Thursday, September 27, 2012

another week finished

It is Monday morning and I am on the way back to Radford to teach and attend the 4 pm graduate meeting. My trip to Charleston turned out well, starting with a fine dinner on Thursday with Becky at Good Food in Charlotte (though the traffic was there for a long time), then moving on to Charleston, where I got there early and was able to play golf on the Harbor course (48 from the golds) and then ride my bike for almost an hour. After Gloria and Kathy arrived we went into town for dinner at 82 Queen (very good duck) and then drove back to Wild Dunes. The next morning found me riding my bike and then going for a dip in the ocean. I found Kathy insufferable and I am very sorry that I had to deal with her, which put a damper on my visit with Gloria. We drove into town at around 4 and Gloria and I got a decent walk and chat in after Kathy bizarrely just walked off to an ATM and didn’t reappear until dinner at Hanks (average food, snapper was okay). On Sunday morning, I was going to go for a walk with Gloria and Kathy on the beach but I decided to go for a bike ride instead in order to minimize my contact with Kathy. I then drove them into town and what a sense of relief I had when I dropped them off. Then I drove almost non-stop to Charlotte, played 9 holes at Regent Park (48), most of the round with 2 fellows who were very friendly. After a nap, I went walking in downtown Charlotte (with a few minutes in the fourth ward) and then I drove to PF Changs for a fine dinner. It is Thursday the 27th and this week has gone well, with my teaching going fine and getting all of the things done that I had to. It seems that the natural resources program may not be the best thing for me, especially since it seems like I will be low on the priority list for grants and I have to put up 200 for a plan. My equity extension is going well and I am waiting for the appraisal company to set up an appraisal. I will see Rob tonight for a walk and I played golf this afternoon even though the weather report hinted toward rain.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Friday has started out very well. I had a lovely hike down to the orchard (three times on the steeper part), watered the greenhouse (still hopeful this planting will take), cleaned up the house some, rode the stationary bike for 30 minutes, practiced my sax for 20, finished grading my 200 class.
I drove in to Cburg and picked up the knee brace, went for a flu shot (which did sting), and cashed in my two savings bonds for 79 dollars. It is going to be tight for the next month but once the equity line increase is approved, I should have no more fluidity concerns.
I talked to Jenny and I am going to see her in October and I hope to see Ken and Sandy during that trip.
Yesterday I played golf and shot a 48, but I had to work hard to avoid a collapse on 17 and 18. I shot from the white tees though I did do the first hole from the gold tees because the white ones were crowded.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

It is Thursday and I have two classes to teach before the weekend. My graduate class last night was very good and we went basically nonstop until 9:40. Real enthusiasm for the writing. What a satisfying class this is.
My belly was hurting again (although it is better since I am resting it) and it may be that I am overweight again and that is stretching the scars from the surgery.
I think my loan extension is going to go through and it will be at least 40K, I think. It will allow me to help out a bit and to give some to charity.
I have been walking to the orchard in the morning and snakeroot, great lobelia, horsebalm, thin-leaved coneflower, white wood aster, very late touch me nots are still blooming.
I am sleeping poorly but last night I slept 6 hours straight without the OTC sleep aid so that was good.
There is a dead deer down in the stream and I can’t get to it so I am not sure what to do. The coyotes will get to it but I don’t want it rotting in the stream.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

A good weekend, with some golf, walks with Rob, a good dinner and a movie night with Gyorgyi, and a walk in the hollow.
The greenhouse is a little better, with more peas coming up (still a few empty spots) but no lettuce or spinach. I probably will replant again this week.
I have ridden the bike for the last three days and that has helped my knee.
The house is in good shape but I am still not sure about whether to stain it myself now, do it in the spring, or hire someone to do it.
I am hoping to hear from Stellar One this week and perhaps I will bet the equity line extension, at least to 150K. That would be helpful.
I have gotten all my grading and preps done for Monday and Tuesday, so I think this will be an okay week.