Sunday, May 15, 2016

a day to prepare

I ended up driving all the way home from Andrew’s because there weren’t any reasonable rooms in Harrisonburg, Staunton, or Lexington. It must have been the VT graduation. I was able to play 9 holes of golf and I rode my bike at Andrew’s so it was a pretty active day. It was nice to get home. I slept okay but got up around 4 took a sleeping pill, then got back up around 8. I thought I had time to cut the grass before meeting Rob at 10 and it worked out well. Had a nice walk with Rob and then I drove home to take a nap, practice my piano, weights and yoga and trimming around the house. I had a wonderful dinner of broccoli and ate some delicious pea pods earlier. The soaker hose worked fine and the garden should be okay when I return. I checked the battery water and it was pretty far down so I filled everything back up and it should be fine for at least 5 weeks (the last time I checked). I tried to equalize the batteries but it only worked for a few minutes. I checked the 7th battery and it was 1230, not great but certainly not too low. I will try again when I get home. I spoke with Gyorgyi and Cathy and I guess I am ready for tomorrow. I am not panicked but I am scared.

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