Friday, November 4, 2016

New chainsaw battery and Dr. Strange

Friday has turned out very well. I slept until almost 6, which was very nice, and I did a full set of exercises, my weights and most of my yoga. My calf is still pretty good but not fully recovered. I am going kayaking with my kayak friend on Sunday so that should be fun. I purchased a new battery for my chain saw and trimmer. I also got Cathy’s gifts and went to see Dr. Strange, good but not great. I rode my bike for over 40 minutes and I had taken a hike in the morning so I got some good exercise. I did the Doodle survey and I am not sure I will fit in since I teach on Tuesday and Thursday at 4, the time most favored by the others. I had my dinner at Panera and I will keep working for a bit.

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