Monday, December 14, 2015

Finals Week

Things are going pretty well with a few exceptions. All the work I put in on the drain pipe from the French drain didn’t fully solve the problem. There is still a very small flow even though I dug down several inches below the drain pipe and where the flow comes out of the ground and put in two tractor buckets of good clay. I must not have gone deep enough but I am not going to worry about it. I diverted the small flow back into the trench I dug and that seems to be working to save the road. If I ever get some money, I will hire a pro to fix the problem. I responded to Tracy’s unfair e-mail and explained why I have been more than generous with her. She will get her money (likely between 45 and 60K) when I sell the hollow and not sooner. The contract I initiated with her (a very generous one) states that clearly so I have no idea how she can write that my “promises are cruel and empty.” I am sorry she is angry but I am undeserving of it. My classes are almost over (it’s finals week) and I will be off for 5 weeks. I have decided to have my knee done in May and next Tuesday I should get a cortisone shot from Dr. Gardner. I’m hoping that will hold me till May. I am in too much pain all the time so I really have to do the surgery. Had a nice dinner with Cathy Gallo on Saturday and it now seems that Lou can work as long as he wants to. I am meeting Claire tomorrow and we will have a good chat. On Thursday, I am planning to take Maddie and Claire out to dinner and then to the Cinebowl to use up the video game card I bought for them. That should be fun. Kelly is still struggling a bit and I hope I have been able to help her some.

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