Wednesday, May 4, 2016

A pretty remarkable day

This was an interesting day. I slept pretty well and when I got up at 7 I decided to take a walk before I had to head over to my friend’s to help him get on Match. After my weights and yoga, I showered and headed off. When I got there my friend was not to be found (and he hadn’t responded to my two phone calls) so I waited for a bit and I talked to his son, who told me he probably wasn’t coming (personal problems) and just as I was about to leave he pulled up, in no shape to do the match stuff. I chatted with him a bit, trying to cheer him up, but only time will do that. I went and got a coffee and a sandwich, thinking I would go back to fish the North Fork when I got a call from Ridenour Music that my new piano was in. I was very glad, since I haven’t played in a number of days, and I headed up to Salem. I called my friends at Valley Music and told them I would come visit after I picked up the piano. I picked it up and headed to Valley and had a lot of fun chatting and joking with Glen and Tom. I drove to Christiansburg for my Toyota appointment and they showed me how to stop the open door buzzer and the seat belt buzzer. I then drove home, stopped to fish the North Fork and got a couple of hits, then went for a nap, practiced some piano, ate some dinner, then took a walk before the Cavs game (which was over by the half as the Cavs scored 18 threes, a new playoff record. It was time to drive to O’Charley’s to watch the second half, do my lumosity training and update my blog.

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