Monday, May 30, 2016

Almost home

I slept well again last night and in the morning I did my first set of exercises, then weights and walking. I cleaned up the room a bit, getting ready for tomorrow, and napped some, then went to Applebees for lunch and my knee felt fine during lunch. I drove back to do my second set of exercises, weights and a walk and then I met with Austin McGrady and later his partner Amanda and had a good chat with them. I got a call from another therapist, Sara, and she will be coming out tomorrow to work on my knee. Lou called and he had so much negativity about going home that it bothered me. I later called Cathy about it and then I wrote him an email explaining that I need a lot of positive stuff right now. I finished my practicing and then showered. Another good meal at O’Charley’s and watching a close game between the warriors and the thunder.

Sunday, May 29, 2016

closer to getting home

Last night I went over to O’Charley’s and had a nice planked salmon dinner and watched most of the Golden State game, but left midway through the fourth because it looked like the Thunder were in control. When I got back to the room, the game was still on but Golden State was going to win. I did my last set of exercises and then dropped off to sleep but it was a restless night and I ended up using 2 OTC sleeping pills and finally got to sleep and slept till 8. I did my first set of exercises (they certainly hurt a lot), then went down to use the weights (and my arms are getting stronger and stronger) and then Rob called and I drove over for a walk and a good chat. Then his Mom came and we chatted some more and ate some and I finally left after three since Becky hadn’t shown up and I was getting tired. I napped really hard, got up and watched the end of the golf tournament and did my second set of exercises, followed by five sets of weights, and three sets of walking up the stairs. I started practicing but got sleep so I napped again briefly then got up, finished my practicing, showered and headed out to Olive Garden. My knee felt a little better through dinner.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

more progress

Another good day of practicing, exercising, walks, icing my knee, piano, naps and walking up stairs. I feel much more upbeat but I have to keep my emotions in control and stay very steady about my slow path to recovery. I talked to Gloria and that was fun and I texted Kelly about her Mom’s 70th birthday party and she responded well. I am ready to go home but a few more days in a safer environment will be a plus. Talked to Dougie Sisson and he is doing very well. I am so glad for him. He’s gone through a lot and he’s a really good guy. I also emailed back and forth with my kayak friend and she is very happy with her new dog.

Friday, May 27, 2016

moving forward

Thursday was a good productive day of exercising, walking, napping and practicing my piano. I had a visit from Disha at about 5 and she worked me pretty hard, which is exactly what I needed. At 7 Lou and Cathy came by, bringing me juices (especially prune) and good conversation until almost 9. Claire is doing well as is Maddie so that is good news. I went over to the Mexican restaurant to get shrimp fajitas and watch the first half of the Golden State game. I had plenty left over and brought it back but I probably should have left it since I couldn’t really sleep until I had finished the food. I didn’t get a great night’s sleep but with the help of an OTC sleep aid I finally got to sleep and slept almost to nine. I did my first set of exercises and then had breakfast then did some weights in the exercise room. I played some piano and napped, then did a second set of exercises and had some more of Rob’s wonderful bread and soup. Then more weights, and I can feel my arms coming back a bit. Another nap, some more piano, a nice chat with Cathy, a walk around the building twice and then time for sushi dinner at Kabuki and watching the first half of the Cavs game. Too expensive but a tasty meal.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

