Saturday, October 29, 2016

Biking and Hiking

Saturday turned out okay but I was pretty tired all day, with naps after almost any activity. Still, I took a short walk down to my favorite pine in the morning (I got up at almost 6 and didn’t take an OTC sleeping pill and I’m sure my bp is better. I did my partial exercises (still protecting my right calf) and did a wash, then practiced all my piano pieces, did some reading for Monday, then napped again then watched the Virginia / Louisville game (which Virginia led with less than 2 minutes left but eventually lost). I then was going to go biking at Merrimac but since it was still early, I decided to drive out to Eggleston but the river was very low and nary a nibble. I drove back to Tech, parked and napped, then rode my bike for 40 minutes in the parking lots. Now I headed for Macado’s for dinner and hopefully to watch some of the big games and some of the World Series. I did my lumosity training and I am doing my blog.

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