Friday, November 11, 2011

I play catch up again as my last entry is almost a week ago. I remain more tired than usual but I am still very busy.
This morning I changed the oil in the generator so that should be good until spring. The greenhouse is doing well, with the peas flowering and the new strawberry transplants doing well. I have eaten a little lettuce already. I emptied the big tank in the orchard and took out the plug so it doesn’t freeze.
My teaching is going well and I have finished one evaluation and will do two more next week.
I have volunteered to be on the graduate subcommittee and I hope that won’t be too stressful. I will be teaching a graduate course in the fall for the first time in many, many years.
I found out today that if I sell my tax credits I should get around 32K. I am going to wait until I find out what is wrong with my blood and then I may have to since I would lose them if something happens to me.
I went down to Charlotte and Columbia last week and had a great time, visiting the Congaree National Park, riding my bike along the river in Columbia, playing golf, walking around Charlotte and the Vista section of Columbia, eating at Capitol Grill and at Motor Supply Company bistro. It was a needed break from all the medical stuff.
I played golf with Craig today at the River Course and we had a lot of fun. Our match ended in a tie and Craig won the playoff hole. I always enjoy playing with him and today was even better.

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