the road to recovery has its bumps

Heritage Hall was pretty grim and the food was pretty awful. It was not the place for me although the people were nice and my walks and physical therapy were helpful. Fortunately, I left a day early (four nights instead of five) after Rob suggested I come over his place. It was a kind and generous offer and when I got to his house I felt much better when Becky took me over on Monday morning. Rob and Becky had brought my truck there so I had more access to my stuff and Rob’s lovely house and surroundings were so comforting after HH. I took a nap in his bedroom and it was so pleasant to wake up there. They also prepared a fine dinner for me and we chatted for quite some time. Tuesday was fine as I did some walks and practiced my piano. I sat outside on the back porch and enjoyed the fine weather and the birds including indigo buntings and lots of goldfinches. Rob came over after work and we walked a bit and chatted and I felt pretty comfortable. But Tuesday night turned into a disaster as Promise, Rob’s dog woke me at 3 and I ended up talking her out for a short walk. I called the Hampton Inn and found I could get a hospital rate of 99 a night so I confirmed that for 6 days, at which point I should be able to go home, which seems like a distant dream. When I finally got to sleep again (with the help of my second OTC sleep aid), Promise woke me up at six while I was having a brutally vivid nightmare about treating Kelly very poorly (nasty and drunk and lost in some college town) and then Becky came over to run and I really couldn’t sleep so I knew, despite the generosity of Rob and Becky that going over to the Hampton was the best call. I got back to sleep and then woke up and made a cup of coffee while waiting for Disha, the physical therapist to come. I did call Kelly and hearing that our relationship was fine meant a lot to me. My mood changed considerably when Disha she said my leg was okay but that I had to do the exercises she had earlier given me. Her therapy really hurt at points but I was very upbeat to know I hadn’t really hurt myself. After she left I started packing up to be ready for Claire Hall, who got there at 2:15 and loaded my truck and I drove over to the Hampton Inn (no problem) and Claire helped me unload and then stayed at my request to chat for a while. When she left I took the elevator up to the third floor and had a wonderful, undisturbed nap, very much needed. I got up to see that Rob had called and he offered to drop off some dinner that he and Becky had prepared and that was very good. We chatted some about his upcoming travels and I ended by telling him what a kind and loving man he is. I then set up the room and practiced my piano a bit then watched X-Men First Class until the game started and watched the first half as the Cavs crushed the Raptors. I needed to get some creamer and I decided to head over to O’Charley’s and it was great that Jennie was there and we chatted some and I felt rather normal for a half hour and watched the second half of the Cavs game with them up by 40. When I got back to the room, I iced my leg, had two more ibuprophen, and then watched TV till 12 and slept wonderfully until 6:30, when I got up and made coffee then did my morning exercises and am presently icing my knee.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

not sure where I am going

My new plan was working well and I was assuming that on Thursday I would head over to Heritage Hall but my case managers came over to tell me that because of my fine improvement that BC/BS won’t cover me at Heritage Hall. They will cover me for home rehabilitation. Later I talked to Nikki and she was more optimistic that something could be worked out. If not, I am just going to pay out of pocket for 3 days at Heritage Hall since there is no way I should be heading home right now. I did 3 decent walks and about 4 hours on the machine.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Success--and not much pain

It is a little after 8pm and the surgery was successful and my pain level is pretty low. In fact, I haven’t had any additional pain meds and the surgery was over by noon. I am very relieved and I have already had 2 walks and I have done many leg lifts. Dr. Gardner thinks I am doing fine as does the evening doctor, Doctor Cox, who graduated from Monsignor Farrell High School. He was fun to talk to. The bad news is that I have to stay here until Thursday (because of insurance) but I can get through that I am pretty sure. Have contacted my kayak friend, Gyorgyi, Gloria, Cathy, Kelly and Dave.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

a day to prepare

I ended up driving all the way home from Andrew’s because there weren’t any reasonable rooms in Harrisonburg, Staunton, or Lexington. It must have been the VT graduation. I was able to play 9 holes of golf and I rode my bike at Andrew’s so it was a pretty active day. It was nice to get home. I slept okay but got up around 4 took a sleeping pill, then got back up around 8. I thought I had time to cut the grass before meeting Rob at 10 and it worked out well. Had a nice walk with Rob and then I drove home to take a nap, practice my piano, weights and yoga and trimming around the house. I had a wonderful dinner of broccoli and ate some delicious pea pods earlier. The soaker hose worked fine and the garden should be okay when I return. I checked the battery water and it was pretty far down so I filled everything back up and it should be fine for at least 5 weeks (the last time I checked). I tried to equalize the batteries but it only worked for a few minutes. I checked the 7th battery and it was 1230, not great but certainly not too low. I will try again when I get home. I spoke with Gyorgyi and Cathy and I guess I am ready for tomorrow. I am not panicked but I am scared.

