Friday, November 18, 2011

Another busy week with the highlights—or the lowlights—being my endoscopy and colonoscopy on Wednesday. Both came out negative as expected, so now I have to get the bone marrow biopsy late in December. I will be put under for that so I don’t think it will be that bad.
I did not like the drug they used to anesthetize me. I made me groggy after the procedures and I could heard them talking while they were doing it. The good part was that the procedures came off on time and I didn’t have to wait for six hours.
On Thursday afternoon I got a message from Jessica Miller and she told me that the bank wasn’t going to sign off on my easement unless I got another appraisal (the sixth!). I tried to explain to her that the property was still worth at least 200K but she wasn’t buying and I told her I would close my accounts and pay off the loan from my 403B account (which I really couldn’t do since I only had 85K in it, with the loan balance being 106). I was steamed.
I went to the Tech game with Rob and I was thinking about the easement much of the time so the excitement of the game was diminished for me. Still, Tech won in a game that ended up very close and we had a good chat.
On Friday morning I woke early and drove to my office to get the Lucas appraisal and it was as I remembered: the property was worth 311K and the loss would be 112K so my 120 equity line was nowhere near the 80% figure. I drove to the bank and talked briefly with Jessica, who said she didn’t want to be in the middle so I got her to call Sandra Chafin and after I showed her the Lucas appraisal she seemed satisfied and I could relax. They should sign off on the easement within 10 days and when I spoke to Josh at VOF he thought that would be fine. Now I can go up to NY relatively relaxed and enjoy my visits to Rose and Marie, Herb and Susan, Gabe, Francesca and Julian, and Kelly, Alfredo and Lucia. I did play golf this afternoon and shot a 46 on the back nine and if my putting had been better I would have shot a 43. That was my second straight 46 on the back so I guess my swing is better.
I am not on the graduate subcommittee and I am kind of glad about that. I am not sure how my health will be and I don’t think I need any more stuff to do.
The house is in very good shape and most of my stuff is packed so I should be able to get off quickly in the morning.

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