Tuesday, November 1, 2016


My Tuesday went pretty well. I got up early and did some work (laundry and most of my piano pieces) and then got back to bed and woke up at 9. Then I did my exercises (for both legs) and then my weights and most of the other exercises. I drove in and taught my first class (which went well and I showed the students my publications). I may just do the evaluations in that class. I took a nap after class and then headed to my office. Rob’s office called and told me that my anemia was worse (that might explain how tired I am) and that they are going to check the iron level. I got birthday wishes from several people but none from Kelly, which did hurt my feelings. Lou didn’t sign my birthday card but that is stupid of him, especially considering that I drive his daughter to Tech twice a week. What a petty move. My second class was good and then I headed off to play nine holes of golf (a 45 from the gold tees), followed by a 40 minute bike ride at Tech. With that done I headed to Macado’s for lumosity, blogging and dinner.

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