Thursday, October 20, 2011

My trip last weekend to Accomac was a successful although I must admit that Sandy can be a little overbearing. Ken was fine and we went bike riding, walking and chatting together, although we weren’t able to fish because the wind was up too high. On the way out I stopped to ride on the Blue Ridge Parkway right off I-64 and I did that on the way back also. I had stomach problems on the way there after taking the colchisine but on the way back the half dosage Rob recommended didn’t cause any problems.
The easement will be voted on next week but I don’t expect any problems at this point. I got the final appraisal figure and the loss will be 115 K, 5 K more than the draft. I hope that will translate into a bigger tax credit. I should know by the middle of November or so.
I am sure my blood level is still low because I am very tired and today my stomach doesn’t feel well. Still, I took a nice walk with Rob on the trail and we were back talking about everything. Raechel got an 1820 on her SATs with a 680 in writing. I told Rob that I couldn’t take much credit since I only worked with her once. Good luck to her.
I e-mailed Kate about my health and also sent her the heat in the office essay which she thought was quite funny.
I have finished with the new equity line and my total (after finishing the easement) should be about 109K. However, I am now paying 4 percent on the 68k mortgage money, quite an improvement from the 7 and a half I was paying.
I hope I am feeling better tomorrow.

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