Sunday, November 27, 2011

I am back home and my trip went very well. I was a little frazzled when I got to Gyorgyi’s mother’s house and I thought I left the WTC memorial tickets and then my meds but I finally got in to the city and things went quite well after that.
On Sunday I got to see Rose and she didn’t recognize me. However I took Tina to a great sushi restaurant and that was a treat. She is a good woman to chat with.
On Monday I went back to the city and walked around until I met Gyorgyi at the memorial. I was moved by it but Gyorgyi thought it was too jingoistic. After that we walked down to Occupy Wall Street and it was a bit disappointing. There were more police and security than protesters and many of the people looked simply homeless. Then off to Herb’s reading and book signing and then dinner at a Turkish restaurant. I was glad to see Judith Gleason but she didn’t look well.
On Tuesday, it was time for a double walk through Central Park, a movie (The Descendants), and then dinner with Gabe and Francesca. Julian was almost walking and was fun to feed and play with.
On Wednesday, I walked and then went off to Gyorgyi’s mom’s house. Mrs. Voros was rather frail but it was good to see her. Then I followed G over to Andrew’s house and had a lot of fun playing with Laura, watching Howl’s Moving Castle and having an intense but reasonable discussion about politics till 12:30 AM.
On Thursday morning I drove to Patty’s house to have Thanksgiving with her and my Aunt Marie. Then we went to Longwood Gardens and that was spectacular. I chatted with Patty quite a bit and she seems like a very decent and intelligent person. I am glad I could accommodate Marie.
On Friday I drove to Kelly’s and had a lot of fun playing with Lucia (hide and seek 50 times at least). We then went out to lunch and more playing with Lucia and then over to K’s Mom. It was fun to see Liz and Theo and I spent a lot of time playing restaurant with Lucia. She is a wonderful little girl. After my visit I drove to Winchester for the evening.
On Saturday, I drove to JMU and rode my bike. I got home in time to play golf and then take a long walk with Rob. It seems he has reached a settlement with Fay and I hope it works. He seemed very happy.
I woke this morning really tired and after a hike and cutting the grass, I was done for. I napped and then I did some weights and yoga and had to nap again. I had to really push to go play golf but I played very well, shooting a 46 on the back nine.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Another busy week with the highlights—or the lowlights—being my endoscopy and colonoscopy on Wednesday. Both came out negative as expected, so now I have to get the bone marrow biopsy late in December. I will be put under for that so I don’t think it will be that bad.
I did not like the drug they used to anesthetize me. I made me groggy after the procedures and I could heard them talking while they were doing it. The good part was that the procedures came off on time and I didn’t have to wait for six hours.
On Thursday afternoon I got a message from Jessica Miller and she told me that the bank wasn’t going to sign off on my easement unless I got another appraisal (the sixth!). I tried to explain to her that the property was still worth at least 200K but she wasn’t buying and I told her I would close my accounts and pay off the loan from my 403B account (which I really couldn’t do since I only had 85K in it, with the loan balance being 106). I was steamed.
I went to the Tech game with Rob and I was thinking about the easement much of the time so the excitement of the game was diminished for me. Still, Tech won in a game that ended up very close and we had a good chat.
On Friday morning I woke early and drove to my office to get the Lucas appraisal and it was as I remembered: the property was worth 311K and the loss would be 112K so my 120 equity line was nowhere near the 80% figure. I drove to the bank and talked briefly with Jessica, who said she didn’t want to be in the middle so I got her to call Sandra Chafin and after I showed her the Lucas appraisal she seemed satisfied and I could relax. They should sign off on the easement within 10 days and when I spoke to Josh at VOF he thought that would be fine. Now I can go up to NY relatively relaxed and enjoy my visits to Rose and Marie, Herb and Susan, Gabe, Francesca and Julian, and Kelly, Alfredo and Lucia. I did play golf this afternoon and shot a 46 on the back nine and if my putting had been better I would have shot a 43. That was my second straight 46 on the back so I guess my swing is better.
I am not on the graduate subcommittee and I am kind of glad about that. I am not sure how my health will be and I don’t think I need any more stuff to do.
The house is in very good shape and most of my stuff is packed so I should be able to get off quickly in the morning.

Friday, November 11, 2011

I play catch up again as my last entry is almost a week ago. I remain more tired than usual but I am still very busy.
This morning I changed the oil in the generator so that should be good until spring. The greenhouse is doing well, with the peas flowering and the new strawberry transplants doing well. I have eaten a little lettuce already. I emptied the big tank in the orchard and took out the plug so it doesn’t freeze.
My teaching is going well and I have finished one evaluation and will do two more next week.
I have volunteered to be on the graduate subcommittee and I hope that won’t be too stressful. I will be teaching a graduate course in the fall for the first time in many, many years.
I found out today that if I sell my tax credits I should get around 32K. I am going to wait until I find out what is wrong with my blood and then I may have to since I would lose them if something happens to me.
I went down to Charlotte and Columbia last week and had a great time, visiting the Congaree National Park, riding my bike along the river in Columbia, playing golf, walking around Charlotte and the Vista section of Columbia, eating at Capitol Grill and at Motor Supply Company bistro. It was a needed break from all the medical stuff.
I played golf with Craig today at the River Course and we had a lot of fun. Our match ended in a tie and Craig won the playoff hole. I always enjoy playing with him and today was even better.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

My easement was approved on Friday and I got the news on Monday—which was also my birthday—and I was quite delighted, but then Rob told me he wanted me to get the endoscopy and the colonoscopy immediately because the blood tests showed further blood loss. That kind of ruined the rest of my birthday. Tracy sent me a birthday greeting so that cheered me up a bit.
On Sunday I had a birthday dinner with Jeff, Rachel and Benjamin and that was a lot of fun, eating Indian food and watching the Eagles trounce the Cowboys.
On Tuesday I felt better and Rob took me out to dinner and then we went for a walk. He thinks the procedures set for the 16th are going to be negative because I don’t have an iron deficiency. He thinks it my inability to make blood and that could be for any number of reasons. He is doing quite well with Rachel and he is seeing Noah a little.
I will be heading off for a three or four day trip to Charlotte and Columbia this afternoon. I need to just get away from all the medical stuff.
I finished treating the back porch with Thompson’s yesterday and it should hold up for a couple of years. I replanted some strawberries and cleaned up the greenhouse a little. I should have lettuce next week and peas in a couple of weeks.