Thursday, May 26, 2016

the road to recovery has its bumps

Heritage Hall was pretty grim and the food was pretty awful. It was not the place for me although the people were nice and my walks and physical therapy were helpful. Fortunately, I left a day early (four nights instead of five) after Rob suggested I come over his place. It was a kind and generous offer and when I got to his house I felt much better when Becky took me over on Monday morning. Rob and Becky had brought my truck there so I had more access to my stuff and Rob’s lovely house and surroundings were so comforting after HH. I took a nap in his bedroom and it was so pleasant to wake up there. They also prepared a fine dinner for me and we chatted for quite some time. Tuesday was fine as I did some walks and practiced my piano. I sat outside on the back porch and enjoyed the fine weather and the birds including indigo buntings and lots of goldfinches. Rob came over after work and we walked a bit and chatted and I felt pretty comfortable. But Tuesday night turned into a disaster as Promise, Rob’s dog woke me at 3 and I ended up talking her out for a short walk. I called the Hampton Inn and found I could get a hospital rate of 99 a night so I confirmed that for 6 days, at which point I should be able to go home, which seems like a distant dream. When I finally got to sleep again (with the help of my second OTC sleep aid), Promise woke me up at six while I was having a brutally vivid nightmare about treating Kelly very poorly (nasty and drunk and lost in some college town) and then Becky came over to run and I really couldn’t sleep so I knew, despite the generosity of Rob and Becky that going over to the Hampton was the best call. I got back to sleep and then woke up and made a cup of coffee while waiting for Disha, the physical therapist to come. I did call Kelly and hearing that our relationship was fine meant a lot to me. My mood changed considerably when Disha she said my leg was okay but that I had to do the exercises she had earlier given me. Her therapy really hurt at points but I was very upbeat to know I hadn’t really hurt myself. After she left I started packing up to be ready for Claire Hall, who got there at 2:15 and loaded my truck and I drove over to the Hampton Inn (no problem) and Claire helped me unload and then stayed at my request to chat for a while. When she left I took the elevator up to the third floor and had a wonderful, undisturbed nap, very much needed. I got up to see that Rob had called and he offered to drop off some dinner that he and Becky had prepared and that was very good. We chatted some about his upcoming travels and I ended by telling him what a kind and loving man he is. I then set up the room and practiced my piano a bit then watched X-Men First Class until the game started and watched the first half as the Cavs crushed the Raptors. I needed to get some creamer and I decided to head over to O’Charley’s and it was great that Jennie was there and we chatted some and I felt rather normal for a half hour and watched the second half of the Cavs game with them up by 40. When I got back to the room, I iced my leg, had two more ibuprophen, and then watched TV till 12 and slept wonderfully until 6:30, when I got up and made coffee then did my morning exercises and am presently icing my knee.

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