Friday, December 4, 2015

One Week of Classes Left

Another week goes by and it is time to catch up. No big news this week. I finished my 13th week of teaching so I only have one more week of teaching and then a week of finals. I have started grading the 444 papers and they are about as expected. I hiked this morning and then worked some on my drainage project, adding the two ten-foot sections and putting some clumps of dirt to keep them in place. I just got an email from my kayaking friend and we are going on Sunday at 1. I met Claire on Wednesday and had a good chat with her. She met Gyorgyi and I was glad they got to meet. I ordered a present for Lucia and I asked Kelly if it would be okay to send her a birthday card but I haven’t heard from her so I’m not sure what to do. I called TIAA to find out about the switch to ICMA and the fellow assured me that I wouldn’t lose any money and he thought that since my money is all in guaranteed accounts, then it probably wouldn’t be forced to move. The incredible violence in this country has me thinking of moving to Canada when I retire. It really is a bad time to be living here. I have set up my colonoscopy for the 5th of January and Claire should be able to come with me. Then I may just drift down South for a week or two before the spring semester. AEP has dropped off supplies but they haven’t started work yet. I think I can keep the generator going until they finish, then I will have Power Zone come pick it up and service it.

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