Friday, May 13, 2016

the new york trip

I am stopped at a Buffalo Wild Wings in North Brunswick headed for Andrew’s. My New York Trip was a success, with some wonderful weather. The only real disappointment was that Tina had to cancel our dinner plans because of a friend in the hospital. I went bike riding every morning, did weights and yoga, caught a nap and then headed to the new ferry parking lot and shuttle at 475 Bay street. After figuring it out the first day, it worked very well. I usually got into the city around 3:30 and walked to the memorial, up to Times Square, through Central Park, briefly visited the Museum of Natural History (much more video in many places) but my old flower and bird dioramas were still there. I ate at Blue Smoke (the pulled pork was amazing) and I had my best sushi/sashimi/appetizer meal of my life at 15 East 15th street. Very expensive but fabulous (ate some wagyu beef as part of the appetizer and it did actually melt in your mouth. There were also some tiny squids and slices of octopus that were wonderful). I walked about five miles a day and my last afternoon I walked around the village and that was also fun. I found out this afternoon that my operation will be Monday morning and I have to get to the hospital at 7:15 so I guess I will be the first one operated on. That is good. Heard from Kelly and it seems she is upset with me for not being in contact with her when it was she who hadn’t responded to my email about my conversation with her mother. I don’t think it’s a big deal. After the operation I will call her and reconnect. Gyorgyi is having some health issues and is getting some tests today so I will follow that. I did go to confession at Holy Family and the priest was very nice. I think confessing sins is a good thing and since there is only one thing that I am concerned about I can relax about that. I am an agnostic so I guess I am covering both sides. I have never been especially spiritual so a middle course is a fair way for me. Claire is going to deliver my clothing on Monday and I just got the okay to drop off my electric piano at Heritage Hall on Monday morning. That should be very helpful.

Friday, May 6, 2016

a hectic day that ends well

This is certainly not the ending of the semester I was hoping for. Instead of a relaxed trip up to NY and perhaps Vermont, I am supposed to leave on Sunday afternoon for NY after a kayak trip with my kayak friend (though the weather isn’t looking good for Sunday right now). I also had to spend the day getting things ready (though I did get a hike in this morning) for the hospital and for the journey north. I watered the greenhouse, washed the dishes, played piano, did a wash, and weights and yoga. I left in time to drop off a bag of garbage and recycle some stuff, then headed to meet Claire. She is doing okay but there are some stresses about the wedding and with Luke. Nice to chat with her. After that I went to visit Heritage Hall and they approved of my slippers and were very friendly. Then off to Walmart to get the MRRS cream for my nose, then off to Lowe’s for the bath seat, then off to Tech to take a nap and then ride my bike for an hour (during which I recycled all the batteries at the Tech library. Then it was off to Krogers for water and then dinner and the Cavs game at Macado’s. I got an email at 12:30 am from another student who has an incomplete and he sent me some work but not all of it and I emailed him back at 7:30 to email me immediately with his phone number but he hasn’t as of 7:30 tonight. If he had I would have gone into Radford to see what I could do. Two other students have disappeared and I have no idea what they are up to. If I don’t hear from them by Sunday night I will give them both incompletes. My visit to the hospital for the ekg and the video upset me pretty good even though the nursing staff was very friendly. I am nervous and I hope that New York will be a good diversion.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

A pretty remarkable day

This was an interesting day. I slept pretty well and when I got up at 7 I decided to take a walk before I had to head over to my friend’s to help him get on Match. After my weights and yoga, I showered and headed off. When I got there my friend was not to be found (and he hadn’t responded to my two phone calls) so I waited for a bit and I talked to his son, who told me he probably wasn’t coming (personal problems) and just as I was about to leave he pulled up, in no shape to do the match stuff. I chatted with him a bit, trying to cheer him up, but only time will do that. I went and got a coffee and a sandwich, thinking I would go back to fish the North Fork when I got a call from Ridenour Music that my new piano was in. I was very glad, since I haven’t played in a number of days, and I headed up to Salem. I called my friends at Valley Music and told them I would come visit after I picked up the piano. I picked it up and headed to Valley and had a lot of fun chatting and joking with Glen and Tom. I drove to Christiansburg for my Toyota appointment and they showed me how to stop the open door buzzer and the seat belt buzzer. I then drove home, stopped to fish the North Fork and got a couple of hits, then went for a nap, practiced some piano, ate some dinner, then took a walk before the Cavs game (which was over by the half as the Cavs scored 18 threes, a new playoff record. It was time to drive to O’Charley’s to watch the second half, do my lumosity training and update my blog.