Friday, May 13, 2016

the new york trip

I am stopped at a Buffalo Wild Wings in North Brunswick headed for Andrew’s. My New York Trip was a success, with some wonderful weather. The only real disappointment was that Tina had to cancel our dinner plans because of a friend in the hospital. I went bike riding every morning, did weights and yoga, caught a nap and then headed to the new ferry parking lot and shuttle at 475 Bay street. After figuring it out the first day, it worked very well. I usually got into the city around 3:30 and walked to the memorial, up to Times Square, through Central Park, briefly visited the Museum of Natural History (much more video in many places) but my old flower and bird dioramas were still there. I ate at Blue Smoke (the pulled pork was amazing) and I had my best sushi/sashimi/appetizer meal of my life at 15 East 15th street. Very expensive but fabulous (ate some wagyu beef as part of the appetizer and it did actually melt in your mouth. There were also some tiny squids and slices of octopus that were wonderful). I walked about five miles a day and my last afternoon I walked around the village and that was also fun. I found out this afternoon that my operation will be Monday morning and I have to get to the hospital at 7:15 so I guess I will be the first one operated on. That is good. Heard from Kelly and it seems she is upset with me for not being in contact with her when it was she who hadn’t responded to my email about my conversation with her mother. I don’t think it’s a big deal. After the operation I will call her and reconnect. Gyorgyi is having some health issues and is getting some tests today so I will follow that. I did go to confession at Holy Family and the priest was very nice. I think confessing sins is a good thing and since there is only one thing that I am concerned about I can relax about that. I am an agnostic so I guess I am covering both sides. I have never been especially spiritual so a middle course is a fair way for me. Claire is going to deliver my clothing on Monday and I just got the okay to drop off my electric piano at Heritage Hall on Monday morning. That should be very helpful.

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