Sunday, October 30, 2011

I still haven’t heard about my conservation easement, but I am still assuming things are fine.
I went up to Maddie’s performance at Lord Botetourt and it was great to chat with Cathy but it was pretty cold. My new jacket is excellent but my feet got a little cold after four hours (3-9). Radford High School won many awards and I was especially glad Cypress Beach won best drum major. Maddie was glad I could come and that is the important thing.
I went to Gyorgyi’s friend Bonnie’s reading on Thursday at VT and it was fine. Then Gyorgyi and I went and had coffee. I had been psyched about my new book project, this about protecting the land (starting with my Canadian Rockies experience, then moving to my Neversink experience then finishing with my Reese Hollow easement). Gyorgyi didn’t think much of it, but I think it is worth applying for a grant for. I won’t be able to apply for a professional leave until the fall of 2015 when I will be 64. I hope to be retired by then but I guess it is still worth considering.
I talked with Gyorgyi about driving up to Alaska this summer and she said she would consider it. I would much rather go with another person and Gyorgyi is a good traveler.
I hand sanded the sill which had two round stains on it and I got rid of them but then I used the electric sander to even the whole sill out and now it looks a little uneven. I think it will look fine with polyurethane on it.
My gout flareup on Thursday night (I couldn’t move my left ankle without intense pain) has calmed down with 20 mg of prednisone for the past two days and Rob will put me back on the Allopurinol soon and address the anemia in a different way.
I did my bike and some yoga and weights this morning and I hope my ankle doesn’t flare up. I am supposed to walk with Rob and Peggy later this afternoon, then I would like to go play golf. Golf may be too much.

Monday, October 24, 2011

My stomach gave me fits on Friday and Saturday but I after Rob told me to stop the colchicine, my stomach was okay on Sunday.
I had the students out to my place at lunch time and after some cheese and bread and salsa and chips, we took a walk down to the orchard and that was quite nice. I think they were all impressed but I don’t think any of them would want to live there.
I played golf in the afternoon on Sunday and I broke 50, after several rounds at 50 or above. I shot a 46 and I could have shot a 42 with some good putting.
In the evening I walked with Rob and he was able to see Noah and he was very glad about that.
This morning I did my yoga and weights, rode the bike, and cleaned up the house from my students’ visit.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

My trip last weekend to Accomac was a successful although I must admit that Sandy can be a little overbearing. Ken was fine and we went bike riding, walking and chatting together, although we weren’t able to fish because the wind was up too high. On the way out I stopped to ride on the Blue Ridge Parkway right off I-64 and I did that on the way back also. I had stomach problems on the way there after taking the colchisine but on the way back the half dosage Rob recommended didn’t cause any problems.
The easement will be voted on next week but I don’t expect any problems at this point. I got the final appraisal figure and the loss will be 115 K, 5 K more than the draft. I hope that will translate into a bigger tax credit. I should know by the middle of November or so.
I am sure my blood level is still low because I am very tired and today my stomach doesn’t feel well. Still, I took a nice walk with Rob on the trail and we were back talking about everything. Raechel got an 1820 on her SATs with a 680 in writing. I told Rob that I couldn’t take much credit since I only worked with her once. Good luck to her.
I e-mailed Kate about my health and also sent her the heat in the office essay which she thought was quite funny.
I have finished with the new equity line and my total (after finishing the easement) should be about 109K. However, I am now paying 4 percent on the 68k mortgage money, quite an improvement from the 7 and a half I was paying.
I hope I am feeling better tomorrow.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Mark Burnette came out yesterday and he took the two hardshell kayaks, along with the broken cargo box. Now I have more space in the tractor barn and he also helped me trimming the road to the orchard. I paid him 100 since he is really low on cash. We may go down to Charlotte again to kayak if a warm day comes up.
The easement moves along and the forester, Mike Skinner, came out, and he was very nice, knowing Gyorgyi and Lisa Norris. He should be back this week and he thinks the timber is okay in spots, but that the money figure should be fine. Josh Gibson sent me a revised copy of the deal with a few minor changes which I approved. VOF will be out to do their baseline study soon so I would imagine that they are pretty sure they will accept my proposal.
Rob and I went to the VT-Clemson game and it was an awful game on an awful night. We both had a good time anyway.
My greenhouse garden is doing okay, especially the peas, but the lettuce seems hesitant to grow much. We’ll see.
The student who came in late and used foul language hasn’t apologized yet so I may have to contact the Dean of Students tomorrow so they can talk to him before I let him back in class.
I am still tired but I guess I have to wait a few more weeks for my blood level to get back up.
I went to Maddie’s game on Friday and had a nice chat with Cathy. Status quo. I am planning to go to the Wake Forest competition.