Sunday, November 6, 2016

kayaking in november

Saturday was a very decent day, with golf and biking, a full morning workout and a hike in the morning. Sunday was also very productive. I got up around 6, did some playing, some exercising then took a nap before doing a wash and getting all my kayak gear in my truck and heading off to see my kayak friend. We had a wonderful trip and she was very funny. We chatted about preppers and the election and after the trip we went to subway for meatball subs. I then went to my office for a quick nap, then a bike ride by the Armstrong facility for 45 minutes. After that I drove to Panera to do my lumosity and my blog. The election has me worried but I am still hopeful Hillary will win. Kelly emailed me to wish me a belated birthday greeting and then left a phone message. I hope to talk to her during the week. Cathy got my birthday greetings call and I hope to talk to her soon.

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