Thursday, November 3, 2011

My easement was approved on Friday and I got the news on Monday—which was also my birthday—and I was quite delighted, but then Rob told me he wanted me to get the endoscopy and the colonoscopy immediately because the blood tests showed further blood loss. That kind of ruined the rest of my birthday. Tracy sent me a birthday greeting so that cheered me up a bit.
On Sunday I had a birthday dinner with Jeff, Rachel and Benjamin and that was a lot of fun, eating Indian food and watching the Eagles trounce the Cowboys.
On Tuesday I felt better and Rob took me out to dinner and then we went for a walk. He thinks the procedures set for the 16th are going to be negative because I don’t have an iron deficiency. He thinks it my inability to make blood and that could be for any number of reasons. He is doing quite well with Rachel and he is seeing Noah a little.
I will be heading off for a three or four day trip to Charlotte and Columbia this afternoon. I need to just get away from all the medical stuff.
I finished treating the back porch with Thompson’s yesterday and it should hold up for a couple of years. I replanted some strawberries and cleaned up the greenhouse a little. I should have lettuce next week and peas in a couple of weeks.

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