Saturday, April 9, 2016

A real scare with my new camper top

I have been back since Wednesday and it was a bit of a rush when I returned from Denver. I taught my poetry class at 5 and collected a pile of rewrites (I have about 8 left for tomorrow). Thursday I gave part one of the final (the movie question on American Hustle) and collected the final paper topics from the 321 class. Friday was an intense day. I went to play golf at the meadows and then I headed up to get my new camper top on. I rode my bike at Anchor Sales for 45 minutes and watched some of the Masters and when it was done I drove off without my bike and had to come back from 3 miles away. When I got home I got pretty freaked because it would be almost impossible to get in the back without a lot of effort. I thought I might even have to buy the 23 to 30 inch top (mine is the 20 to 25 inch) and that could mean another 1500 dollars. I put my mind to work and struggled with the problem and later in a flash I realized that all I had to do was have the welder rebuild the bike rack so the tailgate would completely open and things would be fine. That was a great, great relief and shouldn’t cost me much more than 100 dollars. I went into town for dinner and then rode my bike for a second time, this time for another 45 minutes. I played my music and I needed a good fast ride. On Saturday, I got up pretty early but there was snow on the ground so I waited and commented on the endless poems before heading up to clear out things around the solar panels. A number of big trees had blown down, blocking the path up, but I got around them and cut lot of bushes and small trees and I think the panels will be clear through most of the summer. I had my pistol with me in my pack but I wasn’t too worried. The rabid bobcat should be dead by now and I don’t want to fear walking in my hollow. After a nap (and whenever I do anything these days, I seem to need a nap; I will be getting my blood test around the 18th so then I will know if my blood level is down or if something else is wrong). I did some more poems, then went and cut the grass for the first time this year and that went well. One surprise when I got home was that the water in the ditch had stopped flowing. I am not going to backfill it yet so cutting the grass was easier since I didn’t have to do the hill by the greenhouse. After I finished and rested again, I measured the curtains in the truck and moved the bike holder back so the back window can open without hitting the bike. I practiced some piano and did my weights and yoga and then showered and went into town for dinner.

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