Friday, October 28, 2016

Blood work and a Flu Shot

Today was certainly a day I wasn’t looking forward to. I had to fast last night and not drink any water and I was worried I would be up at 3 in the morning but I got home after the Tech game and went to sleep at midnight and slept through the night, getting up at 7:15. I did my limited exercises and my upper weights and then showered and headed off to Rob’s office for blood work and a flu shot. I get there around 10, and since I took 1 and ½ five mg valliums, I was really calm. It wasn’t bad at all. I then drove over to Red Lobster for lunch with Claire and that was also a lot of fun catching up. Then I went to get my birthday surprise for my kayak friend. It looked even better up close and now it was time to go play nine holes of golf, shooting a 45 from the forward tees. I then met up with my kayak friend and gave her the surprise and she really liked it. We then had ice cream and chatted for an hour. Finally it was nap time and I had a really good nap before I rode my bike (the first time since I hurt my calf) for 35 minutes and headed to Macado’s in Blacksburg for dinner and the World Series.

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