Friday, May 27, 2016

moving forward

Thursday was a good productive day of exercising, walking, napping and practicing my piano. I had a visit from Disha at about 5 and she worked me pretty hard, which is exactly what I needed. At 7 Lou and Cathy came by, bringing me juices (especially prune) and good conversation until almost 9. Claire is doing well as is Maddie so that is good news. I went over to the Mexican restaurant to get shrimp fajitas and watch the first half of the Golden State game. I had plenty left over and brought it back but I probably should have left it since I couldn’t really sleep until I had finished the food. I didn’t get a great night’s sleep but with the help of an OTC sleep aid I finally got to sleep and slept almost to nine. I did my first set of exercises and then had breakfast then did some weights in the exercise room. I played some piano and napped, then did a second set of exercises and had some more of Rob’s wonderful bread and soup. Then more weights, and I can feel my arms coming back a bit. Another nap, some more piano, a nice chat with Cathy, a walk around the building twice and then time for sushi dinner at Kabuki and watching the first half of the Cavs game. Too expensive but a tasty meal.

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