Thursday, November 24, 2016

Not a great trip to NY

I will have to summarize a bit since my visit to NY was not the best. On the drive up I stopped to watch the VT-Notre Dame game and my problems began. I ordered a trio of inedible but tasty appetizers instead of soup or salad. Big mistake. I stayed clogged the rest of the night and into my first day of visiting New York. I went to the World Trade Center Memorial and then went to see Fantastic Beasts and then had dinner at Blue Smoke (eating barbequed beef brisket was not the best idea). Finally, I headed home and took 3 ducolax just before getting to my room at the Hampton. The pills didn’t work so I took 3 more in the middle of the night and finally they worked in the morning. What a great sense of relief. I did my exercises and got ready to go to the city and I headed to Columbus Circle to rent a bike at the rental place there. As I was filling out the form, my lower body exploded and I was left backed into a wall with an incredible mess. The rental guy told me you couldn’t see anything so I strolled to a nearby bathroom in the park, where I met a homeless man buttoning his pants. Thankfully there was a free stall and I took off my lower clothes and my jacket and sweater, placing the clean stuff over the edge of the door. My long johns and underwear were ruined but I had my bike pants with me so after cleaning myself as well as I could I pulled on the bike pants, dried my regular pants as much as I could, then put my socks and shoes back on. After I put my sweater and jacket on I noticed that my good gloves had been stolen. Hopefully the homeless person had warm hands for a while. I then went back to finish the rental and did ride around the park for 20 minutes with no problems. After my ride I bought some Immodium and that calmed things down even more so I walked through Central Park for a few minutes then down to 42nd street. It led me to decide to head home early and I am now finishing my Thursday blog in Salem after two bike rides today.

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