Wednesday, April 27, 2016

the semester is almost over

My final day of class is tomorrow and then one week of finals (actually only one real final on Tuesday) and I am done. I was pretty burnt out the last three weeks but I am feeling pretty good right now. Had dinner with Gyorgyi this evening at the new Lebanese restaurant near Our Daily Bread and it was okay, but nothing great. We did have a fun conversation and I recommended some places around Lake Superior for her travels in June. I am very happy that Cathy Gallo sounds so much better. I talked to her yesterday for the first time in weeks and she didn’t cough once. My knee operation is set for the 16th and I think I have almost everything in place to take care of it. I hope I can get out of Heritage Hall in less than two weeks but we’ll see. I am a little nervous but I really need to do it. I will be seeing Claire Hall on Friday and that will be nice to catch up. Mike Young said he would be getting to my gutters soon and I hope that is true. I still haven’t heard back from Bryan Walsh so I am not so sure he will get the electricity connected until after I get home following the operation. My summer trip plan is up in the air though talking with Gyorgyi made me think of Lake Superior again. I will be leaving for New York on the 8th (assuming I go kayaking with my kayak friend) and I will be getting back Saturday or Sunday just before the operation. I will be eating lettuce from my greenhouse perhaps tomorrow and broccoli and peas soon. I have been doing regular hikes to the orchard and I am back to being very comfortable about my walks.

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