Wednesday, November 30, 2016

rain but a nice morning hike

Wednesday turned out to be okay. I got a morning hike to the orchard and found that my retirement accounts went up 4.8 K, which was much more (.8) than I expected. I did my exercises, my weights and yoga, and a little bit of cleaning the house. I picked up Maddie around 1 and we had a nice chat on the way to Tech. She is going to stay in touch about Cathy’s operation on Friday. I did some shopping since it was raining and I took a nap before my office hour so I would be fresh for the presentation and class. The presentation was pretty good and She’s the Man less good. It was raining heavily so I decided just to have dinner at Panera and then to go home to ride the stationary bike and watch the Indiana/North Carolina game.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

closer to the end

Tuesday went pretty well. It was raining outside so I did my exercises, practiced my piano, cleaned the dishes, did my weights and yoga and cleaned up the house a bit. I drove in and showed Water for Elephants in the first class, went back to my office for a nap and some work. I then showed the movie in the second class and did an almost 50 minute bike ride just before dark. Another nap and off to Panera for soup and salad and an apple, then my lumosity training and my blog.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

still waiting

Sunday didn’t end up with a kayak trip but I did get to see my kayak friend for a couple of hours, visiting the dog walk and then to Cold Stone for ice cream cupcakes. I couldn’t take a chance on the kayak trip because I couldn’t predict what was going to happen when. I did some bike riding at home and also took a nice hike up to the orchard (it is strenuous enough to get me breathing heavy). I did my yoga and weights, played my piano, and straightened up the house a bit. I did get to the dinner for Michael Van Crowder and he seemed professional and quite affable. I think Rosemary appreciated my coming, especially since Robert was stuck in traffic. I talked to Cathy briefly and told her that I was pretty certain I could give Maddie a ride tomorrow. I did my lumosity training and my blog at Panera.

Friday, November 25, 2016

Things are still uneasy

Friday turned out okay but it involved a lot of bathroom work just before I headed out (I had to drive back to the house twice to avoid problems). In addition I stopped in the middle of the Sisson road after my bottom gave up. I had done a hike up to the orchard earlier, and two washes, and all my exercises, plus almost all my piano work, and my weights and yoga. I was pretty restless last night questioning a number of things but after all the things I got done I felt much calmer. I cleaned out the truck also, and that helped. I left around 2:45 and when I got to the golf course I had to head for the bathroom. I played pretty well starting from the forward tees and moving back as I stayed around bogey golf. I headed to Macado’s in Radford for Margie’s Cashew Chicken salad and lumosity training and my blog

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Not a great trip to NY

I will have to summarize a bit since my visit to NY was not the best. On the drive up I stopped to watch the VT-Notre Dame game and my problems began. I ordered a trio of inedible but tasty appetizers instead of soup or salad. Big mistake. I stayed clogged the rest of the night and into my first day of visiting New York. I went to the World Trade Center Memorial and then went to see Fantastic Beasts and then had dinner at Blue Smoke (eating barbequed beef brisket was not the best idea). Finally, I headed home and took 3 ducolax just before getting to my room at the Hampton. The pills didn’t work so I took 3 more in the middle of the night and finally they worked in the morning. What a great sense of relief. I did my exercises and got ready to go to the city and I headed to Columbus Circle to rent a bike at the rental place there. As I was filling out the form, my lower body exploded and I was left backed into a wall with an incredible mess. The rental guy told me you couldn’t see anything so I strolled to a nearby bathroom in the park, where I met a homeless man buttoning his pants. Thankfully there was a free stall and I took off my lower clothes and my jacket and sweater, placing the clean stuff over the edge of the door. My long johns and underwear were ruined but I had my bike pants with me so after cleaning myself as well as I could I pulled on the bike pants, dried my regular pants as much as I could, then put my socks and shoes back on. After I put my sweater and jacket on I noticed that my good gloves had been stolen. Hopefully the homeless person had warm hands for a while. I then went back to finish the rental and did ride around the park for 20 minutes with no problems. After my ride I bought some Immodium and that calmed things down even more so I walked through Central Park for a few minutes then down to 42nd street. It led me to decide to head home early and I am now finishing my Thursday blog in Salem after two bike rides today.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Thanksgiving, finally

I am finished for a week and that feels pretty good. My ear doesn’t hurt so that should not be a problem for the trip. I had two decent classes and I had two bike rides. Andrew is acting like a total asshole. I asked him to stop texting me but he can’t stop himself. He really needs help. What a bully he is and how one dimensional. I could shred him if I wanted but I have no desire to get in an endless battle like he has going on with Gyorgyi. I am watching the Louisville game and they are getting killed 31 to 0.

