Thursday, October 27, 2016

Five more weeks left

Today despite my lack of sleep went pretty well. I did check my blood pressure and it was 174/78 which really hit me. I wonder if it is the otc sleep meds. I am going to cut down on salty snacks and bean burritos and see if eating healthy gets my bp down. I did my left leg exercises and my right calf felt even better and I practiced all my piano pieces. I did my upper body weights and then drove into town to teach my two classes. Both went well. I had good meetings with my students and took care of one advisee and scheduled another. I still haven’t heard from the gutter cleaning place so I may have to look further. I headed to Gillie’s for dinner with Gyorgyi and that was fun. We had a very good discussion about the environmental situation and the essay I want to try to work on. Then I took a 30 minute walk around the VT campus and headed for Macado’s for a side salad.

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