Sunday, October 30, 2011

I still haven’t heard about my conservation easement, but I am still assuming things are fine.
I went up to Maddie’s performance at Lord Botetourt and it was great to chat with Cathy but it was pretty cold. My new jacket is excellent but my feet got a little cold after four hours (3-9). Radford High School won many awards and I was especially glad Cypress Beach won best drum major. Maddie was glad I could come and that is the important thing.
I went to Gyorgyi’s friend Bonnie’s reading on Thursday at VT and it was fine. Then Gyorgyi and I went and had coffee. I had been psyched about my new book project, this about protecting the land (starting with my Canadian Rockies experience, then moving to my Neversink experience then finishing with my Reese Hollow easement). Gyorgyi didn’t think much of it, but I think it is worth applying for a grant for. I won’t be able to apply for a professional leave until the fall of 2015 when I will be 64. I hope to be retired by then but I guess it is still worth considering.
I talked with Gyorgyi about driving up to Alaska this summer and she said she would consider it. I would much rather go with another person and Gyorgyi is a good traveler.
I hand sanded the sill which had two round stains on it and I got rid of them but then I used the electric sander to even the whole sill out and now it looks a little uneven. I think it will look fine with polyurethane on it.
My gout flareup on Thursday night (I couldn’t move my left ankle without intense pain) has calmed down with 20 mg of prednisone for the past two days and Rob will put me back on the Allopurinol soon and address the anemia in a different way.
I did my bike and some yoga and weights this morning and I hope my ankle doesn’t flare up. I am supposed to walk with Rob and Peggy later this afternoon, then I would like to go play golf. Golf may be too much.

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