Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Fishing at Walker

I did go see Deepwater Horizon and it was very good, not great, a pretty intense indictment of BP. My calf was really aching and it was hard to sleep. Tuesday morning I got up around 9 and both my legs hurt pretty bad, especially my calf. I did exercises that didn’t affect my calf and I did practice some of my songs. I also did my upper weights but no yoga because it would have hurt my calf. I got to class on time and both classes went pretty well and then I drove out to the bridge on Walker Creek and caught one fish, which was fun. I ended up at O’Charley’s for dinner and to watch the World Series but I had to talk to Amber to tell her that I needed people to leave me alone when I was working. I did my lumosity and I also did my blog. My kayak friend wants to go kayaking this weekend and I may go since I can rent a kayak and get a shuttle from Tangent.

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