Thursday, April 21, 2016

health concerns

I got my bloodtest results so I can get the knee replacement on the 16th and there were two problems. The first, increasing my synthroid by 25 milligrams, is easy enough (that may be part of why I have been very tired for the last few months). But the second, the return of my anemia, is more problematic. Kelly, the nurse at Rob’s, told me that I could still get the knee replacement but when I saw Rob in the evening to put up a mirror for him in exchange for a home cooked meal, he was not as sure. He is having more tests done on the blood I had given and he said he may need more for additional tests. He also mentioned an endoscopy but I told him not right now. He said there were a number of possibilities and that if it is a serious problem the operation shouldn’t take place for now. That would be bad since my knee is getting noticeably worse (although I have found that if I am more moderate in my exercising, the next day is not as bad). I didn’t sleep well last night and I haven’t heard anything from Rob so I don’t have any new information. I had told Rosemary that I would be having the operation after talking to Kelly but I had to call her back in the morning after visiting with Rob to update her. I was pretty upset this morning. I am planning to go kayaking with my kayak friend on Sunday and I hope my knee is okay. I am also planning to do the dunk tank on Saturday afternoon and I hope that doesn’t hurt my knee. I finally got my bike rack fixed so now my tailgate opens fully with the bike on. The curtains for the camper should be done on Monday and my last concern, connecting the electricity, is still on hold and Bryan hasn’t called me back after I called him twice to give him various dates that I will be available. The third seeding of lettuce has come up very nicely and the peas and broccoli are doing very well. I should be eating some of the first lettuce this week. I heard a scarlet tanager this morning and that is always a memorable moment in my hollow experience. I have done a good bit of trimming along my road and some up the side road. I have been able to give some of my poetry students the grades they would accept so that will make the weekend a lot easier. I also was able to do that with the 321 final papers and that will cut down my work even more. With my health concerns, I really just want to get through. I have had several dreams about Tracy but there is nothing to do about things with her. She doesn’t want to be friends even though I would enjoy seeing her and doing things with her.

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