Friday, October 21, 2016


It is Friday night and I am sitting in the McDonald’s in Chincoteague. It has been a good trip so far, very little traffic and I got into Charlottesville to watch the Tech game at Fly’s Spring Station. The food was excellent and Tech won easily over Miami so they should be back in the top 25. I slept at the KOA about 10 miles outside of town and that was okay. I didn’t sleep well but eventually I dropped off around 4 and slept to 7:30. It was time to head off toward Chicoteague so I began my drive, figuring I would drive straight through but as I approached Richmond, I decided to head to Tredegar and ride my bike on Belle Isle. It was very pretty and the water was very low (probably class 2, 2+). I drove along the canal also and that was fun. After that I drove for an hour, took a nap and then headed for the bay bridge and it was a lovely ride across. I was thinking of playing golf at Bay Creek after lunch at the Oyster Farm (decent grilled oysters but a really nice salad and a terrific clam chowder). But when I called Bay Creek they were still crowded so I drove on to Chincoteague, where I caught a quick nap and then drove around the loop road, stopping on the second time to visit the ocean, which was pretty turbulent. After that I headed to Tom’s Cove campground, checked in and then got a wonderful shower. It was time to do some work so I headed to the wifi at McDonald’s and did my lumosity and my blog.

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