Friday, November 25, 2016

Things are still uneasy

Friday turned out okay but it involved a lot of bathroom work just before I headed out (I had to drive back to the house twice to avoid problems). In addition I stopped in the middle of the Sisson road after my bottom gave up. I had done a hike up to the orchard earlier, and two washes, and all my exercises, plus almost all my piano work, and my weights and yoga. I was pretty restless last night questioning a number of things but after all the things I got done I felt much calmer. I cleaned out the truck also, and that helped. I left around 2:45 and when I got to the golf course I had to head for the bathroom. I played pretty well starting from the forward tees and moving back as I stayed around bogey golf. I headed to Macado’s in Radford for Margie’s Cashew Chicken salad and lumosity training and my blog

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