Friday, November 11, 2016

Responding to the Provost

It is Friday evening and I am calming down a little after talking to Gyorgyi and writing my email to the Provost. Dear Interim Provost Scartelli, I am very concerned about the email you sent out. It seems to be saying that we have to respect all opinions from our students: “As an institution not only of higher learning, but as a model of principle, ethics, and civil discourse, we have an opportunity to guide constructive dialog, express and listen to all opinions and ideas, and ultimately exemplify these core practices of truly educated individuals.” Do you mean that a student who makes fun of a physically handicapped person (like our president elect) or mocks a woman’s menstrual cycle (like our president elect) or questions the objectivity of an American judge because of his Mexican heritage (like our president elect), or calls women “pigs” (like our president elect), or maintains that if a man is a star he can grab a woman’s “pussy” and grope her (like our president elect), that this student has a right to speak out in class and be listened to. Wouldn’t that student be breaking many rules about student behavior? Wouldn’t I be breaking rules to allow such opinions to be expressed? Evil shouldn’t be debated; it should be fought against. Look what happened in Germany just before World War II. Sincerely, Dr. Justin Askins Professor of English I am still unable to look at news programs yet, and the sports channels are also discussing the election. I had a very good morning, doing half my exercises then using the snake to clear out my kitchen drain and putting everything back together (I had taken apart the trap but it wasn’t clogged). Then I took a hike down to the gate, and fixed the bed in the back of the truck, got both trays ready in my greenhouse, got rid of the old soaker hose and the two old trays, cleaned up the inside of the house, did another equalization of the batteries (7, 1270, 4, 1250, 1, 1235, very good indeed). I also cut some of the fallen trees by the tractor barn with the sawzall. Very good morning. At about 2 I left to play golf (47, 48), then went to Panda Express for an early dinner, took a nap, then went to Dick’s but the golf guy thought my grips were still good for at least another 6 months. I then headed to Tech for a 45 minute bike ride, and then off to Starbucks for tea and an egg and cheese English muffin. I forwarded my email to Gyorgyi, Kelly and my kayak friend.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

America makes a terrible choice

Wednesday has been a very hard day. Hillary Clinton lost to that awful Donald Trump and ruined my celebratory dinner with Gyorgyi (who is very upset as I am). I looked at apartments on British Columbia’s Sunshine Coast and I contacted Gyorgyi and Kelly (who is also devastated). This is the worst I have ever felt after an election. I can’t take it in yet. Bad things are to come, very bad things.

Sunday, November 6, 2016

kayaking in november

Saturday was a very decent day, with golf and biking, a full morning workout and a hike in the morning. Sunday was also very productive. I got up around 6, did some playing, some exercising then took a nap before doing a wash and getting all my kayak gear in my truck and heading off to see my kayak friend. We had a wonderful trip and she was very funny. We chatted about preppers and the election and after the trip we went to subway for meatball subs. I then went to my office for a quick nap, then a bike ride by the Armstrong facility for 45 minutes. After that I drove to Panera to do my lumosity and my blog. The election has me worried but I am still hopeful Hillary will win. Kelly emailed me to wish me a belated birthday greeting and then left a phone message. I hope to talk to her during the week. Cathy got my birthday greetings call and I hope to talk to her soon.

Friday, November 4, 2016

New chainsaw battery and Dr. Strange

Friday has turned out very well. I slept until almost 6, which was very nice, and I did a full set of exercises, my weights and most of my yoga. My calf is still pretty good but not fully recovered. I am going kayaking with my kayak friend on Sunday so that should be fun. I purchased a new battery for my chain saw and trimmer. I also got Cathy’s gifts and went to see Dr. Strange, good but not great. I rode my bike for over 40 minutes and I had taken a hike in the morning so I got some good exercise. I did the Doodle survey and I am not sure I will fit in since I teach on Tuesday and Thursday at 4, the time most favored by the others. I had my dinner at Panera and I will keep working for a bit.

Thursday, November 3, 2016

the gutters are finally clean

Wednesday went very well. David got to the gate at 9:00 and his two assistants did the servicing while we chatted. I asked him if he would do the gutter cleaning and he was fine with it and the two guys got up on the roof and cleaned out the gutters in less than 20 minutes. I was going to give them each 40 dollars but David thought 20 each was enough. I headed in to pick up Maddie after doing a pretty short workout and it was fun to chat with her. I headed in to Radford to bike along the river for 40 minutes then I had my office hour and I went to the personnel meeting before teaching at 5. It was then time to head to Tech to ride my bike and then watch the first part of the final game of the World Series, eventually won by the Cubs in 10 innings 8 to 7. Thursday was a more relaxed morning even though I was up for a couple of hours in the middle of the night. I got up at 8:10 and did a full set of exercises and my full weights and most of my yoga. My calf was okay but I didn’t want to push it too far. I had practiced some of my pieces in the middle of the night and I got the garbage ready and the recycling ready. I drove in to town and my first class and then napped and then had my office hour (with my printer being fixed) and then taught my second class before heading off to play golf (47/47) and then a bike ride along the river before heading to Nagoya for dinner.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016


My Tuesday went pretty well. I got up early and did some work (laundry and most of my piano pieces) and then got back to bed and woke up at 9. Then I did my exercises (for both legs) and then my weights and most of the other exercises. I drove in and taught my first class (which went well and I showed the students my publications). I may just do the evaluations in that class. I took a nap after class and then headed to my office. Rob’s office called and told me that my anemia was worse (that might explain how tired I am) and that they are going to check the iron level. I got birthday wishes from several people but none from Kelly, which did hurt my feelings. Lou didn’t sign my birthday card but that is stupid of him, especially considering that I drive his daughter to Tech twice a week. What a petty move. My second class was good and then I headed off to play nine holes of golf (a 45 from the gold tees), followed by a 40 minute bike ride at Tech. With that done I headed to Macado’s for lumosity, blogging and dinner.