Sunday, December 6, 2015

A rough day

I had a very difficult day, though the kayak trip with my friend ended with a fine bunch of waves. She was very good and she wasn’t too cold when we finished up. I got too upset in the middle of our trip and it was because of the e-mail from Tracy, who really blasted me, and I think unfairly. I brought up some of the unfair things that have happened to me at Radford and my friend was supportive though she didn’t see everything my way, which is reasonable. Anyway, I dug up the buried treasure yesterday with the farm tractor so I don’t have to worry about anybody finding it and none of it is still on the property. I wasn’t feeling great this morning and tonight I feel on the verge of getting sick. I know when I have such a stressful day that I am likely to get sick. I have finished up all but one of the 444 papers and I have made up all the part twos of the final exams so the movie questions are the only things that remain. I am sorry Tracy is so angry with me but I really do think I have been more than fair with her. When I sell the hollow she will receive a lot of money (at least 40K) and she will get even more since I am going to give her half of any of the added value I receive from the electricity and from the right of way (if the sissons will sell it to me). I don’t have to money to pay Tracy now and the contract is clear that she gets her money when I sell the hollow, not before. My friend thinks she will never forgive me and perhaps she is right.

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