Saturday, April 30, 2016


Finally I have the electric connected and I am on the grid. Bryan’s assistant Sylvan came out got the work started at about 11 and by 3 everything was done. It is not exactly the way it was explained to me but I will be able to sell power back to AEP and I will be able to finally equalize the batteries as well as possible. And the price was half of what was mentioned earlier. It is a relief and now I shouldn’t have to use the generator much (thereby spending less on gas and polluting less in the hollow at least). I am done teaching and I have one exam next week so things are pretty easy. I got the curtains put up in the camper top and I drilled holes for the cotter pins that will lock the back while I sleep. I also fixed the two by four by the gate, emptied the compost and cut the grass and used the trimmer. I drove up to Salem and ordered a decent electric piano and that should come in next week I hope. Until then no playing. The cheap one I bought from Target was unplayable so I returned it. I called Andrew about visiting on the 13th but haven’t heard from him yet. I am planning to get together with Tina and Alana and I will call Nick to see if I can meet him. It is going to be a quick trip but it should be okay.

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