Friday, September 14, 2012

Friday has started out very well. I had a lovely hike down to the orchard (three times on the steeper part), watered the greenhouse (still hopeful this planting will take), cleaned up the house some, rode the stationary bike for 30 minutes, practiced my sax for 20, finished grading my 200 class.
I drove in to Cburg and picked up the knee brace, went for a flu shot (which did sting), and cashed in my two savings bonds for 79 dollars. It is going to be tight for the next month but once the equity line increase is approved, I should have no more fluidity concerns.
I talked to Jenny and I am going to see her in October and I hope to see Ken and Sandy during that trip.
Yesterday I played golf and shot a 48, but I had to work hard to avoid a collapse on 17 and 18. I shot from the white tees though I did do the first hole from the gold tees because the white ones were crowded.

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