Thursday, September 13, 2012

It is Thursday and I have two classes to teach before the weekend. My graduate class last night was very good and we went basically nonstop until 9:40. Real enthusiasm for the writing. What a satisfying class this is.
My belly was hurting again (although it is better since I am resting it) and it may be that I am overweight again and that is stretching the scars from the surgery.
I think my loan extension is going to go through and it will be at least 40K, I think. It will allow me to help out a bit and to give some to charity.
I have been walking to the orchard in the morning and snakeroot, great lobelia, horsebalm, thin-leaved coneflower, white wood aster, very late touch me nots are still blooming.
I am sleeping poorly but last night I slept 6 hours straight without the OTC sleep aid so that was good.
There is a dead deer down in the stream and I can’t get to it so I am not sure what to do. The coyotes will get to it but I don’t want it rotting in the stream.

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