay Tracy now and the contract is clear that she gets her money when I sell the hollow, not before. My friend thinks she will never forgive me and perhaps she is right.

Friday, December 4, 2015

One Week of Classes Left

Another week goes by and it is time to catch up. No big news this week. I finished my 13th week of teaching so I only have one more week of teaching and then a week of finals. I have started grading the 444 papers and they are about as expected. I hiked this morning and then worked some on my drainage project, adding the two ten-foot sections and putting some clumps of dirt to keep them in place. I just got an email from my kayaking friend and we are going on Sunday at 1. I met Claire on Wednesday and had a good chat with her. She met Gyorgyi and I was glad they got to meet. I ordered a present for Lucia and I asked Kelly if it would be okay to send her a birthday card but I haven’t heard from her so I’m not sure what to do. I called TIAA to find out about the switch to ICMA and the fellow assured me that I wouldn’t lose any money and he thought that since my money is all in guaranteed accounts, then it probably wouldn’t be forced to move. The incredible violence in this country has me thinking of moving to Canada when I retire. It really is a bad time to be living here. I have set up my colonoscopy for the 5th of January and Claire should be able to come with me. Then I may just drift down South for a week or two before the spring semester. AEP has dropped off supplies but they haven’t started work yet. I think I can keep the generator going until they finish, then I will have Power Zone come pick it up and service it.