Friday, May 6, 2016

a hectic day that ends well

This is certainly not the ending of the semester I was hoping for. Instead of a relaxed trip up to NY and perhaps Vermont, I am supposed to leave on Sunday afternoon for NY after a kayak trip with my kayak friend (though the weather isn’t looking good for Sunday right now). I also had to spend the day getting things ready (though I did get a hike in this morning) for the hospital and for the journey north. I watered the greenhouse, washed the dishes, played piano, did a wash, and weights and yoga. I left in time to drop off a bag of garbage and recycle some stuff, then headed to meet Claire. She is doing okay but there are some stresses about the wedding and with Luke. Nice to chat with her. After that I went to visit Heritage Hall and they approved of my slippers and were very friendly. Then off to Walmart to get the MRRS cream for my nose, then off to Lowe’s for the bath seat, then off to Tech to take a nap and then ride my bike for an hour (during which I recycled all the batteries at the Tech library. Then it was off to Krogers for water and then dinner and the Cavs game at Macado’s. I got an email at 12:30 am from another student who has an incomplete and he sent me some work but not all of it and I emailed him back at 7:30 to email me immediately with his phone number but he hasn’t as of 7:30 tonight. If he had I would have gone into Radford to see what I could do. Two other students have disappeared and I have no idea what they are up to. If I don’t hear from them by Sunday night I will give them both incompletes. My visit to the hospital for the ekg and the video upset me pretty good even though the nursing staff was very friendly. I am nervous and I hope that New York will be a good diversion.

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